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JB Williams - (12/29/11)

Paulestinians (aka - rabid Ron Paul fanatics) have a full-court-press on for the upcoming Iowa Caucus, as if winning Iowa makes one a lock to win the eventual GOP primary. Iowa has a distinguished history of getting it wrong most of the time.

In 2008, Iowa chose Mike Huckabee for their GOP nominee and gave John McCain a 13% fourth place finish, which was still above Ron Paul who won only 10% in Iowa last time. John McCain went on to become the GOP nominee.

In 2004, Iowa got it right with George W. Bush. But Bush ran unopposed in 2004…

In 2000, Iowa gave George W. Bush a nod with 41%, meaning that 59% of Iowa Caucus goers got it wrong. Bush became the GOP nominee.

In 1996, Iowa chose Bob Dole, who became the GOP nominee before getting slaughtered in the general election by Impeached President Bill Clinton. Iowa picked another loser.

In 1992, Iowa got it right again with George H. W. Bush, but he was also running unopposed.

In 1988, Iowa chose Bob Dole, who was defeated by George H. W. Bush, whom they only gave 19% of their confidence. Of course, Bush won the nomination and became President of the United States.

The point is—Iowa has a long history of getting it wrong in Republican primaries. If I were a GOP candidate, I’d be trying not to win Iowa, as winning Iowa appears to be a jinx to any GOP candidate seeking the GOP nomination or the White House.

Winning Iowa is like your momma telling you what a great singer you are, even though you can’t carry a tune in a bucket.

So, why all the hoopla over Iowa and Ron Paul?—He’s “Mr. Constitution” they say! (with great pride and vigor…) Why are they only going half-way here? Why President Ron Paul when they could have President Alex Jones? Maybe Alex will be his VP pick, and their Inaugural Hajj will be held at Area 51, complete with an alter call by Glenn Beck…

Yeah? Where does Mr. Constitution stand on Obama’s Article II ineligibility? Mr. Constitution would fight for all of the constitution, not just the cherry-picked sections his anti-war base appreciates. Besides, the average age of a Paul supporter is about 20 – which means they haven’t a clue about the constitution or the world they live in.

Once again, why Ron Paul? What does his thirty-year career politicians resume’ hold to give his followers such confidence in Mr. Constitution, who remains totally MIA (Missing In Action) on Article II, which disqualifies Obama for office and every member of congress, including Ron Paul, knows it!

Mr. Constitution would know that the primary function of the Federal Government is to protect and defend the United States against ALL enemies, foreign and domestic. - To do that in a 21st Century world, you had better have one hell of a standing Military, which Mr. Constitution also opposes.

All of the Tea Party candidates are already out of the race, systematically eliminated by Team Obama. They successfully killed off four GOP messiahs in a row, Palin, Bachmann, Perry and Cane. That was easy!

RNC darlings Romney and Gingrich have also received the Obama hatchet job, clearing the field for whom?—Ron Paul and Rick Santorum…. Rick who? And Ron Paul… Gee whiz… how’d that happen so fast?

Obama likes running unopposed. He has won every political race by eliminating his opponents, one by one, leaving him unopposed in the general election. That’s what we are watching right now.

In 2008, the Clinton’s had so many skeletons rattling around in their closets that Obama was able to derail the greatest political war room ever known to modern politics by simply cutting a backroom power-sharing deal, making Hillary Secretary of State and opening the door for Bill on the international scene.

Hillary Clinton was a lock for the DNC nomination headed into the 2008 primaries. Then the nobody from nowhere with a blank resume’ and not so much as a birth certificate, stole the show. By the DNC convention, Hillary was just a memory and despite threats to defect by Clinton supporters, they rallied behind Obama in the general election anyway.

In the end analysis, the left always marches forward in lockstep, despite their many internal disputes. But the political right is more divided and scattered than ever in U.S. history, and they are no match for the unified international left that has already eliminated any real opposition for Obama in 2012.

Ron Paul will not rule out a third-party run, if he happens to lose the GOP nomination. Paul promises to play spoiler even if he has to do it from outside the GOP.

The Ron Paul campaign is built on a foundation of social liberals, chronic anti-war misfits, modern day peaceniks seeking legalized drugs, atheists, and Democrats and Independents with liberaltarian leanings. Nowhere in there is “conservatives…” who oppose Paul as much as they oppose Obama.

If Ron Paul really was a constitutionalist, he would attract the conservative vote, because it is conservatives who have spent a lifetime trying to protect and preserve our nation’s founding principles and values, hence the term “conservative,” to conserve.

But conservatives are not easily fooled by constitutional rhetoric, whether coming from the lips of Teddy Kennedy or Ron Paul. Even Obama claims to be a constitutional scholar and no one has been as successful at undermining the constitution as Barack Obama.

Ron Paul is at odds with conservatives on numerous key issues.

• Paul supports same-sex marriage
• Paul opposes the death penalty for violent criminals
• Paul opposes mandatory sentencing for three-time losers
• Paul supports legalizing illicit drugs
• Paul opposes firm enforcement of immigration laws
• Paul opposes free trade
• Paul opposes a strong U.S. Military and National Defense
• Paul opposes foreign diplomacy and prefers isolationism
• Paul opposes stricter limits on criminal campaign finance
• Paul opposes the Patriot Act, but also insists on letting terrorist live amongst us
• Paul supported the arbitrary withdrawal from Iraq that resulted in deadly terror attacks hours later
• Overall, Paul falls in the Middle ground, where libertarians, moderates and populists are found, not conservatives

As a result, he cannot muster the conservative vote in November 2012, without which, he cannot defeat Barack Obama.

Most of Paul’s “social conservative” congressional votes are actually Tenth Amendment votes, which sidestep the actual issue at hand and redirect the discussion to states right. He is a career politician, supported by folks who claim to oppose career politicians.

While conservatives are strong on Tenth Amendment states right, they are also strong on founding principles and values grounded in the moral laws of nature, at the foundation of our Constitutional Representative Republic.
In short, Paul is actually a liberal leaning populist candidate, rather than a Jeffersonian libertarian. He has very little in common with American conservatives and that presents a serious problem for him in any national election, especially at a time in history when conservative voters are looking to reverse course in America.

Paul has been MIA on far too many constitutional issues to call himself a constitutionalist with a straight face. Beyond lower taxes and less government, he has literally nothing in common with conservatives and even his smaller government leanings can’t work in a socially and morally bankrupt society.

Then we have the issue of white supremacists and anti-Semites in his past, which won’t come up from other Republican candidates in the primary, but will come up from Team Obama in the general election. Remember, Obama must run unopposed… and the U.S. press will tear Paul from limb to limb long before next November.

If Obama’s name is allowed to appear on the 2012 ballot, he will be re-elected.

None of the 2012 GOP candidates deserve the support of truly engaged and patriotic Americans. Of course, neither does Obama.

Voters who grasp the reality that the nation is on the brink of total collapse and the world is on the verge of WWIII, are looking for who can defeat Obama and who might have the backbone to protect the nation from eminent danger on several fronts.

I’m not sure such a candidate exists in the 2012 election, but I am certain that Ron Paul isn’t it. Facts don’t have any friends, but so far, Paul fans don’t seem too impressed by facts. Paul is unqualified for the job he seeks on this single issue alone! His anti-Semitism and poor-pitiful misunderstood jihadists, blame America first and often rhetoric should be enough to end his campaign… but do the facts matter anymore? People who can’t vote for a lesser evil are in real trouble this time, as every candidate in the race is a lesser evil. We will see what the people’s real priorities are…

Our nation hangs in the balance…

JB Williams

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"Because I am going to keep telling the truth to as many people as I can and you can't do nothing about it ! ! !  You havent seen or heard nothing yet!"  Let me just say that if John Richard Williams "wordsmithing" is an accurate reflection of his thinking we can simply step over him to address real competition.

Another great article JB.  Obviously way above the paulistas ability to comprehend.  Like the response to Twana, some of them don't have enough sense to keep their mouth shut when they are in a pile of crap over their head.


Semper Fi

My daughter is part of a patriot group in Pittsburgh, PA.  They had a meeting last night and conducted a sample caucus of republican presidential candidates..........the results were Michelle Bachmann won with Santorum next and then Newt, Romney with a few votes and Ron Paul with two or three.....below is an email I received (not from my daughter) from one of the attendees of the meeting:



From our meeting last night, the Ron Paul supporters wanted proof of Ahmadinejad's and Iran's intentions, so here it is . . . . the best place to watch this two-part Documentary "Rumors of War" is on GBTV.  Everyone can get GBTV for two weeks for free and I highly recommend it.  But if not, here it is on Youtube, broken down into many 10 min. parts but well worth viewing every part.
All of the people interviewed are EXPERTS on the middle east, and I will take their collective words for it over three Ron Paul supporters from Pittsburgh, PA, any day . . . sorry.  If after viewing this, the Ron Paul supporters still wish to keep their heads buried in the sand about Iran, well that's up to them.  Churchill tried to warn everyone about Hitler before it was too late too . . .

I do not know the name of the radio host, but it was on the GCN Radio Network, and he was going down the line of what it would mean to America if Ron Paul became president and cut the One Trillion he plans to cut.  This gentlement went item by item.  It was then that I changed by "reserved" vote intention.  Up unto that point I had only heard the mantra from many about his anti-military (?) beliefs.  I disagree with several of J.B.'s points about Ron Paul, being I am far over the 20 mark and appreciate many of the points he is making about the problems in our government today.  The military IS in too many countries and IS being used to bring about an AGENDA.  The military is to PROTECT the citizens of the USA, not protect poppy fields in Afghanistan or provide new contracts to large construction companies!!!  The Patriot Act WAS a dream come true for constitution destructionists!!!   Free Trade is not FREE to Americans, only to whatever country the trade agreement is made with.  Mr. Paul's points need to be adopted by a true "conservative" and NOT a "libertarian".  Who is that person? 

This is the question that I have asked already,and recieved no answer.And whoever

made the claim that Paul opposes a strong Defense is a flat-out liar.Unless,of course,

they mean defense of other countries.So,I ask again,instead of doing a hatchet-job on

a Man who likely can't win anyway,tell Me who,and why,I should support.

According to JB's opinion about obunghole being on the ballot,well,hell,I guess We

should all just give up and start a civil war NOW,because the "international left" has

already won.

I think We've lost each other here,Twana.The Federalist Papers

can't possibly say anything about RP wanting to defund the Military.


I understand what JB is trying to say,but this whole article merely

trashes Paul.He also says that if mr.failure is on the ballot

he will win regardless.Sounds rather defeatist to Me.I'm not sure what

I'd be looking for in the Federalist Papers with regards to this piece.(?)

He's right about the fact that We need a strong candidate who can beat

obummer,and actually reverse the disastrous course We're headed in.I

trust none of the GOP candidates so far in that respect.All may be already

lost,but I refuse to give up just yet.


BTW,that nasty letter from a disgruntled butthead is an example of a

narrow and closed mind,We don't have time for that crapola here,I think

You did right in getting rid of Him.Good Show!

Maybe JB would want to say something personally..........I think Dan is asking who is the candidate if not Paul??

That's pretty much it,Harry.JB says in this piece that none of

the candidates so far deserve the support of "engaged,Patriotic

Americans".Does that mean We should stay home?Disaster.

3rd party candidate?Likely disaster,also.

JB is an intelligent,articulate writer,I have posted links to a couple

of His pieces on My FB page,but this one is an anti-Paul message,

and that's it.I dunno about everyone else,but it leaves Me wondering

where He's going here.

It might be a good idea if He does a piece examining the pros and

cons of what We have left?The media has already destroyed Cain,

Bachmann has imploded,with what is left I'm leaning toward Gingrich,

but frankly He scares the hell out of Me.


PS We still have Santorum,but He is losing traction big-time.

I hope majority of Americans realize Paul may win Iowa, doesn't mean a thing if you realize that DemocRATS, independents, libertarians all get to vote in this primary for the candidate of their choice.  That's what helped give America John McCain as the GOP candidate last time in '08, DemocRATS cross voted in many open primaries or changed party affiliation during the primary season to select the candidate THEY THOUGHT the weakest opponent for BaROKE Owebumbler and that candidate was John McCain.  McCain would've lost by a bigger margin if he hadn't chosen Sarah Palin as his running mate to keep as many conservatives voting as he could.  Too many conservatives, disappointed by a candidate who was MORE than just a "maverick", HE IS and HAS BEEN a RINO in the GOP and many conservatives sat out the election.  Unfortunately for U.S., what we got was WORSE than anyone imagined in Owebumbler. He's a socialist dedicated to collapsing our capitalist system under HUGE DEBT.  He inherited a National Debt of $9.5 TRILLION, it's now over $15 TRILLION in 3 YEARS.  He's demanding another RAISE IN THE DEBT CEILING OF $1.2 TRILLION MORE, he keeps SPENDING, SPENDING, SPENDING--he's spent OVER $100 MILLION FOR AIR FORCE ONE in 3 YEARS.  He blew $852 BILLION stimulus for JOBS, SHOVEL READY PROJECTS on a SLUSH FUND FOR CAMPAIGN CONTRIBUTORS AND CRONIES like Solyndra, General Electric, Beacon Power, other green companies--many now on bankruptcy or already gone.  He continues to WASTE taxpayer dollars--then DEMANDS GOP cave into to his budgets, spending plans--NEVER OFFERS ANY CUTS, SPENDING CUTS, CLOSURE OF DUPLICATIVE PROGRAMS COSTING BILLIONS, NO WASTE/FRAUD CLEANUP!  He's running up costs and debt just as HIGH as possible before WE THE PEOPLE can kick him out.

The republicrats dont offer any real legitamite spending cuts, their so called spending cuts which all RINO candidates for POTUS support is the same phony bogus BS to fool the people that they are cutting spending when in fact all they are doing is reducing the rate of INCREASE in federal spending! Both parties are run by criminals intent on our slavery deaths and total destruction as swiftly as they can accomplish, anyway they can do it! Furthermore the house republicans had it in their power ALONE to stop obamacare and his entire marxist agenda dead in its tracks by just voting NO on raising the debt limit but these lying traitors betrayed their constituensts by siding with the regime against the American people!!!

He doesn't want to legalize drugs, that is up to the various states. He wants a Constitutionally legal Republic... IE one where central government is contained, but where the states are allowed to have THEIR people vote to legalize or criminalize drugs. (or Roe V wade, etc.)

I don't think he wants to weaken our defenses, but draw back from the "policeman" for the world we have become... that will save trillions, but doesn't necessarily "weaken" our defense.

Thank you. You exposed the truth about Ron Paul.  Unfortunately for us the other Republican candidates are not so great either. I have decided to vote against Obama and not campaign for any Presidential candidate either. I will vote for the Republican but will not do anything to promote him.



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