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By now many, if not all are aware of some of the "facts" surrounding the Trayvon Martin tragedy.  While I was on a radio show tonight, a listener posted this link:

Many of the distortions that were originally put out concerning this case are now being proven to be just that...distortions.  And it has been quite evident for a long number of years, that this has been the case and will continue to be the case as long as there are different colors and races of people.  There will ALWAYS be those there to raise discontent for any number of bad reasons.  

So what makes this tragedy different?  

The level of obfuscation, outright fabrications and lies, and the degree of inflammatory rhetoric...for starters.

That is also exactly why it's NOT any different, any longer.  

We very simply will NOT survive as a nation when the level of hatred by racist "leaders" such as Sharpton and Jackson is allowed to be dispersed amongst the people, and the truth is not only ignored, but serially maligned.  

And in a concurrent incident, four black men rob, rape, torture, mutilate and brutally murder a young white couple and it goes UNMENTIONED in the MSM.  Virtual blackout of information. Go figure...

We MUST NOT allow the race-baiters, the race-mongers among us to control the dialogue.  There is simply too much at stake, and they need to be called out with the same amount of energy, with the same inflamed spirit of truth that we have against EVERY evil injustice, just as we have for the evil that resides in our White House and Congress.  Because at the end of the day, they are ONE AND THE SAME. 

The comments from "Soebarahk" or "Soetoro" or "Obama" or whoever the hell he really is, do nothing more than inflame things intended.  This is DISTRACTION at it's finest, most sublime level.

Which is EXACTLY why I'm more worried than ever, that some idiot is going to start popping caps after they've reached the point of no-return, the "tipping-point", and decide it's time to start a shooting-war against our own government.  Because, realistically, that's all it's going to take for the dominoes to begin to fall...and when that happens, you can bet your life that it was part of the plan from the start...January 6, 2009.

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Well written James !   I think you referred in your post to an evil murder of a young white couple in Knoxville, TN.  a couple of years ago.  It was so disturbing the level of evil that was inflicted on those young Americans that it was shocking that the mainstream media NEVER covered it !  I live in TN and the only National media show that covered the gruesome crime was Michael Savage on his radio show.  If that doesn't reveal the RACISM of the liberal media in our Country nothing else will ....ever.  Now, we have the Black Panther Party putting out a bounty on Zimmerman before all the facts of the case are even known.  This is the time, we need a real President who can tone down the rage rather than increase it with his comments. Obama is so Anti American and so divisive he does all he can to divide Americans rather than unite us. He should have been defending the rule of law and stating that everyone remain calm and let the facts come out and let the justice system work. He is a disgrace .

Thank you Micheal, and to say he is a disgrace is a gross understatement!

I've been watching and listen for a report on the recent incident in Oklahoma where a black kid broke into an elderly couples home, raped and beat the 85 year old woman to death and beat the 90 year old man unconscious. Not a word from the MSM.  As long as this sort of bias is allowed to continue, as a nation, we will continue to sink into the abyss.  I can't help but wonder, sometimes, if the likes of Jesse The Extortionist Jackson and Al The Fraudster Sharpton aren't trying to start a race war.  What I also don't understand is why blacks don't look to black men of honor and character such as Allen West, Alan Keyes, JC Watts, and Herman Cain as role models.

I know the lame stream media are loathe to allow a conservative black to express their point of view but I just find it hard to believe that there are very many blacks who look to those I mentioned as role models.  This evening I caught a bit of Hannity and he showed black teenagers using this Trayvon Martin case as an excuse to loot a Walgreen's store.  I sure hope you are right.

If you've seen this more than once, it was too important to not pass along. Check out this clip showng BO telling the leaving Russian prime minister to let Putin know that after he takes thenext election he'll have more breathing room.

Also a MichaelSavage.commore is told and can be listened to this behind the curtain discussion went. Same people running this country in the dirt are planning on taking this next electio, again... Time to take the gloves off. 

James, so very right on.  This Islamofacist is dead-set on completely obliterating our sovereignty, our freedoms and our liberties.  And an ENTIRE Congress is right there with him without the balls or the spine to do what we are screaming at them to do---uphold our damn laws!!!!!!! 

I've gotta go puke---


is my guess the system is planning a Martial Law anyway they can get it

I think you've got it!  Look at the pattern---HB 347--NDAA---National Defense Resource Preparedness E.O., E.O. 13575...need more?

This young men has lost the way and perhaps never seen the light of day as to what HONOR and RESPECT means it is tragic when a life is lost, but we are all ACCOUNTABLE for are words, thoughts, and actions this young man chose his actions and was held ACCOUNTABLE. If you want to blame anyone you need to blame the system because make no mistakes about it the system has failed these young people in learning HONOR, ACCOUNTABILITY, and RESPECT. these are taught starting in the house hold and it is sad that a life was taken but in the same circumstances I would not hesitate to protect my life, my family's, my neighbors lives.

We have as a society failed these young people with the liberal agenda and polly come feel goods with the Old' saying he had a bad upbringing or he is dysfunctional or slow he just needs theropy or a pill.

"BULL" I say ACCOUNTABILITY is what we need. We must look for the TRUTH in all things.


I agree, Shane, but let's face brutal facts: The Democrat Party has been responsible for the decline of the black family/person since before Reconstruction.  This young man may have been accountable, but what about his parents, as they are now surrounded by Sharpton & Jackson, and the racial warlords are reaping the harvest, the victims are deified, and we all suffer as a result.  This young man acted in a way that got him killed, and that will never be admitted or corrected by a social construct so deceptive and alluring that it is ripping apart the very fabric of society, and that is because WE LET IT.  

Taking the wind from Democrat Sails - Two points:
1) 'Never let a crisis go to waste' can be turned on BHO & crew.
2) When the courts prove that they can be trusted NOT to administer the law as legislated demagoguery and cronyism will rule rather than constitutionally guaranteed republican-rule-of-law
Use 1) to fix 2). Apply 2) to the POTUS candidates Constitutionally required 'natural-born-citizen' requirement. BHO's signature on legislation & legislation-by-EO becomes void ab inito.

In any state the has an uncorrupted base of English common law (Magna Carta +) Treyvon’s mother could directly present her complaint to the citizen grand jury and the grand jury could ORDER the prosecutor to prepare an INDICTMENT on the killer.
Virginia has the law right in statute § 19.2-191. “Functions of a grand jury.
The functions of a grand jury are twofold:
(1) To consider bills of indictment prepared by the attorney for the Commonwealth and to determine whether as to each such bill there is sufficient probable cause to return such indictment “a true bill.”
(2) To investigate and report on any condition that involves or tends to promote criminal activity, either in the community or by any governmental authority, agency or official thereof. These functions may be exercised by either a special grand jury or a regular grand jury as hereinafter provided.:
But the judges of Virginia regularly resist VA19.2-191(2) under the [false] color of the laws authority – which is defined as VA18.2-481(5) felony statutory treason that they can only perpetrate in their personal capacity. EVERY LAWYER WITNESSING that and the daily violations of the VFOIA is conclusively evidenced as perpetrating felony VA18.2-482 “Misprision of Treason”.
Please ask Gov. McDonnell to correct Virginia's ‘Treyvon Martin Problem’ by demanding that he do his constitutional duty to ‘take care that the laws are enforced’ using all necessary force. Ask that Gov. McDonnell demand the surrender of EVERY officer of the SCOVA (every lawyer, judge & justice) offering them full pardon upon the virtue of proper parole oath. Virginia could easily fix this ‘Treyvon Problem’ in less that a week and at almost no cost.

'The "Treyvon Martin Problem" & Virginia's immediate cost-effective permanent fix' at

From the "Journal of Constitutional Reset from Virginia" at



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