Constitutional Emergency

Why am I so angry?

I recently saw an advertisement for a silk-screen T-shirt that said something like “
“Walk Away – I Live in Texas, I was born in January, and I have a severe dislike for Stupid People”.

Well that pretty much sums it up for me, but WHY am I so angry?

It's Sunday morning, I'm sitting here writing letters and reading the news on the Internet.
The letters I am writing are to friends and associates, and Government officials, Friends who are working on trying to get other friends out of Federal and state prisons. I have about fifteen people who are currently incarcerated on long term prison sentences for things that they should have received awards and praise for doing. Instead of receiving praise and an award they are all in prison. Each one of these people have been imprisoned for standing up against corruption in our Federal, State, and local Government systems. NO – NONE of these people ever shot and killed anyone, they never held up a convenience story or a gas station or a bank. Most (if not all) of them never even pointed a gun or a weapon at any law enforcement official. Those who may have pointed a weapon in the direction of law enforcement officials never pulled the trigger, and did so only to defend themselves or others around them. It was never in an act of hostile aggression against Federal or State law enforcement people. I'm thinking of the Bundy trials in Nevada and Terry Trussell in Florida. Also thinking about the Oregon ranchers, The Hammonds that been released from prison but only because President Trump granted them full clemency. It was not because some Government officials suddenly had a change of heart and decided to do the right thing. It was not due to some sudden burst of decency or honesty.

I'm sitting here reading the “news” about how the Democrat party representatives in Washington want to create more and more gun control legislation so they can confiscate all our weapons. They do NOT want to fund the border wall or some type of barricade. Even though they all voted for that funding twice in the past. Now because it's a Republican President suddenly that border wall and border security is non-essential waste of time, effort, and money. They would rather have as many foreigners migrate into the country as want to come here. It doesn't matter why they want to come here, even those who want to come here to kill as many Americans as they can, that's okay with these Democrats. It doesn't matter. What matters is that they first figure out how to confiscate all OUR weapons.
The Constitution be damned, they hate those documents because that Constitution places strict limitation on THEM, On the Government, NOT on the people. They have spent the last fifty years trying to get rid of that Constitution and everything it stands for. Try demanding any of those limitations of this Federal Government and see what you get for your efforts.

These people (our Federal “Representatives”) do NOT want to fix our broken immigration policies because to them they are NOT broken at all. Instead they say “To Hell with your immigration policies” get rid of the immigration and Customs border patrol completely. Get rid of ICE, Stop trying to manage immigration and migration into this country. Open the borders completely, let them ALL come in, It doesn't matter who they are or what they will do to this civilization or our culture, get rid of it all anyway. And get rid of that damned Constitution, it's in their way. And while they are at it every time an immigrant walks across that border they give him/her a voter registration card and instruct them on how to vote for Democrats.

Socialism: (Socialism doesn't really exist – it's Communism plain and simple) But here we sit today with 234 people in our Congress that would rather complete that “Fundamental Transformation of America” into a Communist State than they would to try to live and legislate under our existing (or previous) system of freedom and liberty. They prefer to totally and completely destroy this country than to allow the Constitution to continue to be the rule of this land. AND they want to take all your weapons away from you to make damn sure you can never fight back to defend and maintain that Constitution. I said 234 members of Congress were actively trying to destroy our Constitution but the rest of them are no better, they wont even try to defend it.

Today we have over 120 Federal Government agencies that are fully loaded and stocked with full military style SWAT assault team capabilities ready and waiting to be deployed against any kind of “Civil disobedience” or “insurrections against the Government or any Government aggression. Hillary Clinton called us all “a basket of Deplorables”, and the Democrats laughed. Ex-VP Joe Biden refered to us all as “The Dredges of society” and the Democrats laughed, Senator Harry Reid called us all “Domestic Terrorists” because many of us are military veterans.

If you think I'm kidding ask Roger Stone or the Bundy's in Nevada. Try asking any of those 14 men that are currently sitting in prison cells for standing up to Government aggression. Self Defense or the defense of others was declared not a valid defence in the Nevada courts. They also said that there is no such thing as excessive force by the Government.

We call ourselves the “Land of the free, home of the Brave”. But are we really free? America has more people in prison today than any other nation on Earth. Are we really the home of the brave? Try standing up against any one of those Federal Government agencies and see what kind of “warm and fuzzy” reception you will get. You will more than likely get thrown in prison or you will get a Federal Government bullet through your head, (or shot in the back like Lavoy Finicum).

Are we really free? Try starting a business without a permit, even a kids sidewalk lemon-aid stand.
Try remodeling your house without the proper permits and “authority” from your local Code-Enforcement officer. In many communities we can't even change our windows or paint the house without a “permit”.
Drive down the street without a license plate or inspection sticker on you car or truck. And when that cop comes up to your vehicle you better role the window down and have both hands where they can see them or you will likely get your face blown open with a high powered red pepper spray gun, (happened to a friend of mine), Do I blame the cops for everything that happens out on the highway? NO, another friend of mine, a Texas States Trooper, was shot and killed last year during a “routine” traffic stop.

They call it a “Routine” traffic stop, but why? Yes – the guy that was driving that car and who killed Trooper Damon Allen was a bad dude, he deserves to have his freaking head blown off. But my point is where do these laws come from that say Trooper Allen was supposed to stop anybody that “appeared to be speeding or looked “suspicious”?? Could it be that some of those “Illegal” immigrants that we “Welcome” into the country are not simply looking for a better job or a better life? The guy that shot and killed Trooper Damon Allen was just released from prison for drug possession and related charges.

They say “We are a Nation of LAWS”, but how many damn laws do we have to live under before we decide freedom is really only a myth? We are “Free” as long as we do what we are told, when we are told, and how we are told. And now I have to be very careful how I write this and what I say because some Government surveillance agent might decide that I am making some kind of threatening statements in this complaint. I've been told to keep my mouth shut and reduce my “tone” of decent because it might anger the judge in Nevada and the Bundy trials, which by the way is the third attempt to put them all in prison. Why? Because senator Harry Reid and Hillary Clinton want that Bundy land. It's got uranium on it and possibly other valuable minerals. Too valuable for some “Deplorable” to own and control.

Oh and that gun that I carry, (With a concealed carry permit – background check, bought and paid for), to protect myself and my family, Well Senator Dianne Feinstein and Congress woman Nancy Pelosi and all the others want to confiscate that because I'm getting old and I'm a veteran, You know one of those potential Domestic terrorists that the DHS has listed on their “Watch” list.

I'm sitting here on this Sunday morning trying to figure out what it is that I'm pissed off about, Why am I so angry? I just got a phone call from a friends wife, she said all those letters we have been writing to the Governor are a waist of time, we have to start over again because “He hasn't served 1/3 of his sentence yet and the applications for Clemency will need to be re-submitted once again in May. Then she said one of the prison guards told him “His mattress looked “Lumpy”, and proceeded to rip the mattress cover off. They charged Terry $25 dollars and charged him with destroying prison property.

Why am I so angry? They say we live in the greatest country on Earth. Well I still believe that but we've got to stand up and take it back. We have to return America to it's rightful standing under that Representative FREE REPUBLIC that our Constitution was designed to be.

Why am I so angry? ARE YOU?

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As far as I am concerned there is no question that this is an invasion of America.
I believe Trump feels the same way.
Most Americans think that when someone says there is an invasion - they think it means a foreign Army - complete with battle tanks and armed military troops, So they think if there are no tanks and armed troops then how can there be an invasion.....
That is naive and foolish thinking. The Democrats and the Communists are not that stupid, They all know full well that an army of 3-5 million men coming across that border is virtually all they need, and they do NOT have to be wearing military uniforms and carrying military weapons.
All they have to do is get across that border and then disappear into the country.
By the time they all get on welfare and Government support, and then they all get a voter ID card, that's it - that's all they need. They will never have to pick up a rifle or a gun.
And then of course the Democrats also want to disarm all of US, total gun regulations, and confiscations, but only OURS.
Trump will sign that bill, even though he has already said he doesn't like it, but then he will also declare a national emergency. But Trump also has other cards that he can play. In fact he can even declare the House and Senate to be in recess. And they have nothing to say about it. He can actually shut down the Congress, then once they are in recess he can also arrest many of them and charge them with sedition and treason.
This could get really interesting.

The Democrats have already promised legal action against the "National Emergency" order.

I guess we'll see and by then it may be too late.

They ain't gettin' no guns from me.




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