WHY THE MARK BRINGS SPIRITUAL DEATH...........I warned America is dead...........




By Donna Wasson
September 6, 2015

This may very well be my last article as a watchman on the wall. Since 2007, I've spent countless hours in research, prayer, bible reading and writing, doing all I can to open the eyes and ears of the deaf and blind sheeple to what is coming upon this world. Some of the things I've learned have been very difficult to digest, mainly the infiltration and control of luciferian influence over our government, schools, entertainment, food, medications and yes, even our churches. In these final hours of the Age of Grace, it's blatant and in-your-face. Those bent on the destruction of mankind aren't even trying to hide themselves or their agenda anymore.

It's my opinion that 9/11 was God's major wake-up call to this country, and instead of national repentance, we yawned, turned over, and went back to sleep. In response, We set up the kingdom of Barack Hussein Obama, a man whose background and truth the media deliberately refused to investigate; whose meteoric rise from obscurity to the most powerful position in the world was nothing less than an obvious, absurd contrivance. Anyone with half a brain could smell a rat.

When the Usurper uttered the following sentence, ironically on Halloween night, October 31, 2008, "We are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America," I knew in that instant this country was doomed. The Bible tells us that God sets up rulers and takes them down for His purposes and glory.

"This matter is by the decree of the watchers, and the demand by the word of the holy ones: to the intent that the living may know that the most High ruleth in the kingdom of men, and giveth it to whomsoever He will, and setteth up over it the basest of men." -Daniel 4:17 (KJV)

Obama was elected, or rather selected by the satan-worshipping Globalist elite, to destroy this nation. After all, the New World Order can't rise with a free America in the way! Little did they know they were fulfilling God's plan. The Occupant has been very successful carrying out his objectives so far, but he's not finished yet. It's my opinion that there will not be another Presidential election. I highly doubt that narcissistic psychopath is going anywhere.

Since he took office, we've suffered from economic downturn with unimaginable unemployment, accompanied by a staggering rise in the welfare state. Racial tensions are at their most volatile point since the early 1960's, largely due to his continuous, incendiary rhetoric of supposed white privilege and hatred. Rioting, looting and violence have become a way of life for the perpetually offended.

Obamadinajad has gone out of his way to insult and alienate our allies, while pandering to and sending billions of our tax dollars to support muslim factions, bent on our destruction. Our national borders are wide open to anyone who chooses to enter, with the exception of displaced and persecuted Christians.

The moral fabric of this country has taken an almost comical nosedive during his tenure. The rise of all things sexually perverted can be laid at his feet, as well as redefining the 6000 year old basis for human civilization, marriage between one man and one woman—the bedrock of the family unit. Now, the LGTB-XYZZ mafia rules the day and anything their little hearts whine for, they get. I hope they enjoy their power while they have it. All will be corrected shortly.

The Occupant is hell-bent on crushing our freedoms and liberties by choosing which laws he will recognize and abide by, and which he won't. He bypasses our elected representatives and uses his phone and pen to institute new laws and statutes, many of which are in direct violation of our Constitution. And before he's finished, he has every intention of depriving every American citizen of that most fundamental of all human rights: the right to defend ourselves and our family against bodily harm, by confiscating our weapons. Well, good luck with that one.

Let's take a stroll down memory lane, to a kinder, gentler era. The first time America was introduced to the phrase "New World Order" was in a state of the union speech by President H.W. Bush in January of 1991. Here's what he said: "Halfway around the world, we are engaged in a great struggle in the skies and on the seas and sands. We know why we're there: We are Americans, part of something larger than ourselves. For two centuries, we've done the hard work of freedom. And tonight, we lead the world in facing down a threat to decency and humanity."

"What is at stake is more than one small country; it is a big idea: a New World Order, where diverse nations are drawn together in common cause to achieve the universal aspirations of mankind—peace and security, freedom and the rule of law. Such is a world worthy of our struggle and worthy of our children's future."

This idea for a one world government, economic system and religion originated in ancient Babylon, and was re-birthed in the United Nations, which is literally comprised of occultists and luciferian New Age worshippers. Author Geri Ungurean wrote an excellent article on its origins, which I'm including here. Please take the time to read this information.

In 1996, the United Nations published a 420 page report titled Our Global Neighborhood, which outlined a plan for global governance. It called for an International Conference on Global Governance to be held in 1998, for the purposes of submitting to the world the necessary treaties to achieve this goal, all to be ratified by the year 2000.

The New World Order (NWO) was officially 'conceived' on December 31, 1999, in a blatant satanic ceremony which was played out for the world to see. Unfortunately, very few understood what they were watching. Notice this was New Year's Eve, at the beginning of the new millennia, a rare and extremely symbolic event in the spiritual world.

Please note: For those of you who find the following information 'offensive,' I suggest you grow up and realize what kind of people run the governments of this world. Sex and bloodshed are the ancient hallmarks of satanic sacrifice for the purposes of acquiring power. Now, take a deep breath and read how Pastor David Meyer described the scene in his September 2000 newsletter, The Last Trumpet:

"On New Year's Eve, 1999, a program was held in Washington D.C. at the site of the Washington Monument. The Washington Monument structure is what is known as an "obelisk." The obelisk is Egyptian in origin, and a simple check in reference books will verify that the obelisk is a representation of the erect reproductive organ of the "sun god." If we take the word apart etymologically, it becomes "O-Bel-Isk" or "shaft of Baal."

"In front of the satanic shaft, above the rectangular Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool, were the numerals 1999, which were suspended over the pool so the angle would reveal a reflected 666 with the preceding numeral 1 not being visible. It was the number of the 'Beast' in front of his reproductive shaft, and countless millions of uninformed people watched, while oblivious to the real meaning from the standpoint of illuministic witchcraft."

Ironically, this took place during, of all people, Bill Clinton's presidency! HAHA! But I digress. Pastor Meyer continues:

"At the stroke of midnight, as the year rolled over to 2000, a pulsating light accompanied by fireworks began at the base of the shaft and moved upward as the light intensified in its vertical movement, and burst forth at the top of the monument. The connotation was filthy, and I knew immediately what was happening. It was a climax or orgasm of light, climbing this evil and ancient representation of the so-called sun god's reproductive organ. What brazen idolatry! What blatant witchcraft! Then, the excited people moved in massive throngs to go down into the reflecting pool in the presence of the monument, just as the ancient Egyptians did, as they did their ritual bathing in waters made sacred by the obelisk."

This covert 'impregnating' occult ritual was carried out by other select obelisks throughout the world, each one starting its 'climax' minutes before midnight local time. Precisely nine months later, at the conclusion of a 13 day United Nations summit, the 'baby' New World Order was officially born. Allow me to explain.

The Illuminati/Globalist elite are really into numbers and symbols; they choose dates to implement their plans according to numerology. For instance, we all know the number '13' is a number associated with the occult, representing evil, i.e. Friday the 13th. This is the reason the United Nations summits were designed to last 13 days.

The following information comes from www.thecuttingedge.org. Back in 1991, a seminar was given by the New England Director of the House of Theosophy, Bill Lambert, who revealed the Globalist elite's plans regarding the appearance of the antichrist, the decision to name the Roman Catholic Pope as the False Prophet, and the fact that the 'Guiding Spirits' (demons) were revealing to NWO leaders that the rapture of Christians would occur soon after the appearance of the antichrist. I don't know where he got his information, but it looks like he was right on the money.

He outlined a planned sequence of events designed to finally create a tidal wave of esoteric support for the New World Order. The goal of these events was to create a global religion, economy and government in the long run, but also to 'solve' the religious problem represented by Jerusalem.

"And in that day, I will make Jerusalem a burdensome stone for all people: all that burden themselves with it shall be cut in pieces, though all the people of the earth be gathered together against it." -Zechariah 12:3 (KJV)

At this seminar in 1991, Lambert revealed that sometime before 2010, "the following scenario will unfold, depending only on the right set of circumstances," with the goal of creating an internationalized Jerusalem where Jewish, Muslim and Christian areas combine to form what he called The New Jerusalem Covenant Project. The scenario would consist of a huge religious/economic/political summit, to be held at the United Nations building in New York City.

Those events literally came to pass as planned! The 'Millennium World Peace Summit' (religious) convened from August 28-31, 2000. It was a gathering of spiritual leaders from all over the world, to investigate ways religious leaders could erase tensions in areas of conflict.

Next, the 'Millennium Assembly of the United Nations' (political) was held from September 6-8, 2000, and essentially named the United Nations as the supreme governing body of the world. Yeah, I don't remember hearing that little announcement either.

Finally, the 'State of the World Forum' (economic) met from September 4-10, 2000, and was co-chaired by Mikhail Gorbachev and Colin Powell. It gathered economic leaders from all over the world to discuss the economic and societal impact of globalization.

So, at the conclusion of these meetings, the official occult 'birth' of the New World Order occurred on September 10, 2000—exactly nine months after the pagan, pseudo-fertilization of the obelisk monuments across the world into the womb of the night sky, on December 31, 1999. Told you they were really into numbers!

Here's a little factoid that you should find interesting. According to Olde English Witchcraft, if a person wanted to join a witch's coven they had to renounce their religious beliefs, then wait one year and one day before they were welcomed into the coven. The birth of the NWO was 9/10/2000. Guess what happened exactly one year and a day later?

If you guessed 9/11/2001, you're correct! On September 10, 2000, America, along with the other countries who participated in the 13 day United Nations summit, renounced Christianity. One year and one day later we joined satan's coven, preparing for the rise of the antichrist and his kingdom.

This was celebrated by The Powers That Be/Globalist elite/Illuminati, by offering satan a blood sacrifice of 3000 innocent men, women and children, and counting. The first responders who inhaled the toxic dust that day, are still dying of various cancers and lung diseases. It was the gift to satan that keeps on giving.

Fast forward to 2015, as the plan to turn Jerusalem into an 'international city' is being implemented, right under our noses! Strange how the mainstream American media has failed to mention this. Messianic Jew, author, Bible and Hebraic scholar, Steven Ben-DeNoon, discusses what is currently happening in Israel on his YouTube channel. You can watch his report below, showing the checkpoints that are being built right now for the new, 'international city.'

As you probably already know, Pope Francis, whom I highly suspect is the False Prophet, will address the United Nations General Assembly on September 25, 2015. They are expected to vote on a resolution, forcing Israel to live within her pre-1967 borders in order to establish a Palestinian state. This will include dividing Jerusalem, which will then be designated the capital of both Israel and Palestine. The wicked Occupant of the White House has all but promised to betray Israel by voting in favor of this. God have mercy on the righteous remnant of the United States!

Now that you have some good background information, I'll explain in Part 2 of Why the Mark Brings Spiritual Death, how the New World Order, Pope Francis and the Ascended Masters will introduce the Mark of the Beast, and why the Bible emphatically warns that those who receive it will be thrown into the Lake of Fire forever.

Until then, make sure you have accepted the pardon for your sins Jesus died on the cross to provide for you. The Bride of Christ will be snatched off this wretched earth very soon, and you do NOT want to be left behind to endure the Tribulation!

© 2015 Donna Wasson - All Rights Reserved

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Michael - a few plus pertinent points relative to your argument and question >

 Farrakhan is the national leader of the "Nation of Islam"

 Farrakhan, & a large number of Muslim / Islamic leaders will be in Washington to greet Pope Francis

   on 23 September - which Pope has already accepted Islamics [of any ! radical postion] to join the

   Catholic Church onto the progression to a "New World Religion"

 Islam, by the Koran, demands the annihilation of all ! 'non-believers'.

  Obama is about to open immigration doors to ten of thousands and more of Islamic "refugees". Farrakhan will have more than enough Islamics to take up the 'sword' to kill 'infidels'.

  A significant percentage, and growing fast ! , of the federal government is staffed by members of the Muslim Brotherhood; with more encouragement to hiring & appointing more Muslim Brotherhood to the Federal Administration by Obama.

  Obama is a Muslim; Obama indirectly supports & directs finances to - radical Islam of the MidEast.

  NO ! Islamic calling for the death of Americans will be brought to jail by our Muslim President Obama.

Garie. I have researched and everything you say is correct. That's why many of us believe that the Pope is a false prophet who will help usher in the antichrist. If ANYONE thinks Christians are being persecuted in other parts of the world, just wait I believe it's coming here as well.
Our leaders allow those who call for the killing of whites and police officers to remain free but they'll lock up a Christian lady who dosent believe in gay marriage. Weather you agree with her or not I hope you get the point. The so called great Uniter has become the great divider. Our country is more divided, more violent, with more hatred than I can remember in my lifetime. Farrakhan and Black lives matter can spew their hate but don't sing or play ANY Cheistian music at a football game. You can't talk about God or hold a prayer metting at school but colleges have installed foot washing basins for Muslums. These hate groups are free to peach hate but you better not say anything negative about Muslums or your crucified. To say there's a double standard is hardly saying enough. There's an all out war by the minority against the majority. And the majority is either silent or cows down to these haters demands.

To>Michael Regan>

Michael you're correct in all of which you write. You, and others too, correctly identify a reversal of our  traditions of "right vs. wrong". We're experiencing a near polar reversal within our culture, social civility, traditional vocabulary [for the 'politically correct'], near total negativity toward our traditional symbols & signs & even monuments. It is, however, that this reversal was predicted for us - Bible Revelation; historical commentaries during many different historical & recent decades; by many "special interest" groups as they've gained political & social & economic power over the past three decades; by speeches & votes & alliances by our elected leaders. We're in a state, now, of no longer a 'Democratic Republic' with fairly elected leaders representing the conscience of their constituents. Lobbyists, special interest groups, super international corporations & financial regimes; international elites & wholly vested independent power groups > these now control our government. 

   Michael - your writing of the signs of the times. I feel we have to collect together out of the daylight to organize & gain some effective strength. Pick the specific battles; we won't win the 'war', at this time at all. Veterans have gone 'undercover' for the most part [re decals, signs, uniforms, badges, pins, etc.]. Military when 'off-duty' are doing the same. So are many of the 'off-duty' police at all levels. There is a lot of organization, preparation, communication going on; and planning for logistics; mutual support; building integrated core strengths; controlled group organized protests & petitions & legal filings; and building financial means & subtle economic support.  Liberalism & "New World Order" anarchy is a mental disease; and, it's chronic & progressive & ultimately self-destructive. Yes, we'll "suffer". Much less so if we stringently prepare. Michael - integrate into 'safe' groups; make every effort to prepare toward securities; build alliances & mutual supports. And, Michael, pray - individually, by family, by small groups. These are 'End Times' for which we have received a huge amount of biblical and relgious prophecy. Pick your small protests & self-assertions; group together for small battles. We won't win any 'war' at this time.

Garie.. Thank you for your kind words. Many of us here have our eyes and ears open to the Truth. And I agree with everything you just posted. I also believe we are in the end times. I have to remind myself that so did the early Church. I guess the Bride is always anxious to recieve the Bridegroom!!! We might not live long enough to see the Lords return but I believe our children will. I believe that the Lord has allowed all of us to be born in this end time for a reason. We have been chosen to be His elect to to do battle and stand against the culmination of evil as Satan takes his earthly throne and commands the world to worship him. Along with doing battle against these evil forces in heavenly places we have to battle against corrupt sinful men who seek to take our our God given rights and freedoms away. I believe that God will grant us His wisdom and send an Angelic Army to aide us in our battle. The only humans on earth who are equipped to do battle against the demons in league with Satan is the church with the aide of Gods Angelic Hosts. You are correct in doing battle against this evil we need to organize. We need to use the weapons that God has given the Church for in His name we have authority over all demons and fallen angels. So let us join together and come against the evil men seeking to destroy America and put on the full armour of God and fight against the demonic forces that influence them. He has not brought us forth in this time to be spectators.
I'll leave you with the words of John Wesley: "Give me 12 men who love the Lord with all their heart, soul, strength and mind and have a holy hatred for sin, and I will turn the world upside down!".

 Pray you are not around to receive the Mark Of Beast, The # 666 , there is no redemption for you.

                                                 Rev 13: 11----18,  Rev 20: 10-----15

Forum replies are focused upon our Christian faith, foundations, scripture. All are needed in prayer always, hourly, daily. Paul called upon us to be "..[.wise in the ways of the world...for these days are evil ]". Surely, we're contending with this from a few decades past into the next decade & more. America was founded upon dual & parallel forces. One - yes, upon our Judeo-Christian heritage with Mosaic Law forming the base of our established civil order. Secondly, partially hidden, not openly public connected network of 'secret" societies & organizations - e.g., Masons, Rosicrucians, international financial ['Illuminated Ones' -Illuminati] cabals between Bank of London / Rome / Washington; deep philosophical influences of the 'Humanist' movement. All  exerted powerful influences. It was just prior to WW-II that Morgan and a cabal of financiers attempted a coup in the US to invite a fascist - Nazi  presence into our government. All were discovered & prosecuted - except ! Morgan! Prior to that  attempt,  our Constitution was altered in 1874 in the 'Constitution 'for' [instead 'of'] America - making United States a corporate! union of states. These are the roots of the evil erupting now all over America. Call this impetus & momentum any name you want - New World Order; Illuminati; Corporate Control; etc. All these are a century & more old [ref. images on our currency]. And, these promulgated the prior "Marks of the Beast" [International Finance Control Bank in Brussels is called the "Beast"]. You can see the progressive 'mark' in our culture - "Politically Correct Speech"; 'Separation of Church and State"; "Freedom From ! Religion"; "No Discrimination !" [of anything!]; "Power to the People [of federal government design, fiat, edict, power]; "War on Drugs" [except when black marketed drugs finance federal power & control]; etc, etc......  

    We've been bearing disguised, manipulated, symbolic "Marks of the Beast" for many ! decades. Name one federal department that cannot demand a social security number ! Name one instance where the IRS - [NOT! a federal department & never fully ratified] does not demand a social security number; name one instance when first registering for any license you can avoid listing your birth date nor presenting a gov. certified birth certificate !  On & On... you can name more I'm sure.

   Our original! Constitution gave us citizens the power to alter our government when it exceeded its allowed boundaries of governing. That power is fully usurped ! Our elected government 'leaders' - from village to town to county to state to federal - do not represent fully their constituents choices, referenda, nor demands. All are protected by legally twisted & contorted rules of "Law". Our judicial branches more & more make laws from the bench. The three existing forms of our government are now emasculated into a force of special interests & controls - national & international [UN exerts powerful controls upon America already!] .

    These are the operating 'marks of the beast'. Any technological 'Mark' will only be culmination of what's already operating upon us American citizens. Most 'patriotic American citizens' are already marked, identified, profiled, digitized. The data is there to be plucked at any time.- Including forum writers, responders, members of this newsletter & forum.

  Isaiah [36:1 - 37:8] writes of Sennacherib exhorting Judeans of King Hezekiah not to accept Hezekiah's prayers to God; Only! Sennacherib can protect them, deliver them, give them freedom. Hezekiah prayed to God; God answered Hezekia; God sent His angel out to the Assyrians - and put to death 185,000 men of Sennacherib.

  Yes, God is in control. And, yet, when Jesus sent out His disciples, [Luke 22:36] He directed them that if they have no sword, even sell your cloak to get one... Maybe that's one of the supporting arguments for us Christians for the 2nd Amendment of our Constitution.

  We seem to evidence the prophesied progress of End Times. The 'Mark of the Beast' is here. Prejudice & discrimination & judicial prosecution of Christians has begun more openly in America. Sermons are scrutinized in Canada & in America for 'Hate' content. No Christian symbol, idea, words, literature are allowed in educational sites. Well financed special interest social & political & 'culture' groups openly attack any semblance of Christian ethics, morals, or faith. Christian holidays are removed, shadowed, or neutralized. Social media sites are scrutinized by some corporations, employers for evidence of 'hate' writings, Christian discriminatory expressions, proselytizing Christian faith [including this site]. If they're found - most likely you won't be hired; if employed - you'll be "counseled".

    It does not yet seem the opportune time for defining decisions to 'exert' an influence upon our government, relative to our Constitution of America. Maybe soon... but... we must prepare.

God bless you, readers of this forum, and all supporters of our Christian faith expressions.



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