Constitutional Emergency

WWI Bonus March in Washington, D.C....government then, government now still "use and abuse" our military!

Posted at the request of JJ Jensen........

This is an excellent clip on the Bonus March and should be viewed by all...
Is this what we will face if we follow in the footsteps of our WWI brethren?  Something to think about...
"JJ" Jensen
MACV/SOG 68-71

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Col he is right this will happen again with this person we have in the Whitehouse for sure. He has no respect for the Military at all. Remember he wants a private security force as well equipped as the Military. He hates the Military and is doing all he can to destory the Military as we speak.

It was digraceful then, and it is disgraceful now.    There simply is no excuse.  When a man Volunteers to die for you, does it not seem correct, to reward him with what you promised?    They are going to bring the Military down to such a State no one will go near it, and Ladies and Gentlemen, that is the point.    Guess dying, defending your Country, will not be much of an accomplishment, when the PInkies get through with their "Change".     May God bring these Devils to their knees, and to their just rewards, in a hurry!!

This entire administration are spaunded by the devil, they are evil to the core.  Children of God they are not.

OBAMA HAS TO BE ''STOPPED'' AND NOW...........................TREASON ANYONE?

Yes, it happened then and will under this regime again if we do nothing about this regime. History repeats itself because most of us are comfortable with electing representatives to do what we really do not want to take time away from our daily pursuits to do ourselves.  Sadly, our current generation is so wrapped up in "free sh.." and their smart phones, Ipads, and other technologies not to mention finding new ways to get more free sh.., that there are few left to really do something about it.  It is being said today that the latest budget deal which is no DEAL at all will serve to take the pressure off the crybaby establishment Republicans and allow them to win the Senate back by concentrating on dealing with demonizing obamacare thus keeping Obama busy defending it until the end of his term.....Frankly, I believe none of it.  I am sick and tired of cry baby Speakers and others that engage in internecine warfare with their own supporters so that they can keep their jobs.  That just "aint" going to happen either.

I still maintain that even though the civilians are in charge, we the people are the ones that must convince those hired to protect us to finally do something to protect us by arresting those responsible for the travesty that the Democrats have placed upon us and for putting a gay, communist Muslim in the White House to carry all the illegal violations of the Constitution out on a daily basis. Upon their arrest, they should all be flown forthwith to Guantanamo and kept there until a Military Tribunal can be formed (primarily of the Top 200 Offices and Enlisted that have been cashiered by this administration) and the trials can begin.  Then we can have some real elections when we go after the enablers at the state and local levels.  In other words, time to clean out the smoke filled back rooms of the local party leaders of both parties and to give clear messages to all that political correctness is dead and will not be coming back in our schools, our governments nor into our daily lives.  Sadly, this will not happen because there are too few of us that can do so that are not already marked for rounding up when Obama finally gets the nerve to declare martial law (and to manufacture the incident that will allow him to do that.  Time to check out my defense mechanisms and make sure they are fully the way has anyone noticed the increased nighttime helicopter (military) flights in their areas lately?  I certainly have...only last evening around 11:00 pm, I heard several flight (s) going over not at all distant from my residence. Interesting.....Thanks Harry for posting this, and like I have said you can serve in my fire team or I will serve in yours anytime  Semper Fi.

Yes, lots of helicopters day and night, and military planes. Usually in groups of no more than six (to keep suspicions down).



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