Hi All;

I would ask for your Prayers for the safety the residents of CT. and that Gov. Malloy and the rest of the CT. Legislators to find the wisdom to reverse their decision on the gross violation of the 2nd Amendment Rights of the people of CT.


Our State is a powder keg and has the attention of the entire Country. I fear that we may very well be witnessing a modern day equivalent of Bunker Hill. Gov. Malloy and the CT. Legislature have overstepped their Constitutional Authority time and again, and have now made Felons out of Patriotic and law abiding citizens simple because they refuse to comply with a law that tramples on their Constitutional Rights.


American Patriots have had enough of power grabbing Liberalism and will not allow this rape of the Constitution to continue..  Nor will they surrender their Constitutional Rights without a fight! This is a an extremely volatile situation in which lives hang in the balance..   May God help us all......

Rich Hall

OAS Staff Coordinator

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   Amen, Rich, a bulging powder keg, for sure, being created of an exterior vacuum, that's living, and surviving of its negative presence on the positive airs of Life's Providence. An Armored Public of One with the Almighty, the minority having chosen the "no" for its individual life, has the yes its right for me, while the Yes of Righteousness Gives, and Gives again to secure, protect, and provide. An outright "rape of our Constitution", and its republics principles, having secured the freedoms, and liberties of all, for all, while also the Lords Presence, and Providence, has allowed the tares to grow with the Wheat. A now bulging powder keg, readily arms the armored, to target the "no", its a weed, and not worthy to waste time, or ammo on its worthless presence, but to "gather" of the harvest, harvesters, armed of,by,for the Almighty's Providence.   

Rich, I saw a posting on Facebook of a comparing post. The top was in Germany when private guns were registered in 1928 and then the Nazis later confiscated them all. The bottom was the classic pic of the Connecticut gun owners lined up. Definitely a travesty of our time.

It certainly is, Sam..  The sheeple do not realize just how close the wolves really are.. Those of us who knew, started sounding the alarm long before the 2008 elections.. Yet, 6 years later and almost half of the Country STILL do not see the threat, and another 25%, or so, still think they can trust the electoral process and have the time to use it...  I Pray constantly that God will open their eyes to the danger before it is too late...


Hello Mr. Hall - I'm new, just now :) - Such a relief to be here and to know that there are MANY like-minded people that knew from long before the 2008 election that this man was not presidential material. After hearing his name, my spidey senses were on overdrive and that sensitivity has not abated.

Even with the mid-terms coming November, I believe the voting machines are rigged with a Democrat default setting. Surely we don't trust the government entity that polices the voting software. We apparently didn't learn anything from the previous two federal elections, in light of the glaring evidence.

I guess I just wish to say that Yahweh is the only One that can open our brother and sisters eyes. So that is my prayer as well. Looking forward to meeting the membership and keeping my committments of Prayer for this Group and the ones we pray for.

I just did my friend !

Thank you Johnny...  To quote the younger generation: "You rock, girl!"


Thank you for your prayers, Mike..

You have certainly seen more than your share of evil through out your life.. I applaud your determination and will Pray that God will comfort you and ease your pain. May his Spirit and Grace wash over you and heal your spirit and body and may his Blessings be neverending. I ask these things in Jesus Name.. Amen




Just prayed!

To my Christian brothers and sisters, highly suggest reading "To Keep or Not to Keep: Why Christians Should Not Give Up Their Guns," by Timothy and Charles Baldwin. This is an excellent book which covers what scripture says about self-defense, including the Christian's relationship to the government, particularly those which are tyrannical.

"And when they had brought them, they set them before the council: and the high priest asked them, Saying, Did not we straitly command you that ye should not teach in this name? and, behold, ye have filled Jerusalem with your doctrine, and intend to bring this man's blood upon us. Then Peter and the other apostles answered and said, We ought to obey God rather than men." - Acts 5:27-29

My Brother in All things Holy - We citizens of Texas, are also keeping vigilance on the developments of your governing houses in the Great State of Connecticut. As a member of a less well-known but growing social web-site, Sodahead, I have uploaded Polls/Surveys for the public's perception and opinions of what is happening in this patriotic state. 

We plan to have within a Private Group there at Sodahead, a Fast & Prayer vigil for those who confront the socialist eye to eye. It is our honor and priviledge to stay in prayer for these patriot citizens who we can depend on to make those necessary changes.

Texans are aware of what you collectively are up against. We pray earnestly, fervently and round the clock for His protection of every law-abiding citizen, gun-owners and even those who don't choose to own a firearm. The latter doesn't understand that they too are in harm's way. Our LORD loves us all. <3 

Thank you Pat;

We in CT. are humbled by th outpouring of support we are getting from the rest of our Country. It gives us a glimpse of what it truly means when we say the UNITED States of America..





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