huddled masses yearning to breathe free!

On a plaque on the Statue of Liberty is written: "Give me your tired, your poor,  Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, the wretched  refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me,  I lift my lamp beside the golden door!"  

The Modern Version:
Let's build a fence to keep out the tired, the poor, the huddled masses yearning to breathe free! We don't want the wretched refuse from your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless ones, who are tempest-tossed, back to where they came from. I lift my lamp beside the golden door —to say, ‘Enough is enough'.

So, am I saying, “Welcome all the poor ones, the needy ones, the persecuted ones? Yes, emphatically yes! It was when these people were streaming into our country by the millions (about 100 years ago) that God blessed and prospered this nation. Why?—because America acted kindly to the poor, the huddled masses yearning to breathe free. America welcomed them. Will God not once again bless and prosper this nation as we once again put out the welcome mat?
Yes, I know very many will scream at me accusing me of destroying America. But I’m not the only one advocating an open-borders policy. This policy was advocated by both Moses and Jesus. Moses wrote:
“You shall not of the aliens who is in your land within your gates (Deuteronomy 24:14).
Jesus taught: "As much as you gave food and drink, shelter and clothing to those needing them, you did it to me. As often as you visited the sick and imprisoned, you visited me.  Matthew 25:35&40
Written by James Meletiou of Knoxville, Tennessee. Yes, both of my parents were among these teaming millions who came over about 1916 (my dad) and 1926 (my mother) —as well as three grandparents and twelve uncles and aunts –all born on the little island named Samos —only one mile from Turkey.

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James, Thank you, Sir, Welcome, and I am proud and glad that your parents were able to make it and come here. Like so many others before them, (and after them as well.) It is important that we all understand, and it must be verbalized, it is not immigration that so many oppose today. It is NOT the poor coming here in search of a better life, or the oppressed who are trying to escape a tyrannical homeland, who most Americans now object too. Rather it is the method by which this president and this administration has taken it upon themselves to open wide the doors to America to everyone and ANYONE, including those who wish to come here to do great harm to all others. It is not the immigration that is the concern but the entering of those who seek to destroy us all.
Your grand parents did not come here seeking to destroy America and to kill as many Americans as possible. Instead they came here, just as many thousands before them, to find and to build a better life for themselves and for you, their descendants. They came here for freedom and liberty, not for a free welfare check and a handout, and they certainly did not come here with the intention of killing as many Americans as possible.
I can not tell you how proud and gratified I am that your grand parent came here, to simply say "Welcome" and "Thank You" is an understatement.

But I can not say the same to some of those who come here today nor can I say the same to the administration who knows of why these people come, but still opens the door in spite of it, or potentially because of it.

James, when I worked in the ministry in the streets of San Francisco, some of the worst streets, the Tenderloin district for one, I use to bring the homeless home all the time. Give them a place to sleep, food some companionship. My wife would get upset that the house would smell after they stayed. I started to be concerned that I might be endangering my wife and 3 small children, since I didn't know anything about these people. They all had various addictions, but I thought that's ok I use to be an addict also, so I "understood" them. My Pastor finally had a talk with me as I was fairly young in The Lord and took everything I heard literally. My Pastor said as a Christian were to be gentile as doves but wise as serpents. Taking in total strangers was indeed putting my family in danger, and should one of them murder us in our sleep, how many could I help if I were dead! He said there were other ways of helping them without endangering my family. I also had to stop giving them most of the money I earned as they spent it on drugs and alcohol, but what was worse is that I was unable to pay my own bills because I was giving so much away. After all the scripture says "Give to him that asks" right? The point is we welcome the down trodden yes, but not at the expense if indangering our families. We give of our finances, but not to the point of bankrupting our nation. The bottom line is America cannot save all the needy of the world. We have laws, Gods universe operates according to His laws, without laws we are left with anarchy. This administration is breaking our laws I believe on purpose to destroy America, and like me, how many people will we be able to help if America is destroyed. Think about it.

Thanks, Old Rooster, Of course I understand your concern about the criminals and the terrorists who sneak in with the "huddled masses yearning to be free", and, yes, of course, they should be stopped, confronted, But, isn't this also true: When millions were coming into our country 100 years ago, weren't there Mafia gangsters among them?

I know that there are no simple answers to these questions, but this is the answer that our God gave us us: "Make disciples of all nations" (Matthew 28:19). That is the church's job. For the most part, most of the "church members" have failed to make disciples. But a few have done an astonishing work. They are the saints whom we should support. It is astonishing that most of the "illegals" are teenagers, and even pre-teens. What desperate needs they have! What an open mission field these are. How astonishing that the missionaries don't need to go to the foreign field --- the mission field is being brought to us. Are we going to let this astonishing opportunity by-pass us? What judgment will await those of us who allow that opportunity to "make disciples" ---right in our own back yards!

James, Knoxville, Tennessee



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