Constitutional Emergency

To be different, I’m stating my conclusion first and that is if Muslim’s don’t like being monitored by our government or having to live under once Christian laws, then I strongly urge them to pack up their belongings and move to one of the numerous Islamic countries around the world.

Now to justify my statement.

Muslim student groups are upset because the New York police and other government agencies have been monitoring them and their activities.  Similar complaints have been raised by Muslim mosques through the US.

Yet, the police and government have already thwarted a larger number of terrorist plots than many people realize.  Many of these plots were discovered by monitoring Muslim groups and mosques.  As a result, countless American lives have been saved.

Muslims worldwide and here in the US, have vowed to attack and destroy us.  Many Muslims view America as being worse than Israel and would like nothing better than to see us in complete and utter ruin.

So, if you were given the responsibility of protecting the nation and its people, wouldn’t you be monitoring members of the very group of people that have vowed to destroy you?  It would be absolutely ludicrous to spend your efforts, time and resources monitoring other groups that have not made the anti-American threats.

But, I don’t want the Muslim community to feel alone or privileged in being monitored by police and the government as they are also monitoring many different people and groups here in the US.  White supremacy groups have been monitored for years.  As a matter of fact, any person or group involved with firearms, political activism such as Godfather Politics, are also being monitored by the feds.  To be honest, I’m sure they have a file on me somewhere and probably monitor what I write here, in my emails and on Facebook and you don’t see me crying about it, do you?

If they are doing nothing wrong, then they should have nothing to fear and it shouldn’t be a big deal.  But if they do have something to hide and are trying to cover it up by complaining that Big Brother is watching, then they have every reason to live in fear of being caught and like I said at the beginning, if they don’t like it, then pack up and get the heck out of our country and leave us alone.  We don’t want you trying to change our country into something you want it to be and we don’t.

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Yes Shane, and the Muslims started raising Cain, to be let into the prisons, to covert prisoners to Islam.  Said it was unfair to allow Christian and Jewish Cleric in to speak with the prisoners, and not them.  Now when you have prisoners who are Murders, rapist, and pedifiles already in prison, well you know they're gonna agree with someone who teaches what they did is fine, and Islam teaches that!!!

You're right they can go abroad to where the rest of them are, and TAKE THEIR CONVERTS WITH THEM!!!

Why did they come here? They came here to overthrow and enslave, convert, or ki ll all of us infidel western heathens. It is a war on our way of life. It is their desire to rid the world of anyone not of their "religion". They hate our guts. THAT'S WHY. Are you awake now or were you just being sarcastic?

 Great Optics Focusing Batman ! Maybe they really DON'T want to be like us ! ( Good Grief Robin- didja just wake up or are you still believing the Hope & Changey thing ?! ) 

The cry babies can get to heck out of here.  We didn't ask them to come.  When this country was being settled and people came here, they came for FREEDOM.  These muslim criminals (and I refer to them all, cor if they believe the q'uran then they are criminals and to be muslim they believe it) never came here to be free for anything except FREE TO DESTROY THE US FROM WITHIN!!! If they don't want watched they can go back to where they came from and me "free" there!!! Here WE WATCH OUR BACKS!!!

Judeo-Christian principles were the founding of us all. There never was any mention of Shariah or MOO-HAM-Duh the baby raper in any of it. They are a scourge upon the entire planet. a disease that needs a good dose of Cipro to rid us of it all.

John Bitoffol has it right. The people that put Obummer in office must be held accountable.

He is not legally in office and the party that supports him is the result of our problem.  

Sure, they don't like to be watched, neither do I. If per chance I did something to make the police or "other government agencies" suspicious of me, then I would expect to be watched. Oops, maybe they are watching me. I, however, do not intend on doing anything illegal. I am not planning any terrorist acts. I do not want to change the country to my religion. I do own firearms, and I do know how to use them. We cannot appease or live with the muslims who actually practice the "religion" of islam as it also entails their laws that conflict with U.S. law. The only solution is for them to either leave or convert to Christianity. Simple solution.

You wrote good words here Johnny!  DITTO!!

Thanks Juanita. I forgot to mention the reasons I am probably being watched are, I am conservative, I plant my garden, and worst of all I am a veteran and we know what Janet from another planet said about that...

I too plant my garden, am a gun owner, and know how to use it.  I've never served in the military, but have 2 ex-husband that did, and boat load of other relatives. I write emails, letter, and make phone calls to my reps in the US house and senate, most every week.  I also write letters and emails to the white house to Obummer.  I realize, he doesn't read them them, but know there are others who do.  I keep within the Law, at least with in the law as it's suppose to be.  I am a Christian, Proud American, a Conservative and I WILL NOT BOW TO NO ONE!!!

Most of us here are of like minds.  I went to school with a kid (100 yrs ago it seems) named Johnny Smith.  It's a common name, but common name doesn't mean an uncommon person!!

Thank you for your service.



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