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Updated: August 23, 2013


Editor’s Note: This story originally ran in October of last year, earlier today the  dip-shit was found guilty of 13 counts of murder and 32 counts of attempted premeditated murder. Hasan is now eligible for the death penalty.

By Mr. Twisted

The other day in my office, one of my coworkers was talking smack to me and, as he was doing so, he just happened to be sitting on a stool with his legs spread. Having a brief, flashback-like moment to being an infantryman, my natural response was to take the power cable in my hand and throw it directly at his junk—hitting him square in the baby maker.

That, my friends, can be called “workplace violence” by the modern world. Were he a complete douche, he could probably sue me for said “violence” and take my house (as it was, he just chased me around the office and threw a chair at me).

It has, however, come to my attention that “workplace violence” can also be used as a term to describe brutal acts of jihadi terror that result in multiple deaths of American military personnel. There are some out there who deem mass murder conducted on behalf of religious beliefs fit under that politically correct terminology.

Perhaps these people are some whack-a-doo liberal attorneys for the ACLU? The Rainbow Coalition? Gloria Allred? Well, they may be in favor of that, but specifically here I am referring to…The White House.


In a letter obtained by Fox News, Senator Susan Collins (R-ME) stated that the White House was dealing with the case of MAJ Hasan—the piece o’ Shi’ite* responsible for murdering 13 soldiers at Ft. Hood in 2009—in the “context of a broader threat of workplace violence.” They are completely neglecting the entire aspect of radical Islam, apparently.

In other news, The President has decided to rename the Taliban as “Teletubbies” to make them seem less scary.

Sadly, though I’m joking about the Teletubbies bit, it really doesn’t seem too far off these days. The political correctness of our nation has gone much too far, indeed, if we are labeling shooting victims of a guy yelling “Allah Ackbar” as victims of “workplace violence.” This is an absolute disgrace to those who gave their lives that day—and to any who have dealt with the realities of terrorists and terrorism as a whole.

I remember years ago when a Ranger Instructor said “all of this political correctness is going to come back and bite the Army in the ass.” Well, here we are. Last week I wrote about the sad state of affairs our Rules of Engagement are in and now we have the CINC’s office white-washing jihad on our own soil. Where does it end? Will we start issuing our soldiers gloves to slap the bad guys with so they don’t get injured? Will we stop “assaulting” objectives and just…hug it out?

Listen, I understand politics. I truly do. Political candidates—and yes, even when they are in office they are a “candidate”—must always be aware of what they say, how they say it, and who they are saying it to. The words they use can and often do come back to haunt them at a later date. That is, in fact, exactly why politics has become so incredibly lame—politicians are far more worried about what they say than about what they do.

All of that being said, when it comes to something as serious as the Jihadist attack conducted by Nidal Hasan at Ft. Hood, there must be a point where political correctness takes a second seat to being completely honest and forthright. In this case, it would come from addressing the event as what it actually was—an Islamic terrorist in the United States Army murdered 13 soldiers on a military base. Changing that into something it is not only serves to cheapen the sacrifice of those who were gunned down that day.

A guy getting fired and throwing his chair at his boss is workplace violence. A woman tearing another woman’s hair out because she wore the same business suit on the same day is workplace violence. Body-slamming that tech guy for taking the last of the coffee is, while justifiably warranted, workplace violence. An Army Major who slipped through the cracks of politically correct OER’s, talked frequently of extremist ideologies, and walked around Ft. Hood shooting soldiers while yelling “Allah Ackbar” is not—nor should it ever be limited to being labeled as—workplace violence.

It was a terrorist attack—plain and simple. To refer to it as anything else is not only absurdly stupid, it is a dangerous precedence to set for dealing with terrorism as a country.

Take the time to watch “He Said Allahu Ackbar-The Attack on Fort Hood,” an excellent video on this very subject. Powerful stuff.

Oh, and don’t body slam the tech guy for taking the last of the coffee. Instead, replace his keyboard with one that has had the keys reprogrammed into different places and, when he can’t figure out why, tell him that he must “use the Force” to figure it out. He’ll love it.

This has been your public service announcement of the day.

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remember now, Ft. Hood is a "Gun Free" Zone except for SWAT and MP's, oh and so far it has cost US $908,000 to settle what one bullet could have done.


oh, and he wants to let him

Yes,  By  a  firing--squad  --  hand-picked  of  the  32  wounded,  32  rounds  would  do  for  Me..!!!!

No, firing squad is too easy.  He really needs something to cement his martyrdom.  Something like covering his naked ass with chocolate syrup and  staking it out in the mall for the ants to finish him off on tiny piece at a time. 

Again they, the Whitehouse, prove why they should not be there. And when Hillary runs the Clinton Sheeple will vote for her and we just might have another 8 years of LIBERALS controling these kind of things. They will not put him to death. He will get life at the most and that is sad.

The response by Barry Sotero, aka barak hussein obama, jr, the illegal alien in the White House pretending to be a president, is a "card-carrying" member of the muslim brotherhood.  He has stated that he enjoyed the sound of the muzzin calling for prayer meetings.  By calling the murdering of people a "workplace" violence, he accomplished a couple of things.  He saved the government money by not issuing Purple Hearts, there are no combat benefits to the family members, no benefits to the survivors, he "saved" the face of those addle-pated, numb-nuts, "peaceful" jihadists, and, he made the liberal retards, which includes McCain, Grassley, Boehner, and all the RINOs happy campers.  If this person is executed, he wins.  His goal is martyrdom.  His execution will make him great in the eyes of Allah (so he thinks), and he also thinks he will get his 72 virgins.  I don't think so.  After the Marines went into Iraq, then Afghanistan, they ran out o fthe virgins, too many muslim killed too fast to catch up.  The smart thing to do is make this "thing" spend the rest of his life, and may it be a long, in solitary confinement.  This takes away his martyrdom!  Semper Fi! Gunny

Sorry, put him in General Lockup, forget solitary, we want the General Population in Prison, to abuse this ass in any way they want. He will have a very miserable life in Prison and probably a short one after this SOB gets thoroughly emotionally and sexually abused, then he will die. No special treatment for him.....

Nadal Hasan should have been summarily executed the day of the incident by the Commanding General of Fort Hood!!!  The incident occured during time of war, and Hasan was wearing the uniform of his enemy, behind enemy lines!!  There is precedent for this action through out history and it is allowed under the Geneva Convention!!  During the Battle of the Bulge in WW II  German SS troops dressed in American snow camouflage uniforms, penetrated American lines!!!  When they were caught they were interrogated briefly, and then shot!!  The Muslim Hasan deserved no less!!  WORK PLACE VIOLENCE, MY ASS!!!!!!!!!!!!



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