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want to attend glenn beck's rally??

Started by carole zeneski. Last reply by Firehawk May 22, 2014. 1 Reply

Interested in marching in DC in september??

Started by carole zeneski. Last reply by Lawrence Yarborough May 12, 2010. 7 Replies

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Comment by Mary Anne Alliegro on January 24, 2013 at 12:17pm

OK- I am here and will attempt to join my Barnstable County Group.

FYI- we have a local Tea Party Group on the Cape and we are constantly working at our local level for the cause of freedom.  Visit our site at  We meet regularly and have a group working at the education level to get the truths out to the kids and our neighbors as well.  We are trying to cover all the bases.

Comment by 1stRichard on January 2, 2011 at 11:21pm
Urgent Request

As all of you may well know Massachusetts became the laughing stock of the nation this past election, and our State GOP chairperson takes most of the blame. We all wanted Barney Frank out and we need to be assured he will not be reelected next time. The achievements & accomplishments of Jennifer Nassour this last election was clear, fail. Most of the support went to the RINOS and little to the Conservatives. It is election time at the end of this week and we need to boot Jennifer Nassour and elect Bill McCarthy, a conservative that wants to move this states GOP to the right. However, we need your support now.

Below are the emails of all of the states' committee women and men who will be electing a new GOP chair in less then one week. If you could please email your support for conservative Bill McCarthy, we can not afforded and more excuses and failures of the past two years. Thank you for your time.


or the whole list here

Please read for your self the comments on what people think.
Comment by Paul Couturier on December 26, 2010 at 4:19pm

With the key words being "if that person is a member of Congress and the Congress is in session."!!!!!!!!!!!!

If Congress isn't in session, and given the fact that anyone who answers to the guy who currently occupies the White House believes they're above the law, nothing will prevent deval patrick from forcing his Adjutant General to involuntarily mobilize LTC Scott Brown.....unless, of course, he decides to become a DUMBocrat!!!!!

Comment by Maureen Gerrish on December 25, 2010 at 10:14pm
A friend told me: There is a way that Brown could invoke the Constitution to protect
himself from such a threat.   (Article I, Section 6, Paragraph 1, Sentence 2,
Clause 5 -- Senators and Representatives shall not be detained in going
to or returning from a session of Congress.)  Thus, it would be illegal
for the adjutant general of any state to activate a person under their
command if that person is a member of Congress and the Congress is in
Comment by Harry Riley on December 25, 2010 at 7:05pm

Hello Firehawk........take a read of the following........


COL Riley,
I just read your post on PFA regarding Sen Scott Brown. Allow me to offer some insight as to what I believe is happening.
Remember that Sen Scott Brown is currently a member of the MA Army National Guard, as I used to be! He's currently serving as a JAG with the rank of LTC. The current Adjutant General of the MA National Guard is a guy named Joe Carter. Carter was APPOINTED to his position (because that's the way MA does it) by our liberal governor, Deval Patrick....who just happens to be really good buddies with the guy who currently occupies the White House!!!! And since Joe Carter was appointed by Patrick, the political environment of the MA National Guard has gone from bad to worse...MUCH WORSE!!!!
Short version of a long story...I was not retained in the MA National Guard in 2008 because I wasn't "in" politically with the right people! When Joe Carter was appointed to his position, I didn't hear anyone saying positive things about him within the MA National Guard!
Now the Adjutants General of each state's National Guard have the authority to INVOLUNTARILY MOBILIZE anyone under their command. Which means that here in MA, Joe Carter has the authority, if he chooses to do so, involuntarily mobilize LTC Scott Brown if he wants to! And given the highly politically charged political atmosphere of the MA National Guard these days, here's what I believe has been happening.
The guy who currently occupies the White House obviously called his buddy Deval Patrick in Boston at some point, and told Deval to tell his Adjutant General Joe Carter to tell Scott Brown that he'll involuntarily mobilize him if he doesn't vote a certain way on certain Bills! And if Joe Carter chooses not to, then Deval merely fires Joe Carter and replaces him with someone who'll do his bidding for him! So Joe goes to Scott Brown, and tells him that he needs to vote a certain way on certain Bills, or else he'll be involuntarily mobilized...effectively physically removing him from the US Senate, and preventing him from voting on future Bills in the US Senate! Now as a JAG and a LTC, Scott Brown is in a very unique position in the MA National Guard; if he's "in" politically with the Adjutant General, he'll "be taken care of!". If he's "on the outs" politically with the Adjutant General, the Adjutant General has the power to make life miserable for Scott Brown!
Bottom Line....Sen Scott Brown has been bought by...AND THREATENED BY... Obama and Deval Patrick!!
Sad too...because he used to be my State Senator when he was in the State Senate here in MA...and I know him personally as well! Our paths crossed a few times when I was still in the MA National Guard, and I supported him financially when he ran for the State Senate and the US Senate!
My Scott Brown bumper stickers will be removed from my car this weekend! His vote to repeal DADT was, unfortunately, the last straw for me!!!!
Anyway COL Riley...that's my take on what I believe is happening with Sen Brown; take it for what it's worth!

Paul Couturier

Proud veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom
Politically incorrect, and proud of it!
Terrorists need love too. Give them a kiss before you send them to Hell!

NEVER apologize for being Patriotic - Toby Keith

Comment by Firehawk on December 25, 2010 at 5:21pm

Hi Harry.  I saw you in D.C.  You looked busy.  Next time I will introduce myself.

We have to dump Brown.  He is also a disgrace to his Scottish background.

Comment by Harry Riley on December 23, 2010 at 9:37am

I'll admit I was sucked into the Scott Brown betrayal.........will Massachusetts stand behind this liar or send a message?  No matter which party, the lying and political speak must be stopped in order to salvage our nation.


Harry Riley

Comment by Harry Riley on November 1, 2010 at 8:02am
Patriots......I urge you to call your friends and vote against Barney change the course of history in Washington, Frank must go.........

Comment by Harry Riley on October 10, 2010 at 5:28pm
Let's get rid of Barney Frank Massachusetts.........

Barney Frank is one of the most liberal members in Pelosi's Congress. He hails from one of the most liberal states, Massachusetts.

But now recent polls show that he can be defeated. Frank is being opposed by conservative Republican Sean Bielat, a former Marine.
Comment by Raymond J Goodwin II on September 25, 2010 at 9:16pm
.I have no problem believing that Kerry is willing to throw us under a bus again. I was still in Nam when he gave his speach of lies to congress in '71' concerning the baby-killers. That worthless piece of garbage has no business even being in our Nations Capital, let alone being paid to be there. Of course, if we look at those around him I guess he fits right in, FOR NOW!

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