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Governor Rick Perry..............Why? 



How did Governor Rick Perry become the top pick of the GOP candidates for president?  

 I’m trying to grasp the tangible evidence that catapulted Governor Perry over every other GOP presidential candidate.  He was rated by several polls near the top of the GOP candidate list before he even made his formal candidacy announcement.  Once he announced, if you believe the media, the GOP candidate to oppose Obama had been selected. 

He’s not the only Governor in the race…what is it?  My gut impression is that Perry has an excellent publicity apparatus that has flooded the media with ”Rick is great” slogans, not to mention his democrat background.  Frankly, my observation of his appearance in two candidate debates, based on performance and substance, leaves me with less than a favorable impression. 

Given, some candidates have more favorable “stage presence” than others…surely Perry’s stage presence provides much room for improvement.  He is slow on his feet, searches for words, seems uneasy, and awkward in his answers.  Occasionally I have the urge to reach down his throat and pull some words out… 

So, being the smooth, articulate Gingrich, Bachmann, Cain, Romney, Santorum, perhaps others, Governor Perry is not. However, the method of message delivery doesn’t necessarily count a candidate out…Senator McCain proved that.  He couldn’t hit his butt with both hands on the stage. 

Then how about substance?  Has Governor Perry demonstrated substitutive justification that supports his top of the GOP candidate pile?  I have heard him speak and others seem to verify that job creation in Texas accounts for a majority of the employment created in the U.S. over the last two years.  Other than jobs, nothing else of significance has surfaced to give one a “tingle down the leg”, in fact, Governor Huntsman claims himself as the job king.  Ron Paul says Perry has put Texas in debt, raised taxes and Perry hasn’t refuted Paul.  Perry has also taken serious hits on his support for tuition assistance for illegal aliens, his answer for the illegal alien border problem, and the effort to force a questionable inoculation for 11-12 year old girls against cervical cancer without a “parental opt-in”.  

Perry’s background hasn’t even been touched yet.  There is considerable fodder that should raise serious questions as to his conservative credentials.  He should be required to explain his democrat background, international involvements, etc.  He may provide a satisfactory answer, but it hasn’t been asked yet. 

A point here. Are we going to allow the media to select the candidate to oppose Obama by pushing other credible, qualified candidates into the background while focusing on the two the media desires?  We allowed the 2008 GOP presidential candidate to be selected by the media and the political apparatus.  As Governor Palin says, “how’s that working out for ya?” 

Are we about to select another “McCain” to oppose Obama?  We all know Obama made McCain look like the ignoramus he really is…the most valid evidence of the “peter principle” one could imagine. Will we repeat the same error hoping for a better outcome? 

Let’s get the strongest candidate that will carry the constitution, bill of rights, and Founding Father principles into the White House…maybe it will be Rick Perry but I’m not sold yet.  

I am sold on the courage, strength, moral clarity, solid credentials of Michele Bachmann.  Why?  Given everything else, her heart beats for America and it will stop before she betrays her principled constitutional positions.  She took both Perry and Romney to the woodshed during the CNN debate, and did so with poise and clarity.   


We need Bachmann’s titanium spine and leadership.  Is she perfect?  Probably not, is anyone?


Harry Riley, COL, USA, Ret

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I will not vote for Rick Perry, Ron Paul, Cain, Bachmann, Gingrich, Santorum or any current 2012 GOP created fallacy called a presidential nominee. As a Conservative American all those I listed are not worth my vote and will not be able to convince me they are worth it. Not one current possible nominee is a conservative whether they are a tea party wanna be or not. Not one current possible nominee has a record of leadership we can trust, in fact each one owes their position to the system and not one, not even Ron Paul will change he system of what we have now. To be honest, I have met unemployed people who are more conservative, have better common sense and a backbone, that the charlatans we are to supposedly to choose from do not have. If one of these people is nominated, I refuse to vote for them. I am not voting for the GOP version of Obama. Everyone claims to be a conservative like Reagan, BS not one has done anything close to what Reagan did or could do. Not one has the courage to even talk like him. Reagan would DO it and then come out and say it. He would do what the Constitution stated and then bold faced look right into the camera and challenged a liberal Congress to stop him if they dared. Not one of these pretenders has the true essence of conservatism nor leadership and if you feel anyone of these people is worthy, you've been duped and you are no better than any of Obama's supporters.

Now are you all going to wake up, dump ALL current nominees and help find a real one, or are you going to sell us out and force yet another fake conservative on us one more time. Ever since 1988 we have had fake conservative lead us in ALL our actions, it is time you all either dump them or take the blame for continuing the process of destruction.

As for me, I will NOT vote for anyone of these people, I cannot, I am a conservative and if I have to I will vote for myself, at least I will be voting for someone who is real.

Who cares who you vote for as you are blinded to the Ron Paul revolution. I guess you are the perfect one so you should run.

There is no Ron Paul revolution, his best year was 1.98% of the primary vote and he currently looks like he will do with less this primary season as well. Ron Paul resigned from politics when he resigned his Congressional seat. Plus he is more of a moderate than a conservative with his left lleaning social and foreign policy actions. And if I had the $30 million RP does sitting in his accounts from the other failed bids, I would run and do better in the primaries than he would.
....on PFA we can make our case but taking personal shots at others will not be tolerated. 
Vote Obama, again then have posted this presentation more than once......we get it.  PFA is not a vehicle to run political advertisements.  If you want to add discussion regarding Ron Paul, please do, but dispense with the political ads.



It maybe that Perry is a member of the Council of Foreign Relations as Romney maybe,and that is why he or Romney are being pushed up.
I am scared to death that Perry will be another Obama. I like to research these that are running for president. He could be a clone off of Obama. If he is a trader to the Democrates what would he be to the Republicans? He must have sum big money backing him. I have read it could be Mr.Sowers. Now we all better be careful and not vote for a good talker and a changer.

As several people have said, we do not have much choice on who gets selected as GOP candidate. The establishment will choose that for us.

We can sit here and battle back and forth about who we think will be the best choice for President all day long, it won't matter. Until Americans stand up and and physicaly show them that we have had enough, nothing will change.

But we won't. We will continue to sit here on the computer and talk about what should be done. 

Wake up people. Get off your butts and put your words into action. This is exactly why the radicals get exactly what they want, they make a lot of noise. Hard working Americans don't make a lot of noise. They sit behind the keyboard and complain.

As for a candidate for the GOP, we must find a candidate that does not want the job. All of these candidates have made careers out of politics, and that is part of the problem.

I agree whole heartedly.  Bachman is suffering from the "Palin" syndrome.  A conservative woman is not going to pass the media muster so why even try.  I hear it over and over again.  "She doesn't stand a chance.  Just look at what happened to Sarah Palin".   Well, I am from Maine.  We were just told in 2010 that our conservative candidate for governor didn't stand a chance because he was too gruff with the press and the democrats.  His famous line, "I'd tell Obama to kiss my butt!" was the very reason most of us conservatives pushed really hard for him.  Sick of politics as usual, this is the attitude we want in our politicians.  Not the same old mamby- pamby, "did he really say anything" rhetoric we usually get from them.  I say we vote for the most conservative candidate we have and if that happens to be a woman we push all the harder to get her elected.  And, here I know the Ron Paul people start jumping up and down, but the fact is that Ron Paul has become the conservative equivalent to Ralph Nader.  Michelle Bachmann is the best candidate we have now.

Garfield, a woman will encourage attack, its just the truth.

They will attack BECAUSE she is a woman.

Question there ?  Why are we allowing the MEDIA to pick OUR Person to put up against ohblowme ?  If we let the media pick the person why do we even vote, just let them pick the next president ! !   



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