Declaration of State of Alaska Sovereignty - Prepared Letter to Send to Your State Legislators

Declaration of State of Alaska Sovereignty

To: The Honorable _____________________________

State of _________________

Dear ______________,

My name is ________________________________ and I am a very concerned constituent of yours.

You should be well aware, our Federal style of government has gotten completely out of control on everything from the "Stimulus Package(s)" to Mr. Obama's signing of the SCHIP Bill on Feb. 4, 2009. We are continuing to slide down this ever slippery slope of democracy to the extent that it has finally landed us in the deep valley of socialism, and I fear, eventually communism. If we do not stop this downward spiral now, we will end up like other great nations in the past, with severe damage, or worse, to America. I for one will resist this frightening possibility and I hope we can count on you to take positive action.

Therefore, I am urging you, as my State Legislator, immediately - with or without help from other Legislators - fashion and present a Bill that Declares the State of Alaska Sovereignty from the Federal Government since they continue to ignore and dismantle the Constitution of the United States of America. This would enable an immediate return to the Jeffersonian principles of Government as well as that of the Tenth Amendment that states, "The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the states, are reserved to the states respectively, or to the people."

I would like to encourage you as you will be standing with the obvious good company when you submit, or yield, to the will of the people of Alaska. Listed are some of the other states that have adopted, or have in committee, such a Bill: New Hampshire, Missouri, Arizona, Washington, Oklahoma, Montana, & Michigan. I would hope that you will not only see the legal, logical, moral, and the ethical reasoning behind such a Bill, but that you would also recall, and hide deep within your heart, the Founders dream and establishment of our great Republic. We must not, now or ever, relinquish our rights or sovereignty.

Here is a link to the Oklahoma Bill - that it may provide you an example for your assistance in drafting our Bill: HJR 1003 and SJR 10.
Thank you for your time and consideration on this matter.


Sign Here ______________________________
Address __________________________________
Print Name______________________________
E-Mail __________________________
Phone (____) ____________________


Harry Riley has asked for us to send this letter to our state legislators.

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    People should understand that "democracy" per se is the

    home of socialism. communism, and fascism..  For that

    to occur, we Americans must sacrifice "republicanism."

    The US Constitution is very clear, stating that we must

    enjoy a "republican" form of Government.  Therefore, our

    best argument is to circumvent any attempt to weaken

    that requirement.  That prerogative mandates enforcing

    the Tenth Amendment.

Luther are you part of the Alaska group? If so contact me lets get others involved here in the state



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