Who is Inviting Violence in D.C.

May 16th 2014?

Not OAS!

Rules for RadicalsRules for Radicals

Obama maps out Saul Alinsky rules for radicals

Saul Alinsky, Communist radical professor, inspiration for the Obama Presidential Campaign Platform and Administrative policies, instructed his acolytes to accuse their opponents of the very things they themselves, were doing and believing. If you’re arrested for theft, accuse the police of stealing. Disarm, distract, and deflect. …more info

OAS SealOperation American Spring (OAS) is accused of bringing armed violence to DC in support of their mission to rid our government of malfeasance bureaucrats through lawful and abundantly justifiable resignation. Further it is asserted the OAS presence in DC is designed by its organizers to cause a ‘bloodbath’ because of OAS’ planned ‘violent’ threats and actions. Or perhaps it’s just wishful thinking on the part of those committed to defending their illegal bureaucratic actions; or the intentional tactics of their Alinskyite protégés to disarm, distract, and deflect.

From the OAS Patriot’s Pledge comes a contrary view:

  • I will abide by all laws written in compliance with our Constitution, and with respect to my God-given rights.
  • I will conduct myself in a manner honoring our Founders, my Heritage, and my Fellow Americans.
  • I will act with reverent respect to all those who have fought, and have fallen before me, in defense of LIBERTY.

Riley HarryAdding context to the above, consider OAS founder, Col Harry Riley’s own call for ‘…unarmed, non-violent, and peaceful presence by patriotic Americans…’

So who do you believe: the organization forming the event; or the Marxist agitators, media supporters and radical trouble makers? Without the Alinsky doctrine as a guide, it is difficult to discern how the above-referenced commitments could possibly reflect any intent of OAS participants to cause destruction or become brutally confrontational. Further, how could any reasonable mind view as ‘radicals’ and ‘extremists’, a grassroots movement of mostly older military veterans, and other patriotic Americans committed to rescuing their government from control by criminal bureaucrats, and reviving our great Republic once again under the constraints of Constitutional principles. Such charges can only come from those who are desperate to ‘disarm, distract, and deflect’ any attention that might be paid to their own historic levels of corruption and lawless assaults on the peace and tranquility of Americans.

The new police state cruiser.

The new police state cruiser.

It is now ‘normal’ to link the morality-deprived DC culture with its evident disdain for our laws and our Constitution. Consider how quickly the BLM, FBI, DHS, FEMA, IRS, etc., resort to inappropriate and unprecedented levels of violence to counter simple infractions of tax laws or ‘environmental regulations’. America watched in shock as Cliven Bundy’s family refused to recognize highly-questionable federal authority’s claims to land the family has owned for over a century. The BLM thugs resorted to the use of attack helicopters slaughtering his cattle, armored troops blocking public highways, as they searched everyone within a 10-mile radius. BLM engaged in destroying property, and threatening women and children with snipers and Tasers, then attempting to discredit their victim by fabricating and contorting evidence to brand him as ‘racist’. Disarm, distract, and deflect.

Armed BLM Agents

Armed BLM Agents

Many pundits and other left-leaning voices condemned Bundy for ‘violating the law’. Even the self-proclaimed stalwart of Constitutional principle and original intent, Glen Beck, stated that ‘…laws must be obeyed.’ Be you reminded, Sir, even the Supreme Court ruled that “A Law repugnant to the Constitution is void.” Is there any worse authority than one exceeding its own bounds, more repugnant to the Constitution? And when a force moves against those it is designed to protect, regardless how beneficent its pretenses, is that not the most insidious and vile act of violence?

Saul Alinsky’s 12 Rules for Radicals

# # #

Terry Trussell
Chief of Staff, Operation American Spring
P.O. Box 1551, Cross City, FL 32628

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Thank you for the advice.

I have been on the front lines in the trenches since 2005. Glad to see relief and reinforcements.

My efforts have been with regard to Judicial and Fiscal TAR. (Transparency, Accountability and Reform)

I was in DC in 2009 when 1M-2M TEA Party folks showed up for the anti @Obamacare rally.

As with Thomas Paine, I seek no leadership role, I seek only to help the American People find their own way using their own Common Sense.

Those were my thoughts.

In Liberty,

Don Mashak

The Cynical Patriot

Historically, the government has reacted... physically... to rallies they did not want or like in the following manner;  1.)  The Bundy Ranch.....tazers, show of military strength, and pushing people to the ground.  2.)  The Bonus Army of World War I.....the most similar rally "in America" to have occurred, and tear gas was used ...after... a show of force by the military, but then their shacks were burned down by General Patton, and Congress abandoned its Veterans and turned on them.

So, therefore, based upon at least two previous incidents, we "may" encounter tazers , tear gas, and physical pushing to the ground.  The tear gas is easy, bring a gas mask, especially for your women and children.  Tazers....clothing. 

please  everyone going , have I phones,  video cameras, if someone is filming this, it's less likely they'll be the one's to start. they'll have some moles planted I would say.  even a tea party rally , I have seem moles and they usually can't contain themselves.  so you'll know them by their stripes.

What a huge difference, just one of the glaring hypocrisies of Obama et al - that the same day our veterans were blocked from the WW II Memorial which is, of course, a tribute to many who served then - within a week of that time Nancy Pelosi descended from her Mountain on High to open up a specially reserved area (on the mall I assume) for the ILLEGAL ALIENS to march carrying signs with lists of their DEMANDS and grievances.

It seems some of us can still get an audience with royalty.   Who knew?


It is going to be just like the posts here-sometimes there are strange ones-you can tell who they are-and do the same thing-isolate them-don't participate -and be careful of what they are up to-and help to make others aware of the possible situation.

We are basically on our own for safety so we have to watch out for each other to a high degree.

Don Mashak....excellent ideas....put forth well....thanks for taking the time to do this for us!

you are welcome

We somehow need to isolate them and disenfranchised ourselves especially when it comes to the media. The media will be around then and blue screen parts of so called coverage as they have done with other do called on the scene lies. That's one thing. You know Obama is going to throw everything at us. Maybe to isolate ourselves I know it sounds silly this just popped in my head, when if we sat down all of us or had something to distinguish ourselves from them. Sure Os agent will probably duplicate it but we need wisdom here.

You wont be able to isolate them.  Your government is far more evil than most of you know.

Your government and the tyrant class will hire paid political operatives and other folks to pretend to be one of us but act badly for cameras(there is a term for this but I cant remember it right now- Agent Provocateur?)

Off the cuff, Best thought I can think of is if anyone not known to the group starts talking to the cameras, crowd into the shot and if the person starts spewing stuff not consistent with out agenda, call them out on it right then and their in front of the cameras. And at right time, ask the interloper questions specific to OAS and if they dont know the answers to simple questions about OAS use as proof that they are not affiliated with the group.

Those were my thoughts.

In Liberty,

Don Mashak

The Cynical Patriot

makes Good sense.

Check out the "America Conservative 2 Conservative" site which, today, laid into OAS. I did my best to disabuse the director's misguided fears in this regard. Reading such posts, one could easily believe that WE are the enemy within. Wow!

Have been following the site for several years now and on virtually issue it has been firmly in the conservative camp. But on the matter of OAS, it clearly appears to be greatly at odds with what has appeared to be its foundational conservative stance. I suppose the site could be a Progressive plant, or some such, intended to eventually mislead once very important matters like OAS come up. ???? Judging from commenters, the OAS bashing hasn't gone well for the site. And thank God for that.



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