I don't know about you but it is my firm belief that when the GOP puts another non-qualified candidate up even if it is for VP there is going to be a revolt in their voting bloc that they are not counting on.  I know many are saying Anybody But Obama, but I think we are in danger of losing the election even before it gets started because many will not accept another person that does not qualify under the Constitution.  This is my letter to Rubio addressing this issue.  I hope he considers going public with his lack of qualification under Article II, Section I, Clause V of the U.S. Constitution.


Semper Fi


April 20, 2012

FL Senator Marco Rubio

317 Hart Senate Office Building
Washington, D.C. 20510

Phone: 202-224-3041



Dear Senator Rubio,


Something has been bothering me for awhile and when I heard you flub the answer to the VP question I decided to write you.  No, I am not one of your constituents.  I am unfortunately cursed with the representation of Senators Boxer and Feinstein and Representative Waxman.  As with any elected official it is anticipated that they would represent all of us, however I have found very deaf ears.


Are you aware of the objective of the MSM as aligned with the DNC and possibly the GOP to use you to destroy this great country, I have heard you say, you love?  Or is it on purpose that you allow them to speculate on your candidacy for VP?  Jeb Bush, today, offered you up as Mitt Romney’s running mate.  Many of us love our country as you do but are without voice to stop the progressives from stealing one of the greatest gifts God gave us beyond his son Jesus Christ.  Also it seems the Tea Party phenomenon has not been as successful as we had hoped.


You may ask, how are you being used?  From the point of view of many, there is an ineligible office holder in the White House.  Constitutionally it can be confirmed, it takes two citizen parents when one is born to be a “natural born citizen” the main qualification.  It is my understanding that your parents were not American citizens when you were born.  All the obfuscation and ignoring this will not change the fact that either you or Obama is not qualified for the office of POTUS.  Your name is constantly brought up as the VP candidate for whoever is chosen for the GOP.  You seem, to many, to be extremely articulate and well educated which makes you really likable to the masses.  What I find disturbing is that you do not address the issue of eligibility head on.  The more your name is brought up or thrown into the ring the less anyone pays attention to what the Constitution says, just like 2008.  A simple statement from you of “I’m not qualified under Article II, Section I, Clause V to be President or Vice President” would change the discourse and put an end to the candidacy of Barak Obama as he has yet to present any evidence that isn’t forged of his citizenship.


You will be used to destroy this country if you succumb to the pressure or the attraction of the fame & fortune of the office of Vice President by accepting the nomination.  Twenty percent of the conservative voting bloc, in my estimation, will abstain from voting for another unqualified candidate.  Do you think a Romney/Rubio ticket can win without that 20% of the vote?  That 20% Sir will definitely insure the re-election of the current office holder, an unacceptable outcome for the 2012 election. 


You Sir will have been used because you and others like you refuse to address the eligibility issue against the best interests of America.  My hope for you and our country is that you stay in the Senate and become a force for change that takes that institution back to the stature it once had, one that truly honors the Constitution as written.  We need people like you to bring the freedoms we have lost in my lifetime back for future generations to enjoy.






Lloyd Carter

Westlake Village, CA

(818) 206-8232

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Short answer NO............A ringer Lloyd.........superb, professional, and dead on point.  I hope we can all use it exactly as you have written, attributed to  you and sent to Senator Rubio as well as our own Senators and Representative........they all should know what you have written and what America is thinking.......and how resolved we are in absolutely rejecting an ineligible ticket, no matter which party is involved.

Harry, I know many have said they would vote for anybody but Obama but if I was to do that with another unqualified candidate I would feel like I betrayed everything I believe and would find my integrity worthless.

Please use this letter to let everyone know the danger we are facing should the GOP place a candidate as unqualified as the current occupant of the White House on their ticket.  Thanks for your kind words.


Semper Fi

I'm with Harry... I DO NOT even like the guy! 

NO Rubio!

NO to Rubio, he is NOT qualified under Article II. I would hope that Rubio recognizes he is NOT qualified and will not except; however, I will not and it will be time to do the dirty work that will be necessary to clean government out.

Marco Rubio Not Eligible To Be Vice President

Although the name of Florida Sen. Marco Rubio is mentioned more than any other as a potential GOP vice presidential candidate, a document found in the National Archives raises questions about whether the popular U.S. senator is actually qualified constitutionally to serve as president or vice president. The Petition for Naturalization on behalf of Mario Rubio, the senator’s Cuban father, has been retrieved from the National Archives and posted online by the PixelPatriotwebsite, confirming that Marco Rubio was about four years old when his parents became U.S. citizens. Specifically, Mario Rubio was naturalized as an American citizen in 1975, based on the Sept. 9, 1975, date on the petition; Marco Rubio was born in 1971.
So why would all this matter insofar as the senator’s eligibility to serve as vice president? The question is whether Rubio is a “natural born citizen” – constitutionally required of all presidents – a unique citizenship status defined by the Founding Fathers, according to many legal experts, as being the offspring of two citizens of the country
I will vote for whom ever the GOP picks to remove Obama, but Not for Rubio. He is not eligible.

Rubio is ineligible, so no I won't vote for him. Are the Republicans going to throw the election again?


We are all jumping to conclusions and are becoming more like the liberals than true conservatives. Let's keep these theories to a minimum and see who the candidates choose, not what some out of touch political talking head states. Rubio knows he is unable to be VP, he stated it numerous times. He is doing well as a Senator, so until a VP choice is made, let's keep these far flung "attacks on the constitution" under wraps, all it is doing is hurting us with moderates and independents (who we need more than a supposed 20% self proclaimed purists). I personally would rather see purists not vote, they tend to be the least educated on any topic and have no clue what or how to fix things other than complain and make noise. NO one will ever satisfy them so to be honest, let them go, they would walk out on Regan if he were running in 2012.

Keep track of the Senator's comments, he just 2 days ago stated he would not run.

The only way he gets credibility is if he states 'why' and denounces the coup that illegally installed Obama...and then gets with the program to arrest everyone involved.  That's the bottom line.

Sad but true!

Michael, when do you recommend we lock the gate?  After all the horses are out & gone?  Where is the documentation that Rubio knows he is ineligible?  You call us purists however should you remove your blinders you may find us Patriots with integrity.  I know nothing of you and refuse to call you names and casting aspersions as you are doing here.  It appears you do not want answers to the very questions that are most important to the future of this country.  By the time you pull your head out of the place without sunshine you may find a very different world than you expected.  I have lived long enough to see many things we use to call freedoms disappear.  (Where in this country can a young boy walk down the street with their .22 rifle on their shoulder just going hunting for groundhog or somesuch without being arrested?)  The way things are going there will be many more gone in the very near future, especially with people like you afraid to ask the questions that will expose those who will be your masters.

Semper Fi

Perfect answer/question.  We wait until it's too late...or we pre-empt the discussion and cut it off at the knees.  I want proof that Romney is legally Natural Born...where is that?

It's a lot easier and more expedient to vet up front and stop something than it is to unwind a tangled mess.  Look at the damage and mess we have on our plate right now.  Do we want to add 'sauce'?



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