Many of us know our heritage history and some of us don't. I wish I knew more of Choctaw Indian history is being revised into White men are bad bandwagon. I don't know my Irish history....

How many of us have this history that we can share. If we post it here, who knows how far and wide it will be spread for maybe even youth to know some of their history.

Please consider sharing yours here. I look forward to reading them all and sharing them.


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Ruth, I, too, live not far from there, south of Oracle.  Also, Buffalo Bill lived near-by at one time, and I believe it has a memorial, as well.

Hi Linda....Oracle is a pretty area!!   Didn't know about Buffalo Bill .....but there are some Markers that I have not stopped at yet ;o].....I drive the 'back' way to Tucson to see my family that Iives down there.  I am actually in E. Mesa.  Love history; mine or anyone else's too!

"Yes, genealogy can be very challenging, interesting, and fun. But be prepared to learn some things that you wish were not so."

I totally agree with that statement. We do have some Mix's here in the town where I live. They are very fine people.

Ok Twana I see what you meant after our conversation.

I will give you a story about Grandpa Abner Lowell Eaton, born in 1842 who married a nice young lady, Phylena, and they started their family in Seabrook, NH, in 1860, right in time for the war.

In 1860 Grandpa was building a home for his wife and their expected first child when his unit was called up.

Company "D" was what the marker said on his grave.  It is a genuine bronze marker presented by the Grand Army of the REPUBLIC which is what the Union forces were called back then.  Back then people had more than one job and Grandpa was a fisherman and a cobbler.  He made shoes in the winter and fished and farmed in the summer.

Well, he was part way done with the house and so he paid, out of his OWN pocket, a $300 fee to have someone muster for him until he could get the house done and his wife back on her feet after the baby was born.  Also, to get the garden tended to so they would have food to eat while he was gone.  He eventually went and served with General Phil Sheridan in the Shenandoah Campaign.  I checked some of the federal sites and found his name on some of the lists. 

My uncle Gordon had his framed discharge papers which was poster size, and also, his civil war era musket that he took with him...and yes, the musket still worked in the 1950's because Uncle Gordon and his boys fired it.

My grandmother was his youngest daughter and she was born in 1880, my mom was born in 1909, and I was born in 1939 and I am 4 generations from the Civil War...


I have been working on my genealogy for over 20 years, so I have uncovered quite a lot, both good and bad. On my paternal side, I got back to 1598 in London, England. They had two sons who ventured to the Colonies, Boston, in 1640, and then to Hartford, Connecticut area where they stayed for about 200 years before starting toward the West (West of Connecticut, that is). My line eventually settled in Western NY State in 1814 (near Buffalo, NY), and then down to the Genesee Valley. My Grandmother's Mother on my father's side was the daughter of a Seneca Indian maiden. My ancestors fought in the Rev War, the war of 1812, the Civil War, WWI and WWII. My cousins and I served in the Vietnam War. One of my sons served in the Middle East. My namesake Uncle was a B-24 Bomber Pilot in WWII and flew 52 missions over Romania. He was a strong believer in God, and before every mission he would pray with his crew. None of the crew nor himself were ever injured severely when he was flying, although some of the crew members were killed while flying in other bombers. One time the entire glass nose of the plane was taken out with flak, and a piece of hot shrapnel hit the machine gun just above the pilot, and then dropped down into his lap. (He saved the piece of shrapnel and showed it to me when I interviewed him for his story.) It was red hot, of course, and he had to do a little dance to get it out of his lap quickly. He plane was so shot up that time that the tail gunner was unable to crawl from the rear to the front; there was a big hole though the fuselage and it was a miracle that the plane did not break in half. My Uncle had the crew on standby ready to bail out as he did not think he could bring the plane back to Casablanca. He flew it low over the Mediterranean, but somehow was able to get the plane back to base safely. He was told that the plane was so shot up and had so many holes in it that theoretically it could not fly. He received the Cross of Gallantry for even getting it back to base. He passed at age 89 in 2009. So we have a family line that loves and that has served our country. I even found a relative who went up the hill with Teddy Roosevelt in Cuba. I have not followed all the maternal lines to know all the other blood lines. I also followed my spouse's line back to the year 1020 in France, then to England in the 1400s. Probably of most interest to most of you is that one of the first Hollywood Cowboy's of Silent Movie Film days, Tom Mix, and my grandfather were eighth cousins. That makes me the 8th Cousin, twice removed, of Tom Mix. He also served under Teddy Roosevelt and was a First Sgt. Later he became a circus performer using his horse, Tony, and became a trick rope thrower. He died in an auto accident in 1940 in Arizona. Also, perhaps of interest is that my ancestors back in the 1700's donated 3/4ths of the original land for Yale College, now Yale University. The other fourth was donated by the spouse who married a sister of the same family. Oh yes, I have several others who fought at Valley Forge, and one who got a battlefield commission and went on to serve and lead a company of colored troops in the final big battle at St Petersburg, VA where he was shot and left for dead on the battlefield, but in fact he lived and was taken prisoner and incarcerated at the famous Anderson Prison in the South. His wife received the standard government letter that he was KIA. After the war he was released, and the first time anyone knew that he was still alive was when he showed up at home. Had the war not ended when it did, he probably would not have survived as he was gravely wounded. But he recovered. They moved out West to Iowa. His wife couldn't handle the rural life though, and eventually left with their three children and went back to Boston and a Social Life. In time he remarried and had seven more sons. Now we are spread out all over the country and our numbers rival the sand on the sea shore. Yes, genealogy can be very challenging, interesting, and fun. But be prepared to learn some things that you wish were not so; you cannot change them.

I would be happy to take a picture of the Tom Mix Memorial here in Arizona, that is on the way to Tucson for you, should you like to have it?!!!   He was killed in a car accident there and there is a 'rest stop' and memorial to him where it happened!!!

What a great idea Twana!!!  I look forward to reading everyone's sharing's!!

It was such a wonderful pleasure to find that I actually have a history and a heritage!!!  Of course we all do, but if you did not grow up knowing what it was or much about anyone, but the living relatives and maybe some vague names mentioned here and there; it is an amazing journey.   As it turned out all the fun information is on my mother's side of the family.  My quiet Mom was the one who had wonderful heritage.  Somewhere we decided to look into it and found that she is in the line of family history of Clan Keith of Scotland who were, in the Highlands during the Jacobite stand for the right of Scotland to be a country of it's own and other areas of Scotland.  Our clan stood with King Robert the Bruce in the fights and became landed gentry and the Mairshals of Scotland who guarded the Crown, the Sword and the Septor for Scotland in our (at the time) castle at Dunnotter.   THE LADIES of the castle lowered them in a large basket to waiting folk who spirited them away to be buried in the floor of nearby Keneff Kirk (church) for eleven years until dug up and moved to Edinburgh Castle, where it all has been ever since!!   I had the honor to see them and of tracing my roots there and went to places where my ancestors felt awesome and so wonderful!  Unfortunately the Clan lost the lands in the taking from them at the end of the war as so many in Scotland were, however there is still the royal lineage that continues in the fourteenth Earl of Kintore who lives in Edinburgh and leads our Clan.  There are accounts of the Keith's that escaped to the Continent and fought wars there and married into some of the royalty there; Denmark and the Romanoff's.  The first of the line to come to America was Reverend James Keith of Fauquier, VA. who built a church there and it remains today- where I believe he is burned.  From there many were born and dispersed over our nation.  One being Solomon Tetherow who lead one of the first wagon trains across the Oregon Trail!!! and settled in the Bend, Oregon area and KEPT the original land they settled, passing it on and to this day, it is there and is a golf course in the area!!!  My mother is now 95 and just moved from Idaho last year-- but while there, she lived right on what was the Oregon Train!! It is now a highway ( that she could see from her front window) that runs all along the southern route that the settlers traveled!!  There are places around there that one can go see ruts, a general store and camping place, as well as the crossing of the Snake River area!!!  More wonderful history that makes me so happy to belong to such heritage!   In addition to the before...there was also the Randolph's whom were in her line and Mr. Randolph was the Chief Justice to Thomas Jefferson, whom was his cousin!   I have Shawnee Indian in my heritage from Ohio;... Elizabeth (Olender)  lived in what was called Indian Town and married a Mr.Carpenter there.   Sadly drowned in a boating accident.  Her brother was to have married one of Mr. Carpenter's brothers as well...other than that I have not been able to find any further American Indian heritage, which I wish I could.  If there are any of you that read this and sounds like something in your history would love to hear from you.

My father was of German decent; they came from the Palatine area in Rhineland.  The came to America from Hamburg during the purge and fighting before WWI called the Palatine Migration.  (What is funny is the Keith's of my mother's side that escaped to Europe were there to help during that time in history, but none knew each other then).  My Grandmother, father's mother, was born in Bern, Switzerland and always said she was a nobleman's daughter, but so far we have never been able to date to find out just what that meant?  So I have more work to do to find the other side of the story!

I am half Indian. Do not know what Kind on my Moms side. A quarter Chipiwa Cree Indian on my Dads side. I have German in me the Jewish German side. I look white lol.  I have Scotch Iris in me. I have French in me too. I learned by Disc my family history. I kept trying to find my Indian side. My Moms side is going to be tough. I went to a church here and found out alot. They thought my great grandfather died and was killed cause he lived in Michigan. Back then if you lived in Michigan they murdered Indians and their Families.


My grandfather was a moonshiner in VA. He was on trial in the 30's on murder charges. He didn't do it and was found not guilty. For those who have seen the movie out this past summer on the Boderants (spelled wrong I'm sure) they were all from that county and on trial at the same time. That side of my family goes back into the 1700's in VA. Couldn't find a lot after that.

My ancestors came to the infant nation of America because they wanted the freedoms: religion, a voice in the government, free will to crave a life for themselves, the right to defend themselves. Peace of mind.

Recent history from WWII, my Mother's brother was mechanic, sent to Hickum Field in HA, Dec. 7, 1941, he said "It was a funny thing, all the brass were uptown (off the base) that Sunday am". He was guarding the planes when the Japs hit, he shot one down.  He said he could have called the Japanese pilot by name and he could see the whites of his eyes. He shot him down, didn't even claim it. He was then sent to help guard the Solomon Islands, then got malaria, came back to Dayton to be treated for illness, which turned out to be leukemia. He died here in Dayton at the V.A. Then I ended up in Dayton decades later.

I am part Cherokee, born near the reservation in Oklahoma. My dad's ancestors took the name of Lee, which apparently many Indians took, so I don't know any more about my native history (wish I did) , other than my Dad and his entire family looked 100% native. No facial hair either.

I traced mine last year.  I have always prided myself on being 5th-Generation Irish from County Cork.  In 2009 I sat down with an elder from Clan Cian.  He told me some interestng things.  First, lineage is based on Paternal lines; secondly, what throws a wrench in the works is when great-great, or great-great-great Grandpa had that illicit affair with the bar maid or the house girl......then you're somewhere else you NEVER thought you'd be in your research.


Last year I suscribed to 'Ancestory'.com and traced my roots.  I had the benefit of living with my Great-grandparents for my frst 12 years and always enjoyed the stories so I knew a lot of those still alive and their history.  (One quick side-note here, the main complaint I had with is WHEN YOU KNOW specific facts in detail they still give you millions of results and when you try to narrow the search, you come up with ZILCH.....that is annoying.)  Anyway, given the 2009 info and the site, I found out that tracing the maternal lineage I was true, however my Father's line is pure and takes me into Austria.  That was cool to find out, I have traced the two immigrations from Ireland and Austria, both entered through Ellis Island, migrated into Pennsylvania, Kentucky and Tennesee; some stayed there, the rest moved west through the Kansas/Colorado route.  And my mothers side ended up in OR and CA......ironcally, some of my mothers family line are buried 85 miles of where  now reside and I never knew it till last year.  I have one ancestor from the Pennsylvania clan that is linked to the Revolution (nothing special, just served in the Continential Army), and I am sure there were some Civil War vets in the Hillbilly clans.....along with moonshiners.....maybe that is where my love of Burboun comes from.....

For me, one who loves American History, it's exciting.....but my daughters knew nothing of these people, and could care less.......but their lineage is documented and maybe someday when they search, they will see my work and those documents from the 50's and newer will have been released for public view......

That's my story......American by Birth----United States Marine by CHOICE!


Semper Vigilo, Fortis, Paratus et Fidelis  



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