I'm hoping y'all will post helpful information for the seasoned gardener and also for the beginners. Me personally I'm looking for info about Green House/Chicken Coops. What you have tried, what has worked and what has not. Plus please feel free to offer any other farming tried with results information you think would be helpful for us all as we all need to be planning for hard times.

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I'd love to learn more about gardening.
We have not done much gardening in the last few years, but I did want to share something that my mother did last year with great success - she bought a package of leaf lettuce seeds and planted them in a medium large flower pot on her front porch.  She quickly got a nice pot full of lettuce.  It seemed that the more of it she picked, the more it grew.  She had lettuce until about the first of November, and we live in the Mid-Ohio Valley region.

How to survive the coming Food Shortage and Hyperinflation

How to survive the coming Food Shortage and Hyperinflation grow your own food , learn the skills of urban survival edible plants . Marjory Wildcraft speaks during 40 minutes on why food prices will be rising in 2011 and which ones will be affected the most.Unless you've been hiding under a rock you probably know there is something truly catastrophic in the works. The economy is imploding and it WILL affect you BIG TIME.the price of all goods including food skyrocketing
more shanty towns food shortages food riots just as predicted by Gerald Celente .As long as US dollar is the world reserve currency the government can print its way out of debt which is exactly what is happening right now.All of this is bringing us to a currency crisis , currency wars and ultimately to real war , The official unemployment rate is 9.3%. The real one is probably is closer to 20%.people who have given up looking for work. people with part time work but are looking for full time work.unemployed people whose benefits have expired .
13% of the American population is now living on food stamps

I watched a program on TV the other day..according to them 35% of the country is on food stamps.

Something has to give soon, either the bubble will burst and we all fall, or the ones creating this problem

will step up and try to turn it around. I don't say this as a joke, we all know our clueless government is

the problem, and said clueless commander in chief wants to be re-elected.


On another note, any of you who have a military family member might want to check out MRE's. They

have changed, according to my Marines they taste pretty good.

This is planned to overthrow our Constitution.


Be prepared and we won't let it happen.

When that bubble burst and those people can no longer get their "daily bread" they will riot and destroy anything to get food.  I probably would too if I was one of them and had never been tought anyother way to feed my kids.  They have been tought to depend on the Government for everything and that will be their downfall.  When they discover that it was a big lie, watch out.  All hell will break loose.  Im embarassed to think my Government produced this type of slavery.  That my Government built another type of "Plantation". 
It is our job to fix it.


Windowfarms let you grow food year-round inside while maximizing space. They are vertical food-growing gardens that use a dirt-free technique called hydroponics. You can buy a kit or build your own using low-impact or recycled local materials. Having a windowfarm is more about the activity and experience of windowfarming, these are living systems, not just a pretty thing to look at.

The Survival Podcast

Helping You Live the Life You Want, If Times Get Tough, Or Even If They Don't






Here we discuss the formulation of a medical kit based on a hierarchy of needs and probability of disease. This is designed for folks who are starting from scratch



Just hand washed two shallow (23 to 25') sand wells for watering a garden and breaking off the Commercial Watering System that doubled this year.  One would have watered the garden, but decided to do the entire lot.


If you want to garden, think progressively.  For us southern gentlemen (ha ha), Collards, Mustard, and Turnips can be planted two and sometimes three times a year.  They grow fast and are a good staple.  Along with corn bread, you can have a very good mean.  Also, if you add two ounces of apple sider vineger on the cooked greens, you can lower your blood sugar if you are diabetic.  (Or, just drink the apple cider vineger straight.)


Squash, okra, snap beans, cucumbers, tomatores, onions, beats, egg plant, are good south georgia and north florida gardening favorites.


If you have a nearby horse stable (riding academy, or friendly horse owners), horse apples mixed with the shavings, bark and hay make a good garden mulch.  Be careful though, I once grew three foot Zuchini Squash over night by applying too many horse apples on the garden. 


Learn to can vegies also.  Simple.  You can preserve several hundred quarts of vegies a year and stock your cellar. 


Enjoy.  A good past time that will be needed before the end of the year



I have a 24' x 24' fenced garden area that we had tilled and filled last summer, planted lots of veggies, and had so much rain everything but the lettuce and cilantro drowned! My stepdaughter was living with me then, did a beautiful job of building and planting raised beds, but couldn't overcome the weather issues. This year, I've got a LOT of heirloom seeds to plant, and will be starting them indoors in the next week or two, but health issues make it impossible for me to do the outdoor care of the garden. So, anyone in the Mat-Su Valley area of Alaska want to work a garden and split the produce with me? I'd be happy to share pix of last year's pre-rain beautiful garden, if you're interested :0) ~Sue Ann
I read Canada Free Press and they have a series by a couple named Dub and Deb who live in Florida. They write articles and have videos on gardening, canning, etc. They also raise chickens and he explained on one video how he built his chicken coup. You my want to check them out..



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