You're personal information is listed on this new site. You can remove it by following these directions.

There's a site called that's a new online USA phone book w/personal information: everything from pics you've posted on FB or web, your
approx credit score, home value, income, age, etc. You can remove
yourself by searching for yourself on their site to find the URL of your
page, then go to the bottom of the page and click on Privacy button to
remove yourself. Copy & re-post so your FB friends are aware.

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I posted that above before I read this.

Hey, You still got whats left of your health.

I entered my email address and found ALL my personal information including, photos of myself and family, income level, home address along with an airial map of my home.  All I have posted on facebook for "friends" only is posted on this site!!  I'm thinking of closing my facebook site and all social network sites.  I will choose who I want to see my personal information, I don't appreciate anyone reposting my personal information without my consent or knowledge!!

First, the URL is at the top of the page when your information is displayed. It starts with http://www. and so on.

Second, those who believe this is a no big deal than you must also believe that it's okay for the government to take away more of your rights and liberty. SAD.

Removed myself and family members almost a year ago. Misinformation on you can hurt you, it puts you on the defencive.
Dammmmned, it even had a picture of MY HOUSE AND VEHICLES!!!!  This e-mail will be pastered all over the place and I am sending it out ASAP!!!  Isn't there a law against this?  Perfect site for robbers, terrorist and who knows who!!!
Unfortunately it isn't against the law and with them doing away with paper phone books, the internet will be the only place to look up phone numbers and addresses and this company is one of the first to realise this... now what you get for free from a phonebook, you will have to pay for....just wait til the FCC and the White House put their hands on it too.... > (



        I, am not important as you all cause I was not listed so happy days are still ahead; perhaps I, am a lost soul in the coming scheme of things.

Someone ealier suggested using alternate names and info. That is what I do. I do not use my true name for too much over the internet just for this reason

Is it being removed or only hidden?

If they have the info, is it being deleted or just moved out of the public sight? And how would you know?

  Doing this "May" "Only" delete some from seeing the info,but sites do keep archiveal files,esepecialy if someone complaians of mistaken deletion,& for co.'s own records,but this is still correct to do,ty Twana.

  Removal does however tell gov. who is both intelligent & senstive about this,& both shortens the look at list,& points those to place at it's top to  check.  NO INFO EVER on net,& most on shipping orders,contracts,even some mil incuction info-as been corect,nor will it be.  Need a lic,change hair style 1st,1/2 close eyes-& DO ARGUE -SUCCESSFULY AGAINEST OPENING them more!
  O.yes you can win againest them,even dl has been this way,must i state what i think when cops,others complain?

  Re:FB-Once you open a site with themyou must pay them to yourself make $,even off your own materials-FB uses your info,free,to itslef make FB 4.  #2-Once opened,you must go to site,delete out EVERY SINGLE INPUT yourself because you can NEVER completely END an account with them.  Worse,they & several sites like them do not tell,or do not tell befor you open your account with them.


Thanks. I removed any reference. I also wrote my congressman about any site accumulating this degree of data about citizens and the danger it could pose. If he responds at all, it will be one of those blah blah blah letters where he contends he is too busy working only a third of the time to do anything about it.

Thanks Twana



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