We all knew he wouldn't appear, but the biggest question is .... WHY??? Maybe the answer is to be found in this article sent to me by my trusted friend. See what you think!

January 29, 2012, 4:10 pm

White House Schedule Shows No Entries Until 1:00 PM ( on Jan 26 )

By Sharon Rondeau The Post & Email

(Jan. 29, 2012) – Barack Hussein Obama’s Georgia counsel, Michael Jablonski, had stated that it was “unreasonable1” to expect Obama to attend the ballot challenge hearing in Atlanta on January 26 at 9:00 a.m. ET.
The White House has been posting Obama’s activities day by day this week2, and the schedule now reflects that his schedule was open on Thursday morning.  However, The Post & Email has been told by a source that Obama watched the entire hearing remotely.  Is that why his morning schedule was open?
At the beginning of this week, the presidential schedule was devoid of entries3.  Various external reports were published each morning stating that he planned a trip to the West beginning on Wednesday following his State of the Union address.  Currently, the schedule shows4 that he spent time in Nevada on Thursday and then flew to Michigan for an address on Friday morning.
During the early afternoon hours on Friday, Obama went to Cambridge, MD and was scheduled to return to the White House at 3:00 p.m. for a 3:30 meeting with Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton5.  The meeting was closed to the press6.
What was the purpose of Obama’s trip?  None of his stops appears to have been a campaign event.   What was achieved as a result of his travels at great taxpayer expense?
There is nothing posted3 on Obama’s schedule for next week, either.
In an article dated January 28, 2012 due to the time zone difference, the UK Telegraph has reported that Hillary Clinton intends to leave her post7 as Secretary of State to retire to teaching, reading and “private life” before the end of Obama’s term.  However, Hillary is reportedly polling ahead7 of Obama in a hypothetical presidential bid for 2012.
Is Barack Obama resigning?  What was discussed at the meeting with Clinton and Biden?
On Wednesday evening, the Los Angeles Police Department and “military” carried out multi-agency tactical exercises” reportedly to “ensure the military’s ability to operate in urban environments.”8
Is the U.S. preparing for martial law or some other unusual event?  Is the country preparing for “riots in the streets?”
Were the training exercises part of a plan to instill martial law9 in the United States upon Obama’s order, to prepare for civil unrest in the wake of an Obama resignation, or for some other reason?
Does Obama now have “absolute power10,” or is he losing command absolutely?  Does he appear to be seriously campaigning for re-election?  What did he discuss with Biden and Hillary Clinton?
Did the ballot challenge hearing yesterday cause a shift in the paradigm that the “first black president” was untouchable by the rule of law?  And is his pick for Attorney General, Eric Holder, about to be ousted11 following his scheduled testimony12 to the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee on February 2?
Obama13 and Holder14 have both been involved with Project VOTE, an affiliate of ACORN, which has been found guilty of collecting fraudulent voter registration signatures.
How much fraud was perpetrated by Obama and Holder in keeping Obama’s secrets from the American public?
If Holder is forced to resign, who will protect Obama?
And on a perhaps related note, where has Dr. Conspiracy gone?15

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"Why did Obama not attend Thursday's hearing in Atlanta?"  BECAUSE HE DIDN'T WANT TO!

He is have the millitary train to take over because he knows if he cant be voted in he has to call for martial law to stay in office and become King Obama...

Its a tactical move on his part, he don't want to face the truth of his ineligibility to serve as President, or any other office for that matter.....He's a Marxist/communist who disrespects the rule of law......

"Does Obama now have 'absolute power'[,] or is he losing command absolutely?"

I don't know, but it's one or the other; I'm leaning toward "absolute power".  I'm guessing that we're about to have a SHTF moment soon and, I am planning/preparing for that.  We do, indeed, "...live in interesting times."

He is the King, it would be beneath him.

 It will look like the streets of Cairo if he installs Martial Law. It will be 1861 all over again in America. There won't be any place for him, his minnions or any of our Politicians to hide because Americans will rise to defend our Flag, Country , Homes and Families from the tyranny trying to be put on us as we did during WW11.

WALB-TV reporter Ryan Houston called me this morning for an interview which we did. Towards the late middle of our recorded conversation he assked if this was about race. Won't bore you with my response. Then he asked how I felt about keeping Obama off the ballot in a part of GA that is heavily Democrat. Again, I'm certain everyone reading this could field such questions but it goes to show that when, in the arena of ideas, a Liberal/Socialist/Marxist can't win, he or she will throw out the race card. I'll provide a link to the interview which is scheduled to be aired later today and I'm real curious where this reporter will take the issue or if he, like others, are beginning to do, will enlighten his audience. Catch word "Citizen" was thrown out and of course I had to correct him and make sure he understands it's strictly about natural born Citizen. Wonder if that actually made into his brain matter. We'll see.

Anyway, Thank you Harry for your generous contribution to my legal defense fund and I hope others will follow your lead since I'm still way short of generating the needed funds to pay for my "Most Excellent" Atty, Mark Hatfield. Those of you who haven't and can, please go to my web site to show your support.  http://www.riseupforamerica.com .

We've begun to see other States follow suit in what may very well be an avalanche of such challenges across our great Nation. We're beginning to see Americans finally coming off the fence and standing with us in this battle. Gets to be a humbling experience when you see folks cheering you on with their E-Mails and donations. Thank you and God bless you all.., you know who you are.

Now, for my take on the proceedings...Mark and Van both argued the nbC issue and through their pleadings and evidence, put forth the best case you could ever possibly imagine. There is NO wiggle room on the most important aspect of all this. Candidate B. H. Obama is NOT Constitutionally qualified to be on Georgia's ballot. That's the way I'm reading it and many in the legal field are now echoing that fact. Might be as soon as tomorrow or Thursday when this Judge (Democrat in the mold of a Blue Dog) begins to issue his rulings. Two are of particular interest for me. First is the obvious one but secondarily we have a motion in front of the Judge to shift the responsibilty from the Plaintiffs to prove he is not eligible to the Defendant to prove he is. That one motion, if favorably ruled on, will have the effect of insuring you, me and every other Georgian that the usurpation of the White House will never, ever occur again.

Just got off the phone with a very good friend of mine who met with Judge Malihi yesterday and she can relay that he is confident and comeptent. Nerves of steel and a very good listener. He fully realizes this is history in the making. She left that meeting feeling confident that this hearing will be ruled on in strict accordance with the law.

Mere days away from potentially changing the course of this great Nation so don't ever let someone convince you that one man can't make a difference.

Carl Swensson

Besides being arrogant and thinking he's above the law; he didn't attend because he can't come up with the documents he was subpenaed to bring.  All the documents he has are forgeries or fake...  

Yep, that's my take on it also

The reason Baraka Obama and those behind him blow off the Atlanta court?  I believe they did it for the same reason they will blow off every other court and state in the union.  Obama and his handlers believe they will force upon the American people his election in the same manner they have forced so much unconstitutional legislation.  Obama and those proping him up do not intend to allow anything, not even an election, to keep him out of the Whitehouse.  I believe he has been assured by people like George Sorous that they will decide who will win the election and not the American voter.  We must make every citizen understand that this administration is the greatest criminal threat to the United States in the world.  The drug cartels, Al Qaeda, the Talliban and every enemy we have pale in comparison to the threat Washington represents to Freedom and Liberty in America.  Any American who supports this administration is as guilty of treason as this president and administration, ignorance is no longer an excuse given the mountain of evidence out in the open.

Scour the land for SOROS a CITIZEN'S ARREST should be at hand. Defrock, Divest and Deport

Most Americans have no idea that this hearing took place. Most don't know about the Natural Born Citizens issue.

I have to admit I was just living my life trying for that "pursuit of happiness" back in the 80s and 90s - I paid attention at voting time, listening to Ronald Reagan and after he left, when Clinton was voted in, just was disappointed but turned to my studies and other stuff. It was not until a few months before the election of 2008 that I started to become very concerned when I heard Rush Limbaugh talking about the corrupt Ohio Secretary of State- how she was letting all those questionable absentee ballots be counted in spite of a court challenge- Rush predicted correctly that the challenge would be overturned by a liberal higher court. Then, hearing that Obama was radical and hearing about Saul Alinsky- I really started to panic. I knew we were in trouble- and when they announced that Obama won the election, I said "He won through voter fraud!" After that I started getting involved with the Tea Party and becoming more educated that big government can be dangerous.

When I talk to my friends, they are busy with work, or personal problems- the main stream media is silent or makes bad news sound benign- so they are clueless. I live in a very liberal area, and that point of view is all they hear in the media, so when I try to tell them we are in danger, they don't believe me. They are not bad people, but they don't get it. Nothing I say seems to make any difference! Well, now I understand how Hitler got in power- people just listened to the promises and went about their lives not seeing the danger until later- even then some just refused to see the bad.

If only we had an honest media, that explained the danger of the debt- Fast and Furious- but when I asked people on the street at a Tea Party rally, did they hear about Fast and Furious, they said "You mean the movie?" They don't know anything!  If we had an honest press, then they would start to question. But WE have to be the media, which puts us at such a disadvantage, because unless they read it in their favorite paper (NYT etc) they don't trust the news I give them. So disheartening!



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