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By Harmony Grant Daws and Rev. Ted Pike
15 Mar 10

A new bill has been introduced into Congress, attractively named the “Every Child Deserves a Family Act.” The goal of HR 3827 is “to prohibit discrimination in adoption or foster care placements based on the sexual orientation, gender identification, or marital status of any prospective adoptive or foster parent.”

The bill reports that “one-third of child welfare agencies in the United States currently reject gay, lesbian, and bisexual applicants, citing a conflict with the religious beliefs associated with the agency, State law prohibiting placement with gay, lesbian, or bisexual parents, or a policy of placing children with married-heterosexual only couples.” It says as many as two million homosexuals may be interested in adopting children and may be rejected because of their orientation. The bill will remove federal funding from any placement agency that “discriminates” on the basis of sexual orientation, gender identity of marital status.

This means Christian adoption agencies will be unable to operate according to their founders’ consciences. It means closure of Catholic or Christian agencies which refuse to violate their moral principles of placing children with heterosexual or nuclear families only. Ultimately, this will mean fewer children adopted! After a similar law was passed in Britain, multiple adoption agencies closed. The Catholic Children’s Rescue Service was the first to do so. Rather than allowing the free market to potentially create homosexual-friendly adoption agencies (should there really be such demand), this law strong-arms benevolent religious organizations into violating their own principles in favor of a political agenda.

This bill would not only limit freedom of religion for adoption agencies but also for birth parents. A teen mother won’t be able to find agencies which screen for nuclear, Christian families if those are the qualities she wants for her unborn child.

Inevitably, such agenda-driven legislation is used as a force of discrimination itself. In Britain, pro-homosexual adoption laws were passed and are now used against traditional, religious people seeking to rescue children! In 2008, Daily Mail reported a story of a Christian couple told, “You can’t foster if you think it’s wrong to be gay.” Eunice and Owen Johns, a black couple who have cared for almost 20 children and raised four of their own, would not submit to a new hate law requiring them to condone homosexuality in order to continue rescuing needy kids. Eunice explains that she was told she would have to tell foster children that it’s okay to be homosexual.

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There is legislation no one is paying attention to because thee "jobs" stimulus bill and HCR are so big. These others are just as insidious.
Two bills introduced are S.3002, a amend the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act to more effectively
regulate dietary supplements that may pose safety risks unknown to consumers and S.3081, to hold anyone indefinitely who could be considered an enemy combatant. Remember, Janet ...Napolitano classified Veterens, pro-lifes and a whole array of average citizens as enemies.
One line in this crap should make everyone shutter "(E) Such other matters as the President considers appropriate." See the above reason this is not a great idea. and
I have friends that have 8 of their own children. Their children are now older but they adopted three others who are still in grade school and high school to keep them from being adopted by homosexuals. It has been a great sacrifice for the parents but they felt it was what God would want them to do.
Jo Dermody
Little Meadows, PA
As a foster parent to more than 60 and an adoptive parent of three, I think this is disgusting! The system just keeps stripping these children of any chance at a life!
This combined with the laws that are on the books already will just push intelligent American people out of the country- encouraging them to pay the huge amounts of money to communist countries like Russia and China for a better shot at a child with no strings.
My heart aches for our country, but more so, my heart breaks for our children that are being stripped piece by piece in the name of political gain.
I think we need to get down on H.R. 4321 which is the new scam for Amnesty. We must stomp that in to the ground adn vote out any one backing it. We must put the fear of the all mighty in to the leftist scum on this one.
I beleve in the in god,Ibeleve in family and the laws set forth by god. The human anatomy should answer all questions about how things should work. Idont mean to be offensive, thats my opinion.
We must press on the judiciary to act on the treason and fraud being perpetrated by the political elite! Check out chief justice Andrew Napolitano says it right and needs our support.... The justice department is the ONLY branch of government that can stop this treason and betrale....
This is but one awful, ugly, immoral way to destroy the family!

Even when "sex change" operations occurs, it doesn't make a male a woman or a woman a male! Mentally sick and sicker our society has become, especially the so-called US President, his czars and advisers, and also far too many congressional members. "Do no harm" doesn't fit any doctor that provides the said above operations.

My quote the day Obama became president: "I have lost my country." I haven't recovered from my sorrow, and until Obama and the rest of his gang are voted out, I shall not recover from sadness.

May God have mercy on the USA!
Why? Because they're low-life Commie CREEPS undermining everything we represent and all who came before us. Don't get me started!!!
I have to apologize to my fellow patriots. The other day I posted concerning a question raised by a member who was concerned that raising criminal charges agains the Administration and members of Congress seems stupid in light of the fact that the Justice Department is not themselves recognizing and going after these Criminal scumbags both in Congress and in the Administration. I cautioned in so many words that it is indeed likely that the FBI and others are indeed building cases and that it takes time to do so and that eventually, perpetrators will be held to account. I was then challenged by another member who wanted to know when? and how long should we have to wait because I said so......Well I do apologize, I had not read this latest outrage and because the outrage being carried out by the House and the Acting Queen of Congress, Pelosi and Democrats who are pushing this treasonous and criminal health charade in the name of and to be paid for our grandchildren because they know that it is in violation of the Constitution, their procedures violate the constitution and they have violated their oaths of office to defend the constitution, is going to continue, then indeed where does this stop.

\Again, I stated that we have drawn a line in the sand but I can see that that line has been crossed by those bent on destroying our morals, our religions, our Constitution and indeed our country in the name of their own personal greed and agendas which include communism, Sharia Law, Gay and Lesbian recognition, and who knows what else? Most of us can agree that this is wrong and that we must fight to preserve our freedoms which they are hell-bent on taking from us, but every day it becomes clearer and more obvious that we cannot afford to wait until the next elections. We need to act now. They are not slowing down their efforts to subvert our economy, they have already done so, They have ruined our productive capacity by shipping it overseas, they have already removed our ability to utilize our own resources and they have already made it look like they are going to try to make unions even stronger by supporting them even though they are a major factor in Business decisions to take manufacturing operations elsewhere. They have nationalized our Banks, mortgage our children's future by nationalizing our industry. All that remains is for us to surrender our government totally by allowing them to manage our health care, our carbon footprints whatever that means not to mention every other facet of our lives including our freedoms and our country. They are abandoning their own principles to promote the notion that those illegal aliens that they wish to give amnesty to should be be free to enjoy the benefits that our citizens enjoy fully so that they can remain in power if the illegals who they deem to be legal can then vote to continue them in office to perpetrate even more tragic and vile lifestyle changes into our midst.

So again I apologize to anyone I may have given the impression to that I am not yet ready to take on this most dangerous of enemies in our country's history...I am indeed ready and I am not certain that boots on the ground in protest is enough any longer. I find that even as we plan to move on Washington, D. C. this weekend, the left has two giant protests of their own, one to promote this healthcare bill and the other to be staged by of all people illegal aliens who will be demanding their rights.....who can believe this that illegal aliens will be protesting on the streets of our capitol demanding the rights that we have fought and died to keep and they have not even legally sought to become citizens to protect but still demand that they be given all those rights we have been born to and earned for doing what? Violating our laws and illegally entering our country to demand those rights. Well I for one am not sympathetic. Illegals are the primary cause of our bankrupt country thus far (you can check this out yourself) and funding healthcare for 30 million more that do not have it means that the majority of those that do not have health care coverage are illegals anyway. None of whom will ever be turned away from a hospital if they need treatment because it is illegal to turn them away even if they are here illegally. But let an American Citizen try to do the same thing in Mexico and see how fast they wind up in a Mexican prison for an indeterminent sentence. No fellow Patriots, unlike that beautiful lady below, do indeed get me started, we have to get started and we have to do it not today, not tomorrow but most assuredly we started yesterday. I am now taking my leave to start the phone calls to Capitol Hill and the fax machine churning out faxes. The message is clear, simple, and repeatable. Cram this down our throats today, we will cram it up your rears tomorrow. and the next day and the day after that until you finally get the message to get out of our House and our Congress. Now go Do it....Semper Fi..



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