This is absolute proof of what Twana has been saying for months!!!

There Is Only ONE Peaceful Path Left To Avoid Destruction


Folks, if you have read me recently you know that I've said that you are the problem and that the reason this is true is that you won't go on strike, you won't picket DC and refuse to leave until the government stops stealing from you and debasing the currency, you won't reduce your spending and income to only that which provides necessities, and most of you go on to justify your behavior with "my kids (and/or family) deserve what I can provide."

You're fools and I'm going to prove it.  

Further, I'm going to prove -- by arithmetic -- that if you follow the above path you will destroy yourself along with your children and grandchildren.

Here's why.

There were 108,592,000 people in the United States in the fourth quarter of 2011 who were recipients of one or more means-tested government benefit programs, the Census Bureau said in data released this week. Meanwhile, according to the Census Bureau, there were 101,716,000 people who worked full-time year round in 2011. That included both private-sector and government workers.

None of the people getting means-tested government benefits will ever vote to reduce them, nor vote for any politician that will reduce them.

But it's factually much worse than it first appears because federal government workers will not vote to fire themselves either, just as the 17th Amendment (ed: The worst thing to ever happen to this country) is inviolate because The Senate will never vote to fire itself.

So we must in fact subtract 21,880,000 from the full-time worker count.

In other words you're outvoted by 36%.

Does it make sense yet?  This is not a small margin and it cannot be politically reversed because the margins are too high.  Were the skew relatively small (and it looks small until you subtract out federal workers) you could potentially do so, because some people won't vote and you could "motivate the base."  But note that with the federal workers out, and we're not subtracting the State workers, which also exist on this same largesse, you can't get there because this means nearly 40% of those receiving such benefits would have to stay home when reductions are proposed, and they never will.

As such you cannot vote your way out of this.  

You cannot politically organize your way out of this.

You can't do it in the Democrat Party and you can't do it in the Republican Party.  Nor can you do it in a third party.

Every single person who argues otherwise is an idiot or worse, a fraudster (if they have run the numbers above.)

Delusions persist because people don't examine the facts in detail.  I recognize that I participated in attempting to politically change things for far too long because I did not look, in detail, at the math.

But I can no longer make any logical argument that political activism is useful in any way, shape or form.  It is a waste of energy, time and money that I can expend elsewhere on something that brings me more joy, rather than tilting at windmills.

There is only one remaining peaceful way to change things: Withdraw your consent and thus intentionally but peacefully and lawfully destabilize the underpinning of the government debt market, thereby denying the government the means to continue screwing you, your children and grandchildren irrespective of the vote count.

The only other choices remaining are consenting to your own economic death, along with that of your children and grandchildren, or violence.

If you claim that you will "get yours" for "your kids" (or your spouse, or just yourself) you're deluding yourself as the odds are that (1) you will fail and (2) even if you "succeed" the victory will be both temporary and pyrrhic as you cannot overcome the voting block deficiency.

In short, read this Ticker again in light of the above mathematical facts.

Then act, or not, but the math doesn't care if you agree with it or not.

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I think your numbers are correct.  It is worse than I thought.  I can see only one way out of this.

OK, I'll bite Steven, what is your way out?

Downsizing big time..

  I cannot argue at all with this article. The numbers do not lie. If someone who can, or just think they can organize what you have suggested, I will be the second in line. I must do something, because it gets harder each day for me to keep from slipping over the edge into insanity and do something that will be an absolute waste of my life. I am not so sure America has the time to do this the non-violent way, but I am ready to try. I'm not too sure that the domestic enemies of America will allow us the time. If not, the backup plan is still there. It very well may take blood and bodies in the street to wake up enough patriots to do the mission, but we must act , and now. If it takes bullets and blood, there will be many, even from the right who will condemn the first patriots who act. They will be labeled as criminals, murders, and even home-grown terrorist. If you take a look at the way things progressed at the start of the Syrian civil war, I believe that will be a refection of the coming war here. The strongest patriots will fire the first shots and then it will start to grow, then will come the desertions from the law enforcement  agencies, then the military. The big question is, will this corrupt and illegal government use airpower, rockets, and heavy guns against the people ? This has been my greatest fear. Will our towns and cities look like those in Syria ?  Still, we cannot surrender to those who seek the destruction of America and her patriots. This is a war we cannot loose, no matter the cost. One last comment, you are aware I am sure, that NSA will capture this comment.

 P.S. I have already determined that I will not comply with obamacare, neither will I pay the penalty. I will not file any more federal or state taxes.



Ok, but they won't listen to you either if your protest and refuse to leave D.C..  Being a minority voting block gets you nowhere either, just like you said.  Heck, protesting an refusing to leave D.C. is a dream come true for B.O..  He sent Police in riot gear for 90 year old veterans during the partial government shutdown at a memorial built for those same veterans.  What will he do for us?  I don't think in the end that it will be peaceful, at least on the governments end.  Yeah, that same memorial was closed to the veterans that it was built to honor was opened for illegal aliens protesting for amnesty. 

Math never was my strong point.Only time I was good at it was a remedial Algebra class I took in the US Army where I had hots for my teacher.Economic I never studied--but Thomas Sowell--and Walter Williams I hear are both associated with that field of American Education-and I find both agreeable more than not. All this to say I find the article believable  and it presents what I have sensed since the subject was first defended by the domestic  enemy (the Democrats) My folks raised us to believe that the politicians generally broke stuff -so they could claim they "fixed something" thereby gaining power over us. That being proven more and more of late.And we will not be capable of voting our way out of this one.

Thanks for this article.

The ONLY peaceful way would be to Deny them your Tax's.....But would have to be done all at once.....All workers,

Retired people. Businesses, Everyone.....Very Difficult to get all on board at the same time......any other way..well you all

know what that is.   

Do Not discount God's power to change hearts and minds. There are many people that are on assistance and hate it. They are the unknown vote. Will they look into their hearts and do the right thing?

I agree with this; however, how do we  lawfully destabilize the underpinning of the government debt market???


Stop feeding the beast. They are using our own money to enslave us.



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