Constitutional Emergency

Father we come to ask  you use each and every one of us. We dont want to sit on our faith and remain stagnant but we want to move and be busy in this OAS mission. We want our lives to count for your glory Lord. Build our faith so that we can go out and represent you and represent the United States of America. So much has to be done and so many people need you to uphold them and help them to get to DC to be there as a presence.

We ask you provide a way for those who are trying to get there and we ask you protect all who are already there and those on the way. Heavenly Father we need provision. We need you to part the red sea! Send the donators of money and goods and send the ones who are strong in mind,body, and strength. In the precious name of Jesus we proclaim  that this mission will be more fruitful than we can fathom.

We know we have authority as children of God and that you Lord will honor this task because you are sovereign. We know you do not want us oppressed by a tyranical government. Give us wisdom. Give us strength. We know by your word Lord that we must do all we can in order for you to help us . Your ways are higher than our ways and your thoughts are higher than our thoughts so we will stay busy going forward and wait for your mighty hand to move.

Father I pray everyone involved stays rooted in your word and walks in unfailing faith. We must not let the OAS mission come first but we must always put you at the forefront of all things in our lives.  We must not look at the numbers that are there but what you can do Lord! Give us a new dose of joy Jesus and give us peace and understanding in our hearts.

Help us to help those that wont help themselves. Let us not forget that no weapon formed will prosper but the weapons will indeed come! We need to gird ourselves with our Armor of God each and every morning! We thank you Lord for being with us and holding us up! We praise you and we worship you! Only you can lead us out of despair and back into the freedoms you intend for us! We ask for a miracle Lord if it be your will for only your will be done. In Jesus name we pray. Amen and Hallelujah!!

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Theresa, I beleive it's because of this prayer I got the email I did from one of my members the other night. He said all the people who'd said they'd join him on a new wave had chickened out. He took his vehicle in for rotated tires and they told him it needed much done work done he couldn't afford even if he didn't go. He said he went to bed discouraged and woke up more sure than ever he needed to go "was obligated to go" (Anony State Member) because he'd raised donations of canned goods from his church and neighborhood, to take as much as would fit in his SUV to take to the vets and Security guys at one of the campground.

He told me he was going to leave Saturday a.m. and count on God to provide.

I called Don Johnson to ask if he'd made it and Don told me he thought he was the one Steve Tyler introduced him to from my state. He went on to say all the donations the Virginia group had taken up was gone and Alex Coffey had reached deep into his own pockets the night before to buy hamburger and take to their campgrounds to grill for them. The group is made up of mostly disabled vets and our Security people. (Most without money to buy their own food, counting on God to supply their needs because they feel He's calling on them to be there.)

If anyone else feels led to take up such a donation and find someone to take them in, Please do so and contact Don Johnson (Osprey) or Alex Coffey for personal instructions for where to take them to. Each person who will come in is appreciated greatly for going forth and standing with our Patriots even if only for 1 day. God has Provided for my member going in and we're asking Him to provide for him to come home safely at the end of his prescheduled vacation time. Please pray for this man.

Bev Grau
Ohio OAS Assist Leader (XO)
The Perfect Storm is when Evil looks God in the Eye, Shakes its fist and says, “Nothing can stop me now!” He that sitteth in the Heavens shall laugh; The Lord will have them in Derision. Psalm 2:4 KJV



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