May God's Divine Wisdom, Inspiration and Guidance be with us all as to the path that God shall lead us on as we try help save our country from complete destruction. The below prayer I find to be beautiful and inspiring and I do hope it will be shared by many.   God bless.


The Touch Of God Upon Our Nation

Most Precious Lord Jesus, Gentle And Wonderful God, Truly Awesome And Ever-present Holy Spirit, I love You, Lord Jesus. Please bless this nation in which I live. Please pour out Your Spirit upon this nation's people and upon its leaders. Our nation has had times of trial and times of blessing. At this moment, we are facing grave dangers and trials we have not seen in generations. Because of this dark hour in our nation's history, I seek Your Touch upon this nation and its citizens. Touch the heart of every man, woman, and child who lives within our borders. O Lord, open our heart to You and to Your Love. O Lord, open our heart to You and to Your Will for our people. Protect us from the looming darkness that threatens us. Protect us from the evil that lurks about both from within and from without. Protect our people. Protect our leaders. Inspire in all of us, the desire to do Your Will and only Your Will. Keep us on our knees before Your Cross. May Your Touch open the floodgates of our creative spirit, our imagination, our inventiveness, our growth, and our unlimited hope for the future. Inspire in us a heart to turn from every corruption. Inspire in us a heart to turn from every temptation. Inspire in us a heart to do and live only Your Will each day. All these things I humbly pray in the Name of my most Blessed Lord Jesus Christ, my Mighty God, and my Ever-present Holy Spirit upon Whom I can rely. Amen.

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May His Bride be ready, may His goodness call us to repentance and may He give us souls to come into the kingdom for our inheritance in Jesus name!


Thank you David, for many years I've been praying God would raise up leaders to bring our Country back to what He and our Founders gave us. Thank you and those with and above you for answering the call.

May God's Joy, Peace and Love and Mercy forever prevail.  Happy New Year to all and I pray that our Loving Lord's miraculous Heavenly Light shall forever shine down upon you and your loved ones and our America.

Faith shall be our Shield, Love of country shall be our Sword and our Victory shall be God's Crowning Glory.


I have been having trouble finding this sight. This one is not listed at the top of our main page. It takes us some where else and I'm talking to my self? Are these resent and active posts? There are 4 different places to go and I seem to be where no one else is. I am confused? Could someone help me. Our Prayer are so important for our success.

Cheryl, everytime someone makes a comment on a discussion it bumps back up to the top of the discussions..  If no one comments for awhile you have to go through the lis of discussions until you find it again...  I am still following this one so it poped up in my e-lail list..  I hope that helps..


  Amen, sister! A great prayer and I agree with it in Jesus' name!

Do you mind if I repost this prayer? I would love to share it with my friends. Thanks and God bless!

Stephen, Please feel free to post this prayer in as many places and to as many as you can.  So sorry, I did not answer you sooner.  May God's blessing flow.

Protect our leaders? I have no imaginary leader, who does this refer too may I ask?



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