Will they Kill for power

The Democrats are accusing the Republicans and President Donald Trump of being willing to kill to stay in power.

That kind of statement is almost laughable, especially when coming from a Democrat.
Of course they were referring to this coronavirus pandemic. They are accusing President Donald Trump of being incompetent, stupid, and of deliberately not doing the job that was needed to stop this pandemic when he should have. But how ridiculous is this kind of comment when coming from the Democrats?
Lets look at the time line of all of this and also take into account a little bit of history of these people who throw these accusations around.

Timeline: Things are just a little TOO convenient in terms of the Trump Presidency. Since the very first day of the Trump administration, these same people have been running an all-out assault against him.

They began screaming for his impeachment literally from the minute he was inaugurated. First they tried to claim that Trump “colluded” with Russia to win the elections. Then they tried to claim that Trump was a Russian agent. Next they tried to blame him of a “Quid-Pro-Quo” and using his office to dig up political dirt against his political adversary Joe Biden. They even went so far as to impeach President Trump in the House of representatives, and to try to remove him from off in the US Senate.
When everything else failed to remove Trump from office, and the Democrats had nothing left to fight against Trump’s booming economy, 

They had to destroy Trump somehow, all of a sudden, guess what, A Pandemic of world-wide proportions.
Maybe some people are foolish enough to believe in coincidences, but I am not.

In politics there are NO coincidences. Everything is done with a purpose. And in this case the purpose is to defeat Donald Trump in the 2020 elections.

Are the Democrats and Communists willing to kill millions of people in order to achieve their goal?
At this point in time, and given their history over the past 120 years, that is a ridiculous question.

How many times do we have to try to tell people about the history of the Communists and what they will do in order to take over and “Transform” a nation? How many times do we have to warn people of what will happen once the Communists seize control? Back in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s Mao ZeDong and his Chinese Communist party murdered 40-70 million of their own people. Marxist/Communist Joseph Stalin Killed 30-50 Million Russians in the Bolshevik revolutions. There were so many people killed that no one really know how many died, or at least there was no one left who dared to try to tell the truth.

In the 1950’s and 60’s Fidel Castro and his gang of killers under the leadership of Che Guevara murdered thousands of Cubans. Once again there were so many people killed that no one really knows how many people died.

In the 1960’s right here in America the Communist advocates Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn and the groups they called the “Weather-Underground” estimated that in order to fully transform America into a Communist state they would have to kill 25 Million Americans. Those were the numbers they used in the 1960’s, today that number would translate to around 50 Million.
How many people have died in the wars in Venezuela and Guatemala? What about Argentina? Once again no one really knows because there is no one left who dares to tell the truth.

Now back to the Trump administration and this Coronavirus pandemic. These same Democrats and Communists are attempting to blame Trump and the Republicans of bringing this pandemic down on the World in order to stay in power. All while Donald Trump is saying Lets make America great again.

It seems far more likely to me that the real perpetrators are the Communists trying to “Fundamentally Transform America” into a Communist state.

As I said before, there are no Coincidences in politics. They will do ANYTHING in order to get rid of President Donald J. Trump. They will do ANYTHING to Transform America into a Communist state.

America - This is OUR_WAR.

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America - Pray for the best, but Prepare for the worst, it is yet to come.
Patriots for America posted warnings three years ago that these Democrats/Communists were prepared and ready to do ANYTHING to finish the job started by Barack Hussein Obama. The full and complete "Fundamental Transformation of America into a Marxist/ Communist State. Hillary Clinton was selected as the "Chosen-one" to finish the job. When Hillary lost the election the Democrats were completely and totally stunned, they simply couldn't believe it.
But almost immediately they decided that they were going to continue with that "Transformation - Hillary or no Hillary, Trump or Not, they were determined to complete that Transformation of America into a Marxist/Communist state. And THAT is what they are doing today, right now while you are reading this message.

James Carville and the Democrats accuse President Donald Trump of being willing to kill to stay in power, That is really laughable. Especially when we consider that these people are willing to murder half of the world's population in order to achieve their goal of total World domination and total absolute control.
And they are doing it in spite of President Donald Trump.

This nation-wide economic collapse and the shut down of all American economy and small businesses is deliberate. If you are hoping for some type of Re-Opening of America and a return to good economic times and prosperity, forget it. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi just said Trump will NOT re-open America. Well Nancy Pelosi has little or nothing to say about it but the Democrats will continue to fight Trump on every step of the way.
And using their strength in the various States they will make sure that never happens. The world we once knew as America is now gone. And they will make damned sure of that.

We are now entering a new world. A new world where it will be survival of the fittest, survival will depend on YOU, You alone can determine how you and your families will survive.
If you know how to plant a garden  - DO IT. If you don't know - learn. If you don't have room for a back yard garden buy some planting pots. You can grow 20 pounds of potatoes in just 4 of those things. If you don't know how to do that watch "Hollis and Nancy's Homestead" on Youtube.com. There are several others as well .

If you don't have a gun - get one. If you don't know anything about guns and firearms, Learn. Take a course get some training. NOW.
If you live in a State that does not allow you to own an AR-15, get the hell out while you still can.

The world is changing, and we better get ready for it.



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