Just prior to the 2012 Elections I organized an event we called Prayers For America. In preparation for that event, I reserched a list of all places of Worship in my area, which came to a total of 137. I then went about contacting evey one in order to get the word out. The event was a success and, although we did not get the response we had hoped for, we set up a series of "Prayer Meetings" to be held at a different Church each week leading to the Elections. Prayer Warriors from all Churches involved were encouraged to attend as many Prayer Meetings as possible.


The result is that the Churches who participared are still maintaining contact and working together for the common good of all.. A mini Revival, if you will.. Also, the list of Churches I compiled is still coming in quite handy in a number of different ways..


The point of all this is two fold. 1) We each need to compile our own lists and start reaching out to our fellow children of God, and 2) We need to begin setting up groups in our own areas to Pray for the success of our Mission and to develop an atmosphere of cooperation...


May our Heavenly Father aid and guide us in our endeavors..  God Bless you all...

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Thank you. My mega-church's prayer group was defiantly and openly anti-Obama before the last election. I'll ask them to pray for OAS at the weekly meetings. Other local churches?...I'll have to be careful who I ask...so many have been compromised...

I will be Praying for your success Betsy..   God Bless..

  God Bless you Richard, has you reached out across the aisle we Christians kinda build ourselves in separate denominations. A plan, and action you've undertaken with others, that we should all do, of the One congregation we are, of the same Heart, and All knowing the directions, plan, of the same manual, the Bible. Will to act of the same in my church, and meeting with other church leaders, congregation. The One we are, have been perfectly positioned across this nation, and with every talent, skill, needed, has the spirit of the Almighty directed, and directs. We keep it of our Armor of peace worn, and Armor worn of protection according to the Word, "of,by, for the Truth.

Richard Hall-- If I might defer to your experience in this--Could you prepare just such a list again for our use? I am looking at reaching out to churches in the DC area who may be of help.There must be some that have not bowed the knee to Satan  but I worry that many in  that region may be like the German church was when Hitler put them under control of the Reich.Sad to say I fear a church that has made compromises on the bible doctrines to accommodate the world would have no problem with political compromise on our Constitution. I have not been back to DC since Promise Keepers seeing good men approach Park police asking help removing the disruptive influence of two bare breasted lesbians only to be told "they'd have to be doing a lot more than that to get arrested here." I wrote to DC before a LAY sermon I wrote titled Hear Ye the Word of the LORD Ye Rulers of Sodom..... If we could secure some local  Christian help it would make strait the path.

Robert, check your inbox, I would like to discuss this with you in greater detail.......


This is the way to go and the best work on His behalf regarding outreach and updates.  I encourage you to continue in what you did and are currently doing.  Excellent suggestion with evidence it has a positive impact..

Will get back in a couple days as I enter into the position as Prayer Team Leader replacing Brother Burkholder.            

Alan Coffey

Congratulations on your appointment Alan, I look forward to speaking with you.. You are replacing a good, God fearing man!

Thank You for the kind words Richard--But I am not worthy. I am a sinner who God has forgiven But I do love the Lord and I thank God brother Alan Coffey has  stepped up to fill an Office I wanted but  was not worthy of. God has chosen well in raising up leaders for OAS.I will offer such helpas I can-and my prayers always.--Just watched the You Tube Family Research Council  video of Admiral Lee posted by Tish.Mr.Lee is the kind of leader I wish I were more like The regulations being placed on our Military  confining them restricting their  God given and Constitutionally recognized right to freely express their religious beliefs  is a Constitutional crisis that must be remedied.OAS is going to Washington to insist our Government honor and restore the Constitution.and allowing our   Military men and women   be Christian is a part of that.God Bless Mr. Lee.

Robert; There may be such a thing as a "Born Leader", but a good leader is one who has been molded by his life experiences into someone with the ability to lead and inspire others with the kind of wisdom and compassion that is not born within them..  In His wisdom, God puts us through many trials and tribulations in order to mold us into the kind of people he wants us to be..

I understand, respect and admire your strength in making the decision you have, and Pray the your family will learn from your wonderful example..  You are a leader, Sir, by all definition and I look forward with anticipation to the day you can pick up that mantle once more..

May God, in His mercy, Bless and keep you strong in heart and spirit...

T'anks. Now back to the call to Pray for OAS and the success of this mission. That is the imperative at this moment.


Let's try to catch up via phone or email this weekend.  My cell is 602,380.2458, and email is alanecoffey@yahoo.com.

I believe your ideas and experience are certainly worthy of pursuing immediately.


Alan Coffey



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