Is General Petraeus Being Betrayed? – An Opinion


In the past couple of days, the media has been in a feeding frenzy over remarks made by General McChrystal’s aides and maybe a comment he, himself made to a definitely known left wing magazine reporter. The question a lot of “talking heads” is, WHY? There has been speculation of whether it was poor judgment, not only about the comments, but in granting the interview. Well, I’m not a “talking head” but I’ll add my two cents to the speculation and the possible outcome.

To begin with, just as everyone else has said, General McChrystal is far from being dumb. He did not achieve the rank of general on good looks. There may have been some politics, but from what I’ve read and heard, that was not the case. He achieved his rank on skill, knowledge, devotion to duty and most importantly devotion to his men. So, why did he allow an interview with Rolling Stone and become “friendly” with the “reporter”? My personal feelings is that he was looking for away to get out of a no-win situation and at the same time send a message to the American public and more importantly the President. Maybe, the general has realized that with the rules of engagement (ROE), which prevented him giving adequate support for his men, whether Marines or soldiers, involved in combat. Maybe it was the idea of giving a medal for NOT shooting. Maybe it was the idea that there is a time line for withdrawal. Again, I do not claim to know what was in the general’s mind, maybe some day General Mc McChrystal will let the world know just what he was thinking.

I can just guess or imagine that there are some out there that are saying, “Why didn’t he just resign?” Can anyone with the sense God gave them realize the effect on the troops, if Gen. McChrystal were to resign, particularly in the middle of the war and particularly with a major offense coming up.  As one who has spent time in the military and in a combat area, it would be devastating to morale. The men and women in the field would look at each other, and wonder, “What does he (McChrystal) know that we don’t?”  “Is this worth it, when even our commanding general is calling it quits?” Believe me, having been in a similar situation where you look at what is going on in the U.S. and being a professional, as our military are, you continue to do your job, but it begins to wear on you. Morale is as important as the beans and bullets needed to fight. So, maybe, just maybe Gen. McChrystal planned and executed it with the military precision that a general officer is trained to do in an unwinnable situation. Unwinnable because maybe he was just tired of seeing young men and women going to their deaths because of the current ROE coupled with the timeline for withdrawal, was a little too much for this general to continue fighting, particularly when you have a Clown in Chief (CIC) like Barrack Hussein Obama.

To give one an idea of how detached some of these talking heading are from the way the military operates, was Bill O’Reilly last evening. O’Reilly in a number of discussions kept saying that until Gen. Petraeus gets confirmed, it will be turmoil over in the combat zone. Well, Mr. O’Reilly, I hate to break this to someone who claims to be so smart. The functioning of a military unit does not depend on any one person. There is always a subordinate who is briefed, trained and can step into the leadership role. This does not only hold true at the top, but down to the 4 man fire team. If the leader is killed, or taken out for some other reason, the next senior man will take over the mission, complete it and afterwards will mourn the lost. Does this sound cold hearted to some of you reading this? Most likely, but though the lost is felt by all members of the unit, the discipline to get the job accomplished and victory attained will prevail. So, Mr. O’Reilly, turmoil will not happen, someone, and from I’ve read a British General has taken charge until General Petraeus reports for duty. Our fine military will continue to march without missing a step.

It is ironic, or maybe great minds do think alike, because as I’m writing this, Rush is discussing the past comments by the left about Gen. Petraeus. Isn’t it amazing how suddenly the left is now in love with Gen. Petraeus and his ability to take charge of the war? Even Bill Bennett, this morning, on his radio show, praised Gen. Petraeus, and stated how much he is liked by BOTH sides of the aisle. Does Mr. Bennett or anyone else remember the General Betrayus ad in the N.Y. Crimes? What about the comments made by then Senators Clinton and Obama. Frankly, I feel that Gen. Petraeus is being setup by Obama and the rest of his lap dog members of the press and congress. Common sense should tell the American people, that the CIC does not want to win in Afghanistan nor does he want to admit that he is causing America to “lose” another war. Instead of going into Afghanistan and unleashing total Hell to eliminate Al Queda and the Taliban that shelter them -- permanently and accepting all of the resultant collateral damage that the total hell would cause, then, come the hell home, leaving a failed state. Or we should plan to support the country for as long as it takes them to set up a fully functioning secular republic (i.e., maybe staying there for generations) as we did in Germany and Japan (1). However, I feel that Gen. Petraeus is entering into a situation where he may be being set up to fail. The left will continue to praise Gen. Petraeus until things start going wrong. When this begins to happen, watch the left and media start turning on him. Then come this time next year, when the pull out begins and we have a repeat of the fall of Saigon listen to what the left says about the General. Granted, Gen. Petraeus will do the best he can possibility do under the circumstances that the CIC has placed him in. However, unless Gen. Petraeus can change the ROE in order to allow our military to fight, get as many personnel and as much equipment he needs as soon as he asks, instead of waiting 4 month, and finally is able to fight the war as it should be fought, he will be set up to be blamed for any failure and of course, none of the blame will end up where it belongs, the white house. After all, Gen. Petraeus was the General assigned by President Bush to win in Iraq, which he did. Now, if things do not go well in Afghanistan, and we end up leaving next year without a clear cut victory, it will once again be Bush’s fault.


(1) A suggestion from a friend of mine

Semper Fi,
The Terrific Trio
(Jerseygal, Topshot and this Old Marine)

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I think this "old Marine" has likely hit the nail squarely on the head as to why GEN McChrystal would choose this route to effect his resignation. I know he's right about the morale problem. should he have simply resigned from the field, and I suspect with the current ROE which are similar to what happened in Vietnam, and with the same goal in mind now as then, that morale is shaky enough already. I also suspect there was a message to us in that action, and we need to take heed.
If you were an officer, you also know the UCMJ, which requires of officers in the US military to not only question, but to not obey any unlawful or unlawfully given order. which requires thinking of US officers. I don't know exactly what did happen with GEN McChrystal, but he didn't earn 4 stars by being stupid, foolish, or careless. Whatever his reason fort allowing that Rolling Stones reporter in, and I'm sure he had them, I think this Marine is right about him trying to tell us something. I also think the ROE he was forced to work with were so absurd that the burden of sending our troops out under them may have become more than he could bear at the moment. I think he cares about the troops and sending them into harm's way under such rules would wear on anyone's heart and conscience. I think there's a lot more to this than has come out yet.
I already did tell Obama that. I sent him a rather not-nice e-mail about a month or so ago about his treasonous behaviors.. I'm old enough to be his mother, easily, and just let him know how I feel about his actions. But you're right about McChrystal too. They don't know the UCMJ; I do. He was right to do so, and he chose a way that wouldn't totally destroy troop morale at the same time. Contact your state government and urge them to invoke Nullification. This is a legal and Constitutional move they can take to stop this madness. I think a lot of them just need to know their constituents are behind such a move, so tell them you are.
Do you think BO saw your e-mail? I don't.
Probably not; I'm sure he has dozens of "screeners", but it felt better to send it and let it be known.
I think he is being set up and I think he knows there is that possibality. The General knows politics, knows there are warrior Generals and paper pusher Generals. I think he also knows what the rank & file are thinking, there is talk of a military coup and this worries many. I wish him luck, he's going to need it.
Nobody WANTS a civil War. Have you ever heard of the Bonus Army ? Check it out in Wikipedia, this is what happens to vets who want the benefits they were promised.

Any number of things could set off a revolution at this point, might even be a Civil War & a race war at the same time. I'm not taking any bets either way.
Wise counsel, here, Phoenix. You're right, and that doesn't even include the other groups here just looking to get us, Americans, vulnerable, like that would, to fight from within our borders, against us. If at all possible, we want to avoid any military action.
If the General is taken over the coals like McChrystal, then we will have two leaders for the revolution....heh..heh..heh...!
Oooohhhh....Raaaaahhhh.....! Semper Fi...!
Semper fi, Marine. In the meanwhile, contact your state government and urge them to invoke Nullification. There's also something in the works you should like, coming soon; from a "white shoe" squid.
Bullseye ! Of course General McCrystal knew what he was doing. 55, Four Stars and no place to go but down from this point. Get some things off your chest, put President Stupid on the spot and come home the hero that you are where you will no longer have to put up with nitwits in the bureaucracy.
Sadly I think your right.



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