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WND Backlash: 'Anti-Muslim' speakers dare Lynch to prosecute. Attorney general's threat against First Amendment draws GOP challengers

Loretta Lynch

Loretta Lynch

If Attorney General Loretta Lynch plans to keep her promise made to a Muslim legal group to prosecute “anti-Muslim” speech – a promise delivered the night following the massacre of 14 Americans in San Bernardino by Syed Farook and his wife, Tashfeen Malik – she may want to begin with two Republican former office holders.

Both are delivering online rants against Islam and are daring Lynch to charge them.

As WND reported, Lynch, speaking at a dinner held by the Muslim Advocates, a national legal advocacy group, did not directly address the San Bernardino shootings at the event, but said there had been a “very disturbing rise in anti-Muslim rhetoric” across America since the Paris shootings three weeks before.

Assuring the pro-Muslim group that “we stand with you,” Lynch said she would use her Justice Department to protect Muslims from “violence” and discrimination and vowed to prosecute anyone guilty of what she described as violence-inspiring speech.

“The fear that you have just mentioned is in fact my greatest fear as a prosecutor, as someone who is sworn to the protection of all of the American people, which is that the rhetoric will be accompanied by acts of violence,” she said. “My message to not just the Muslim community but to the entire American community is: We cannot give in to the fear that these backlashes are really based on.”

She continued, “When we talk about the First Amendment we [must] make it clear that actions predicated on violent talk are not American. They are not who we are, they are not what we do, and they will be prosecuted.”

“House of War: Islam’s Jihad Against the World” conveys what the We...

That threat against the First Amendment is not sitting well with former Illinois Rep. Joe Walsh, a Republican who served in Congress from 2011 to 2013 and who now hosts a radio program.

In a video posted to his Facebook page, Walsh slammed both Islam and Lynch.

“I think Islam has a real freaking problem, alright? There is a cancer in Islam, and if they’re not going to learn to assimilate, I don’t want them in this country,” he said.

“You got a problem, Loretta Lynch, with me saying that? Then throw me in jail. I think Islam is evil. I think Islam has a huge problem. I think most Muslims around the world are not compatible with American values. I don’t want them here.”

View Walsh’s video here: Walsh continued his challenge to Lynch in comments posted to his Facebook page.

"Muslims are killing us in the streets. I am unafraid to tell the truth. C'mon Loretta Lynch, ARREST ME!

"The day after Muslim terrorists killed 14 Americans, Attorney General Loretta Lynch vowed to prosecute anyone who uses 'anti-Muslim rhetoric' that 'edges toward violence.'

"What the hell does that mean? I have a 1st Amendment right, Ms Lynch, to say whatever I want about Muslims.

You want to try and prosecute me for what I say? I dare you. Here goes:

"Most Muslims around the world are terrorists, support terrorism, and/or support Shariah law. They are our enemy. I don't want them in America. Any Muslim that won't assimilate should get the hell out of America. Any Muslim that is a terrorist or supports terrorism should be killed. If 'moderate' Muslims don't speak out against terrorism, they are our enemy and we should call them out and kick them out of this country. I hope there is a backlash against Muslims because Islam, as practiced by most Muslims, is not a religion of peace, and all of us who do live in peace should do whatever we can to defeat Islam.

"There Ms. Lynch. As an American, I have a right to say everything I just did. And I will continue to speak the truth about Islam in the hopes that others will wake up to this truth and do what we can to defeat this evil in our midst.

"Is that 'anti-Muslim rhetoric' that 'edges toward violence'? Go ahead and prosecute me. I dare you."

Former New York Gov. George Pataki, a 2016 Republican candidate for president, upped the ante with a tweet calling for the death of Islamic radicals.

"We must declare war on radical Islam. @LorettaLynch I'm not edging toward violent speech, I'm declaring we kill them. Go ahead, arrest me."



It remains to see if Walsh or Pataki have crossed Lynch's line in the sand.

Since Lynch gave assurances to the Muslim group, president Obama has acknowledged "acts of terror" were committed in San Bernardino and has scheduled an address to the nation to be broadcast from the Oval Office Sunday evening.


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I am tired of these affirmative action militants masquerading as educated authorities - Lynch, Holder, Obama, Moochelle..... need I go on. We need to put brains back on the top. And don't think that I'm saying that George W. of Bubba Clinton had more smarts.

  William that really sound racist, we aren't going to win hearts and minds if we show racism or have it. We need to educate people and try and reach them, many rightfully so won't listen if we have a racist heart. I hope you don't have one, but your comment sure seems somewhat racist.

Racist? How so?

raynix, no one who cares about America is concerned about winning hearts and minds.  that is a line of liberal/RINO BS intended to pacify us or embarass us into letting more muslimes into America.

Instead, we should be concerned with deporting all muslimes and destroying all mosques, unless of course you want yourself and your descendants to live under sharia as a slave.

If you disagree, why not move to the muslime sh!thole of your choice, for we don't need people who are more concerned about winning hearts and minds than they are about defending America.

I've seen this name "raynix" before on other sites with a conservative slant and it makes me wonder if this isn't a troll from what little I recall.

I never thought much about Pataki before today. Now he has earned some respect for anyone who says muslimes must be killed (or deported) is on target and deserves all the support we can give.

Elect the Right man ?   the Last one to step up when there was already 15 vying for the office ! the Bloviating Blowhard Billionaire playboy !  Is your pick ?


Trump is infinitely better than a traitor like Hillary or the many RINO's running.

All I hear from Trump is, "I,I, me, me". you'd think he wants to be king instead of Obama.

anyone is welcome in my home except if they are a Muslim they will be met with armed resistance. This is one Baha'i that will not meekly submit!

OK, mark us all. The cowardly musslime administration in the WH (lynch, ex-ag holder, sob, brenen, rice, kerry, hitlery and many others) are TRAITORS and deserve a TRAITOR'S fate. It is so obvious that the enemy in the WH is bringing muzzies over here to start the chaos in the streets and I am sure they will also arm them with AK'S, all the time trying to take the guns away from patriotic Americans. These nazi loving musslimes should not be allowed in America as they have their own country; they already destroyed. The American people had enough problems before they started flooding us with illegal's and muzzies. There will always be some musslime left to create radical musslime out of nothing. You have to make it against the law to have musslimes in America and a crime to mention anything of it's rhetorical queeran.   

"queeran"  lol !   Thats a good one !   Funny how Our Gov bends over for the "gays" and Wants to Bring the Very people to OUR country who would Literally Throw these people Off of Buildings !  Makes Sense huh ?  Then you have the people on the Left who want NO mention Of god in their world and "they" want to bring these  mostly All male orphans (15 - 40 yrs old) here who's main purpose is to Kill US Also !  Not so funny ! 

Our Nation was Founded by Believers in The One True God and his Son ! As Americans we Live here to worship God and to Obey him and to bring others to Saving faith in Christ !   We Do Not Live in vain with No hope for a future but a faith that we Will Live again As He Lives Forever ! ! ! No One will Leave this world alive !  In Christ we will be raised to everlasting life with Him, and as he Is so we shall be also ! ! !

As Patriots in "One Nation Under God" It IS Our Duty to Defend Our Nation !   I can NOT believe there are Many "citizens" here who don't understand that as a Citizen Of Our REPUBLIC we are the militia !  Why each patriot has their OWN firearm to Use when we Are Activated !  Why the Second Amendment Says " A Well Regulated Militia"  !  Fortunately the founders (believers) had the fore thought to include the idea that our nation in these later days we  may Actually have Traitors to Remove from Power !  Which also means that All of Us who serve and who have served swore an Oath before God to Uphold and Defend the Constitution ! ! !  

One Republic Nation Under God ! ! !   djg



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