Constitutional Emergency should pack a tight go-bag, because there isn’t much room in those rail-cars, even if they give you sleeping berths

I’m writing to tell you—figuratively—if your persist in supporting these people whom you seem to think love and treasure you—then, you should pack a tight go-bag, because there isn’t much room in those rail-cars, even if they give you sleeping berths


“The White House press office on Friday struck out ‘Israel’ as the country in which Jerusalem is located when distributing a transcript of President Obama’s remarks at the funeral of former Israeli Prime Minister Shimon Peres.”

My sad, sweet, sensitive, fair, and honorable brothers and sisters.

Greetings from the Hebrew ‘Hood.

Regarding your life and position here in America, ARE YOU SCARED YET?

I was born a Jew on both sides of my family. They came here around 1905. My father drove for Max “Boo Boo” Hoff, in Philly and his street name was Nails. I’m one of you same, second gen’ types, all right? We are, many of us, the same in our history.

I’m writing to tell you that your apparent fundamentally transformed American Liberalism does not appear to be working out all that great for you here in America. That you elected Barack Hussein Obama, twice, is a stain on Jewish history.

In my opinion, when your current, 2016, apparent enemies have succeeded in obliterating Israel—after many documented “floaters”—guess what?

They will come for you.

I am warning you.

Why do you vote Democrat? What is attractive or beneficial to Jews about Bill Clinton’s Wife?

Obama does not love you. NOTHING he has done would seem to say he loves you.

And your vaunted institutions and liberal heroes—whom you think are your advocates and protectors—mean nothing to anybody, not really. Not in the end. They are mistaken and lost in the wind. They do not love you.

Bill Clinton’s Wife does not love you. Her stated, “second daughter” is Huma Abedin. Look up Huma; check her background and connections. Surprise? Not really.

But, I love you.

I’m writing to tell you—figuratively—if your persist in supporting these people whom you seem to think love and treasure you—then, you should pack a tight go-bag, because there isn’t much room in those rail-cars, even if they give you sleeping berths this time.


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Jeffrey A. Friedberg is a former, Big City, licensed private detective and operated his own detective agency. He has also been an undercover anti-crime operative, a DOD-cleared security provider, a nuclear plant security provider, and an Internet website optimizer and promoter. He earned a BA degree by majoring in English Literature, with a minor in Sociology. Also at university, he studied infrastructure of the Kuomintang, the Yakusa, counter-insurgency, Soviet and Nazi propaganda techniques, Shoto-Kan Karate (under Teryuki Okazaki), Judo, and other matters. Drawing on his investigative experience, Friedberg has made himself the author of seven paranormal political thriller books on Amazon.

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I was just expressing what I do and giving my honest thoughts and opinions.

BTW, does anyone know how to get Trump from continually putting his foot in his mouth, he's playing right into Hillary's game plan.  Gingrich has suggested he not get in the mud with her as in the mud is her specialty.

Lee.........I think a 2X4 to the forehead is necessary..........he won't get the message any other way it appears.

Well I went to his Facebook page and registered my feelings on the matter.  I do carpentry work as part of my handyman services and have a number of 2 X 4's to contribute if necessary.

All these "pundits," including Gingrich, have been wrong, wrong, wrong from the very beginning.  How many times have they said "Trump is done?"  How many times have they said "Trump has no chance?"  HOW MANY??!!??  Hundreds!  AND THEY WERE ALL WRONG!!!!  He plays games with the press on a daily basis and keeps his name front and center - for the first time, at least since Ronald Reagan, we have a candidate who is NOT afraid of them.  The People are awakening to the lies and misdirection of the press.  His Tweets and comments make the Press fall all over themselves in their attempts to smear him, which cause people to look past their snarky comments and research it for themselves.  Fact of the matter is, the way Trump talks is exactly the way many, many regular, everyday people talk, whether that be farmers, ranchers, mechanics, electricians, plumbers, secretaries, redneck good ole' boys, bikers, truckers, and on and on and on.  This IS reality and the vast majority of his supporters love him for it!

Sheriff David Clarke:  "Like Ali, Trump is playing rope-a-dope with scared media!"

The Machado tweets were what I was referring to and Gingrich called him on it and I agree with Gingrich on that one, it will be used by Hillary to show Trump is anti-woman, it IS mud, Trump needs to refrain from that kind of pettiness and stay focused on the economy, jobs, security, illegal immigration and Islam; that's what shows him far above Hillary, and Presidential material.

Too funny!  You mean the Machado whom the Pageant wanted to fire but Trump defended her?  THAT Machado?  The Machado that is a suspected accessory to murder, a porn queen, and mother of a drug cartel leader's baby?  THAT Machado? this video of her and Trump:

I looked on our northern neighbor paper's site but comments did not seem to be available.

I wanted to say that the people on PoA are hopefully Constitutional conservatives while most Jewish people vote Democrat (& are not on this site) which surprised me.

I agree with the posters & especially one that stated the Dems only want votes while not caring about the people. 

I am shocked America is still standing, time will tell & a progressive must not win the WH & Congress can toggle up to the "comments" at the bottom of the original article and shows 5 comments but there are about 20.  It takes a while for the comments to load.........patience is required.

Hillary's 'Basket of Deplorable s'

Hillary Clinton has revealed how many people she is willing to kill to complete the Communist takeover of the United States of America.

When Mao Ts Tung took over China he systematically murdered an estimated 60-70 million of his own Chinese people. When Joe Stalin took over Russia after the Bolshevik revolution they killed an estimated 30-40 million Russians.
Back in the 1960's when Bill Ayers and the weather underground were trying to transform America by using the “Rules For Radicals” of Saul Alynski, they estimated they would have to kill 25 million Americans who would resist the takeover.

Well now Hillary Clinton has released her estimates of the numbers of American people she and her Democrat Progressives are willing to kill in to order to complete the Fundamental Transformation of America. In her speech when Hillary called half of Donald Trump's supporters a Basket of Deplorable and Irredeemables, she inadvertently revealed just how many people they now estimate they will have to and are willing to kill. If we extract the numbers from the US population of around 330 million, then take half of them as being in that basket of deplorables voting for Trump, 330/2 = 165 million. Then take half of those which she has labeled deplorable we get 82.5 million. That's 82 ½ Million People that Hillary Clinton and her 'Progressives Communists' are stating that they are willing and ready to murder if they/WE resist the 'Transformation' of America. 82 1/2 MILLION.

That's a pretty sizable upgrade from Bill Ayres estimate of 25 million in the 1960's.

But remember Hillary Clinton wrote her collage thesis on Saul Alynski's Rule for Radicals.;_ylt=A0LEV72aGfFXv2EA6ZYP...



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