Who is Inviting Violence in D.C.

May 16th 2014?

Not OAS!

Rules for RadicalsRules for Radicals

Obama maps out Saul Alinsky rules for radicals

Saul Alinsky, Communist radical professor, inspiration for the Obama Presidential Campaign Platform and Administrative policies, instructed his acolytes to accuse their opponents of the very things they themselves, were doing and believing. If you’re arrested for theft, accuse the police of stealing. Disarm, distract, and deflect. …more info

OAS SealOperation American Spring (OAS) is accused of bringing armed violence to DC in support of their mission to rid our government of malfeasance bureaucrats through lawful and abundantly justifiable resignation. Further it is asserted the OAS presence in DC is designed by its organizers to cause a ‘bloodbath’ because of OAS’ planned ‘violent’ threats and actions. Or perhaps it’s just wishful thinking on the part of those committed to defending their illegal bureaucratic actions; or the intentional tactics of their Alinskyite protégés to disarm, distract, and deflect.

From the OAS Patriot’s Pledge comes a contrary view:

  • I will abide by all laws written in compliance with our Constitution, and with respect to my God-given rights.
  • I will conduct myself in a manner honoring our Founders, my Heritage, and my Fellow Americans.
  • I will act with reverent respect to all those who have fought, and have fallen before me, in defense of LIBERTY.

Riley HarryAdding context to the above, consider OAS founder, Col Harry Riley’s own call for ‘…unarmed, non-violent, and peaceful presence by patriotic Americans…’

So who do you believe: the organization forming the event; or the Marxist agitators, media supporters and radical trouble makers? Without the Alinsky doctrine as a guide, it is difficult to discern how the above-referenced commitments could possibly reflect any intent of OAS participants to cause destruction or become brutally confrontational. Further, how could any reasonable mind view as ‘radicals’ and ‘extremists’, a grassroots movement of mostly older military veterans, and other patriotic Americans committed to rescuing their government from control by criminal bureaucrats, and reviving our great Republic once again under the constraints of Constitutional principles. Such charges can only come from those who are desperate to ‘disarm, distract, and deflect’ any attention that might be paid to their own historic levels of corruption and lawless assaults on the peace and tranquility of Americans.

The new police state cruiser.

The new police state cruiser.

It is now ‘normal’ to link the morality-deprived DC culture with its evident disdain for our laws and our Constitution. Consider how quickly the BLM, FBI, DHS, FEMA, IRS, etc., resort to inappropriate and unprecedented levels of violence to counter simple infractions of tax laws or ‘environmental regulations’. America watched in shock as Cliven Bundy’s family refused to recognize highly-questionable federal authority’s claims to land the family has owned for over a century. The BLM thugs resorted to the use of attack helicopters slaughtering his cattle, armored troops blocking public highways, as they searched everyone within a 10-mile radius. BLM engaged in destroying property, and threatening women and children with snipers and Tasers, then attempting to discredit their victim by fabricating and contorting evidence to brand him as ‘racist’. Disarm, distract, and deflect.

Armed BLM Agents

Armed BLM Agents

Many pundits and other left-leaning voices condemned Bundy for ‘violating the law’. Even the self-proclaimed stalwart of Constitutional principle and original intent, Glen Beck, stated that ‘…laws must be obeyed.’ Be you reminded, Sir, even the Supreme Court ruled that “A Law repugnant to the Constitution is void.” Is there any worse authority than one exceeding its own bounds, more repugnant to the Constitution? And when a force moves against those it is designed to protect, regardless how beneficent its pretenses, is that not the most insidious and vile act of violence?

Saul Alinsky’s 12 Rules for Radicals

# # #

Terry Trussell
Chief of Staff, Operation American Spring
P.O. Box 1551, Cross City, FL 32628

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I am unable to come on May 16th but I will be there in Spirit and I will lift everyone in prayer. May you all be safe, have wisdom, discernment and courage.
Go with God!

If communism becomes the law of the land in this nation that means the Constitution will cease to exist, which in turn means the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA will cease to exist. This also will mean I will be dead because I ain't living without my God or my Country. The communists and socialists in congress or the white house are  there illegally by definition. The oath of office they took says that they will support and defend the Constitution, if they are not doing it then they are not upholding their oath of office and should be fired or removed from office.


Sent to Greta and Fox news

I believe in Col. Riley.  I don't believe in our government officials!  They are just looking to start anything they can because their world is coming apart.  All the lies an treasonous acts are starting to show their ugly little heads,  now this too big government has to try and find a way out.  Not going to work now.  We don't have to use weapons of mass destruction to uphold our Constitution.  It is the presence of "We the People" that will prevail!  I do believe in our military to uphold their oath to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States of America.  And to protect us from enemies, foreign AND domestic, if we need them.  Americans are not looking to kill other Americans.  For God's sake wake up and see who is creating all these smoke screens so they can get their gun control and illegals into our country for you to support!

Lets hope all this will be changed after our success in D.C. They must be worried. They most certainly will use violence against us, count on it. Don't forget the woman that made a wrong turn and was murdered with her child in the back seat. Nothing has been done about it yet either. GOD is on our side so have no fear.

I do not believe that there will be any violence against anyone..Remember there will be a lot of people there none of which will be breaking the law if we are to go according to plan..To many people are fed up with the lies that we keep getting fed from this administration..It is not only those who care about America that are fed up even those who have never given a second thought are fed up..There are now millions upon millions who have been affected by this administration .It is not only the middle class or the lower class or any particular class all of America is paying a price..Like they say some people do not care until it is on their doorstep,well it is now on all doorsteps..They have made to many mistakes and told to many lies in their attempt to bring us down..Thier GREED has brought them to act to fast and has damaged them..They barely have the support of even their own anymore..There is only so much room at the table when it comes to greed and power..If we are smart we will stop talking about violence because anyone who comes on this site can and will read about it..That is not a very good motivator..Thanks..

It is so important we achieve CRITICAL MASS - 10M+. By critical mass I mean so many folks attend that government looks out its windows and declares to itself: "Resistance is futile" Such as happened a few months abo in Ukraine and a year or more ago in Egypt.

Col. Riley,

Your latest e-mail indicated be on the look-out for instructions on your smart phones.  Is there a contact number for those with a regular cell phone?  Two weeks until the Operation American Spring begins.  Momentum is starting!

William..........We will be able see the live OAS video through computers, tablets, smart phones by visiting www.oas2014.com . It's not active yet, still testing but tests look good.  We'll update as soon as firm information.


1st, can someone tell leadership that I hear Anarcho-Capitalists groups intend to hijack our event.

2nd, may I suggest we use the #DOI Declaration of Independence as the Founder's road map for revolt.

As such, all peaceful remedies must be exhausted before any violent revolt can be justified or contemplated.

3rd, our country was founded on Natural Law. And the Laws of Nature pertaining to mankind existed before they were reduced to writing by the likes of John Locke and Thomas Jefferson. Yet these laws are hard and fast as the physical Laws of Nature; to change or deny them is akin to changing the freezing point of water. No earthly-being can do so.

You may recognize "Consent of the Governed" aka the Right to Revolt as first reduced to writing by John Locke and then later incorporated into the Declaration of Independence by Thomas Jefferson:

"But if a long train of abuses, prevarications and artifices, all tending the same way, make the design visible to the people, and they cannot but feel, what they lie under, and whither they are going, 'tis not to be wondered, that they should then rouse themselves, and endeavour to put the rule into such hands, which may secure to them the ends for which government was at first enacted".

John Locke (Second Treatise of Civil Government, Chapter 19)

These quotes/writings by Jefferson, Hamilton and Lincoln might clarify exactly what your duty to follow the law is, upon exhausting all peaceful remedies.

A free people [claim] their rights as derived from the laws of nature, and not as the gift of their chief magistrate. Thomas Jefferson

Alexander Hamilton Quote - Sacred rights of mankind are not to be rummaged 4 among old parchments or musty records... http://tl.gd/n_1rl2evs

When injustice becomes law, resistance become duty… ~Thomas Jefferson

#ABRAHAMLINCOLN& #NATURALLAW TRADITION http://www.nlnrac.org/american/lincoln #teaparty #occupy #p2 #tlot #tcot #military #militia

As for myself, I have already documented that I have exhausted all of my peaceful remedies. You can see my documentation here: http://www.scribd.com/doc/214069454/Demand-to-MN-Minnesota-State-Le... It would be my suggestion that others document their grievances and there attempts to resolve them peaceably.

Perhaps as a group, we should create a Declaration of causes as the Founder's did on 7/6/1775.#DeclarationofCauses-Knowledge is Power http://www.history.com/this-day-in-history/congress-issues-a-declar...; http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Declaration_of_the_Causes_and_Necessit... You will note this document preceded the Declaration by almost 1 full year and again, this might suggest a road map for our cause, in the event we cannot accomplish our ends May 16, 2014.

This tweet @DMashak represents my initial work on suggesting other citizens begin drafting their own Declaration of cause:

Class Assignment 3-Declaration of Causes http://donmashakswashingtondcfreepress.blogspot.com/2014/04/we-peop... @AmericanSpring @teaparty @occupy #military #militia @OathKeepers @PJNET

Finally, may I further suggest that if our ends are not achieved during the event that begins May 16,2014, the Declaration of Causes we draft prior to or during said event could include language that if our grievances are not materially addressed within 1 year, all the signers will withdraw their Consent to be Governed. This introduces 1 more peaceful course of action to ratchet up pressure before any alternative escalation.

These are just my thoughts, not meaning to be final or dictatorial in any way.

I make these suggestions, with intentions similar to those of Thomas Paine; I seek no leadership role, I seek only to help the American People find their own way using their own Common Sense.

In liberty,

Don Mashak

The Cynical Patriot

Don.......since you've only been with us for a few days.  I suggest you review all our sites and I think you will find we're pursuing many of your thoughts.  Visit  www.oas2014.com  www.operationamericanspring.org  and www.patriotsforamerican.ning.com .  The TABS will help understand what we're about and our direction.



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