Constitutional Emergency

With Snowden asylum, Russia hits reject on U.S. ‘reset’ policy

Russia granted temporary asylum Thursday to fugitive National Security Agency leaker Edward Snowden, prompting President Obama to threaten boycotting a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin and raising criticism in Congress that the administration’s “reset” with Moscow has failed.

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United States under the Obama Administration has given the title "paper tiger" a bad's more like a neutered pussy cat. Add John McCain and Lindsey Graham to the mix and you get a pair of howling misfits with diarrhea of the mouth, unable to accomplish anything short of agitation, confusion, ego trips, generally a trail of damage to the United States.

God grant us reprieve from the likes of Obama, McCain, Reid, Graham, Pelosi, Boehner, and hundreds more occupying leadership positions in the United States government

I wish I could add something intelligent and inspiring to this Col. But all I can say is how and when, I know the where and why.

Frankly, I bet Putin scares Obama into peeing his pants, unfortunately, it appears Putin is a Leader, not necessarily a good agenda, but at least he leads, and he is a Man.  What is Obama going to do,  hit him with his purse!!    We are illustrating how weak and pathetic we have become, with a complete Coward, and appeaser in the White House.  Obama wants to wreck this Nation, and frankly he is doing a good job.  The World sees it, but the U.S. is too "busy" to notice, after all, we have all these Rights now, so Abortion is a fad, pornography the norm, being Gay is easier than being a man, and we have a whole generation who now have their new Sex Toy, the I-phone, total addiction,......God is out,unmentionable, please just keep that to yourself, we are trying to get rid of it, as fast as we can.  Putin, on the other hand, is smart, and mean, and he is not about to miss an opportunity, and Obama hands them to him daily.

Harry Riley are there any military to warn us or take this gov down asap!!!!!!


When we get all lies from the WH and Feds, it would be appropriate to consider possibilities.  This sounds plausible to me, considering O's activities real or otherwise...

Thou on the other side, I respect Putin more than what we are "stuck" with.

Only seen him smile once.

KGB Colonel.

Black Belt in Martial Arts.

Heard he is good at Chess.

On YouTube, compares US vs Russian Copter, the latter has an edge.

I try to avoid seeing and hearing our PreZ, but not easy.

I'm not a Dem.

Do not underestimate your Enemy.

Putin is laughing at Obama.

Can I get a 1 year asylum in Russia? When Obamacare mandate hits, I'll be a fugitive: not enough $ to buy insurance, don't qualify for a subsidy, no $ to pay the penalty. Sign me up, Putin.

Others on here may disagree with me, but I think Snowdon is a hero, not a traitor. If it was not for his revealing what the NSA is doing, Americans would be totally clueless. At least now there is a debate out there about what the NSA is doing, and a lot more people are aware that their communications are being monitored or stored.
He did not reveal the names of any agents (good guys) that I know of, and I saw a video of someone from the NSA (I think) saying that Snowden was a whistle blower, and that the terrorists/ Al Qaeda already knew we were spying on them.

Mock American Town Set-Up For Domestic Urban Warfare Training

I'm sure Putin in peeing in his panties over this threat from the white house community organizer.

We are an international joke, deservedly so.

So far what Snowden shared has not caused a security issue in this once great country.



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