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Published on Jan 10, 2019, by TTTG Networking. Have you ever wanted to know why Trump wants to build the US Border Wall? To stop the UN Global Migration Agreement.

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Why President Trump Wants To Build The Wall- YouTube

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Why does President Trump want to build the wall?

Yes - to stop the illegal immigration of those who would bring crime, slavery, drugs, sex trafficking, and much more to America, but more than that he wants to stop the United Nations mandated immigration of Communist infiltrators from South America and from other nations around the world.
Trump wants to stop that immigration for the exact opposite reason the Democrats (and many Republicans) in Congress want it to happen.
Stop the influx of Communism into America.
The Democrats WANT that Transformation of America into their "New-World-Order", 
Their world of a "One- World Governance", A world controlled and governed by the United Nations high command at the UN Security Counsel. A One-World security Counsel Government dictated by the world Communist party.
We know that, and we saw that when he was so instantly and heavily criticized when he declared that he was a "Nationalist"
, the left wing news media nearly lost their minds. The criticism and condemnation was instant. "A NATIONALIST " -  What in the world is HE thinking"???
Some even tried to say he was committing treason. Treason against What? Treason against the Sovereignty of the United States of America?, or treason against the United Nations High command at the security counsel?
Americans need to stop playing "footsie", Stop playing stupid word games, we need to stop beating around the bush as they say. We need to call a spade- a spade, and THAT has absolutely NOTHING to do with slavery or racism. We need to tell the TRUTH about what all this political garbage is all about.
That "New-World-Order" was first introduced way back in 1913 and before that. It was a concept of Karl Marx, The creator of the Communist Manifesto . It was supported in America by George H.W. Bush, William Clinton, and Barack Hussein Obama. Barack Hussein Obama went to the United Nations and told them that he agreed with the concept, and he also has been spreading the promise of a great life in America for all these immigrants in South America that are now living under Socialism and Communism. Yes - many thousands of people are trying to escape communism, but along with them are traveling many hundreds of those same communist activists that the people are trying to escape from. They want to bring their Communism here to America.
And THAT is what President Donald J. Trump is try to stop.
THAT is why he wants to build the wall.
And it is also the reason those members in our Congress do NOT want him to build it.



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