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According to a new NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll released Tuesday, President Obama has seen his approval ratings on foreign policy drop 5 percent since last month, as anti-American violence and protests at U.S. embassies have spread across the globe over last week. The Administration’s insistance in assessing that these events are primarily the result of outrage in the Arab World towards an anti-Islam video made by American filmmakers, has resulted in further criticism.

On Wednesday, the U.S. temporarily shut down the Indonesian consulate in Medan after Muslim protesters reached nearly 300 outside the building for a third straight day of demonstrations. Protesters in Jakarta burned an American flag and pictures of Obama on Monday, where they eventually clashed with police sending at least 10 police officers to the hospital after they were pelted with rocks and attacked with bamboo sticks.

In addition to continued protests now spreading across the globe, reports from the ground in Benghazi have emerged that contradict the sequence of events that the White House has given for what happened before the death of U.S. Ambassador to Libya J. Christopher Stevens.

With many questions still left unanswered about what we are seeing in these protests, Green Beret and Master Sergeant Terry Schappert, and former CIA Officer Mike Baker appeared on “Wilkow!” Wednesday to discuss.

Watch good video of their conversation here.

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You can bet the white house and staff were jumping for joy when this started to happen....For they support the brotherhood to the fullist everyway they can....

Obama does not want to tarnish his rotten reputation.

Exposure of this farce is imperative!...Removal of Obama may need to happen before NOV! They want rocks and sticks?

Terrorists understand only one thing - POWER!  Arm the Marine guards in every consulate and embassy with the proper equipment to protect our people and property against mob violence.  When terrorists, of whatever persuasion, decide to vent their fury on our people and property and the host country can't control the radicals they are responsible for it's time to shift the responsibility from the politicians to the fighters and allow the  American Marines to take control and neutralize the threat by plastering the perpetrators to the wall like bugs on a windshield.   If that doesn't stop the violence, call in Marine close air support.  They'll insulate the embassy or consulate and turn its locale into a peaceful oasis surrounded by a thousand yards or so of a barren desert all the way around.  Quiet will once again prevail in the area.  If that doesn't get the message across we can escalate from there.  It's about time America quit negotiating with empowered bums and took whatever action is necessary to  protect OUR people and OUR interests.  PERIOD!

If the Marines had been armed then the muslims would have producted AK`s and granade launcher that were in the mob but held back because they were told our Marines were not armed.. Gee sounds just like the Iran take over... under Carter who is a coward....

After four or five days of "a protest made that happen", Obama's Administration is caught and can't wiggle out...the purposeful distortion, lying, jeopardizing national security by failing to report honestly to America is more grounds for treason charges and at best rejection on November 6, 2012........the crippling of America must stop.

if they would leave the embassy alone i would keep them supplied with obama pictures

When these cia puppets start down talking Militias, I turn it off.  If they are not smart enough to know that Militias, are unique to the USA, then they are to stupid to teach me anything and they are to stupid to breathe if God had not made it an automatic function.

Join the US Military serve the UN, join your state Militia and serve your family, your community and your state.   Join the CIA and serve the muslim usurper in the oval office!



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