Constitutional Emergency

May I start a discussion on suggested daily prayer requests for OAS? As we prepare and go into May, I present some simple, yet humbly-we-ask-for, daily requests that will strengthen our individuals, groups, and our united cause.:

* PROTECTION of participants from physical and spiritual harm

* RESOURCES (money, equipment, air time, donations) for participants and supporters

* GUIDANCE to choose the most effective plans, routes, people, tools, and words

* WARNINGS -supernatural helps through gut feelings, dreams, words of knowledge, godly counsel, angels, or allies

* UNITY of our purpose and actions, teamwork, and patience/tolerance for the sake of achieving our goal


* CONFOUND THE ENEMY in any attempts to cause us to fail

* CLEAR PATHS for as many to attend as possible

Thank you Lord


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I rebuke all the masonic buildings and monuments in our capital. Lord here my prayer, keep the WORD of The Lord alive and flowing through your people during our siege into the lions den. Move your spirit freely into this evil place. Let us peacefully take this unholy realm away from the enemy! Keep us grounded in your Will- this I pray daily!

As I pray today on my knees with my 10 year old son, it is for God to hold up Col. Riley at this important time, and to not only protect our American Spring hero's, but for Col. Riley to be given the power from God to uphold God's desires. I pray for strength  to be given and correct and decisive  words and armor needed as he goes face to face with a devout Progressive Liberal such as Alan Colmes. In Jesus name we pray.

We stand in agreement-Amen

So true Kari, we need to all be aware of that training. Thank you for sharing.

Lord, may we be mindful of your works with Joshua's army at the walls of Jericho, May we obey your directions, to go forward in Thee, careful to not let our own emotions get in the way. Help us to be mindful, Lord, that you led Joshua and the Children of Israel out of the camp and to encircle the city a set number of days, without a mind to attack. Wether provoked, ridiculed or ignored, help our army to stand as one in Thy directives and be ever mindful that "the battle is the Lords". And help us to be ready to obey and act whenever and whatever your directions, even with something as silly sounding as shining our lights and shouting Thy words.


Amen and amen.

We agree --Amen

   Father forgive your children, for what we have lost and forgotten in our lives and in our daily society.  We have allowed sin and evil into America, without even a stand against it. I pledge to no longer stand by in silence and tolerance of UN-Godly and evil actions and words.This World has gone the wrong direction and must be turned back.

 Forgive us all, Father. We have pushed your love and guidance away, with no regard of the consequences.  We beg you for the forgiveness that we don't deserve, as many of us turn our faces to you, Lord..

Thank you for  your kindness, love,  and Grace. I know that we are undeserving of this Grace. We are all sinners and unworthy of all that you do for us. Yet, we humbly ask or beg you on bended knee, for your forgiveness and your protection.  I humbly ask you Lord, are not even just a few  good men worth your forgiveness. I plead for our future on Earth and our eternal lives as well, in Heaven. We wait for your return, but let us not JUST wait. Let us show the strength to fight for goodness and your Laws , your Commandments, and your morals. Please, let us turn back as your children.  While we still reside in our Earthly world, let\\\help us stop being lazy, by not making our God given moral stand for the good we are mandated to stand up for.

In Jesus name we Pray, Amen

Cheryl Ann-- again we agree-- Amen

Father, I pray that you will send millions more to United Under One Nation. That is the Nation of our Amazing and loving Father. You are our Lord, Father , Emanuel and we need you more than ever.

Please, forgive us of our sinful ways as we turn to you Lord. Give us courage to stand against this evil we are facing and to stand for you Father and YOUR COMMANDMENTS AND LAWS.

  Good Day God,
  Good God Day!
No dark of night
  when Living in Light.
The Perpetual Day time,
  with the Devine.
One Good God Day,
    is the Way.

Light not of blindness'
   Day walk 'n talk of kindness.
The Word not of clouds,or dark,
   One Life of its spark.
The spark with heat,
  when there's dangers to meet.
And a spark to cool,
  when confronting the fool.
A Lords Day without sleep,
  its our duty to meet.
Working night, and day,
  actually following the Way.
Believe it, or not,
  a True "gathering" we got.
Not of one single player
  gathered to smite the betrayer.

An armed Body of One,
  gathering of Good Works to be done.
Of Day Light is the path,
  being sparked of deaths wrath.
Armored, armed, of Life,
  heated has Gold, to remove strife.

The Burning Truth of the Vine,

   separating slag in its time.

Poured out of the Way,

   Its a Good God Day!




Of your days in the dark,
  working hard while in park.
Not a thing did you do,
  without the tool of two.
A design, of its Creation,
  not perfected for singular elation.
To have parked oneself at that heighth,
  would mean not so high, 'n bright.

I Thank God for the Altar and for our changed lives.

Enjoy this song and give our burdens to him, he will never forsake his children.

Sleep well my friends and God Bless us all as we Pledge our Allegiance.

One more, I'm on a roll.  My favorite!



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