WRAM Position on Operation American Spring (Well Regulated Armed Militia)

Thursday, March 27, 2014

WRAM Position on Operation American Spring

Operation American Spring, OAS, seems to be one of those ideas that people either love or hate; either believe in and support, or think is a bad idea, poorly conceived, and shouldn't be attempted at all.

Some in the ranks of the militia feel this kind of operation is the best, if not the only, way to force attention and action to correct the ills of our nation brought on by an agenda-driven administration, allowed by a self-serving congress, and ignored by a complicit judicial system. Others in our ranks feel just as strongly that OAS is nott only a bad idea, but may well do the militia and its movement more harm than good.

After several days of thought on this, and numerous requests for WRAM to take a position on the planned actions of OAS, I was left with a single overriding conclusion...Operation American Spring does not, and cannot by its planned actions, represent in any way the mission of WRAM to support local militia units in their mission to provide safety and security for their local communities under the authority of the constitution and local civilian authority.

Indeed, the militia units throughout America derive their power, authority, and mission objectives not from action on the national stage, but on the home front where their families, neighbors, and local elected officials may one day rely on these units to keep peace and order amidst chaos and defend them against dangerous, lawless aggressors.

While it is the right of every citizen to make known their objections and displeasure with the government or others in power, WRAM feels it is a militia member's primary duty to do so lawfully and from their own communities. The final individual decision lies, of course,  with each citizen and WRAM respects that right. However, given their proposed, planned actions, Operation American Spring is something WRAM cannot and will not support for the reasons given above.


Director, WRAM


I thought everyone should see this.  WRAM seems to be an organization that is a umbrella group for many state and local militias. 

Steve Newton

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Steve when will you stop trying to destroy this peaceful movement.You have not posted one single positive thing since you have came on here..In fact i will say that when someone does post something positive that you come back at them with something negative..What is your scam? WRAM claims that they are not a militia movement that they are only a website for Americans to get info on how to excersize their rights as Americans..Why is one persons opinion so valuable to you ? Who cares what WRAM thinks i would bet you that that is how D.C. thinks also ..Should we all stay home because D.C. wants us to..I do not want an armed militia anywhere near D.C. on the 16th..The militia movement is supposed to be within thier states so just why would you expect them to support something outside of their states..You are not a concerned citizen ..You are a troublemaker and that is all you ever have been...Do you really think that people have not figured you out by now? I would venture to say that at some point you were part of this movement but you were removed so now you are just an angry individual with an axe to grind..Why dont you take your cloudy outlook someplace else...You have critisized tha Colonel more than once..Just what are you doing to try and restore Americas constitution ?What is your plan ?Do you have any ideas other than negative prospect ?Do you have any valuable input? The word Militia has been brought up way way to many times ..This is not about the Militia..This is about PROUD PATRIOTS gathering in a PEACEFUL way to show their displeasure with the way our country is being picked apart by those who want an Oligarchy ..The Militia has nothing to do with this and they should have never been brought in to this..Back to you Steve..What is your plan? Please tell us what you have to offer..Who do you support?

Steve, if you are going to put out info from someones site, at least get their name right. Well Regulated American Militias

Steve, can you point me to a link for that post, I am a member on that site, and I can't seem to find it, in fact the last post by Firehawk relating to OAS that I can find is this.

RE: Operation American Spring (OAS)

While WRAM's primary focus is on the development, training, and coordination aspects of LOCAL militia operations, direct coordination with OAS is beyond the scope of our primary mission.

However it is certainly appropriate for us to provide the means for our members to coordinate and interact with regard to the OAS plans. To that end, we will initiate a Special Interest OAS Group as well as provide a direct link on our home page to the OAS website.

We will announce the formation of the OAS Group within few days and encourage members to post their comments, suggestions, and questions there. Hopefully the group will serve as a travel and communication coordination point as well. As always, WRAM policies and protocols, and terms of service will apply.

Doug Lamb
Director, WRAM

If something has changed, I can't find it.

Though I respect the views of WRAM and there position, I feel this is the only action short of going in guns ablazing. Not everyone may agree with what OAS is doing,but everyone agrees something has to be done. As a PROUD member of OAS, and PFA, I strongly support the Col. and what we are doing to support our grievances. This is only the first step of an uphill climb, The Bundy Ranch situation is a good example of what we may be facing. Peaceful citizens standing up for their writes and freedoms, then beaten and attacked by armed feds. This is what is called SACRIFICE for what you believe in. Freedom isn't free. Our Forefathers knew this and is why WE ALL could enjoy the freedoms till now. And now it is our turn to do the same for our children and grandchildren.Patriots stand proud and don't give up, we have all Americas support, even if they don't know it yet.

I hope you are wrong Jean but i fear you are right..It has taken them a while to get here so i do believe that they will not just walk away ..But remember GOD has a very large role in anything we do..I pray everday for him to intervene and make this have a peaceful ending by his hand..I know that iam repeating myself but OAS must remain PEACEFUL or we will only give them exactly what they want..GOD BLESS AMERICA

It is sad that WRAM has taken this position, but if it comes to a firefight, then I want WRAM on my side....



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