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Comment by Nathan Sidney Cobb on August 7, 2016 at 8:14pm

Sir, you need another method of recruiting and communication , I am 75years old and physically un able to train or do very much but you need to find out how you can utilize the people you have. I joined the A.D.F. about 6 months ago and they have a conference call every Thursday night , which keeps us involved and I know who to contact if needed . I will be happy to help any way I can . Sid Cobb

Comment by Col. Randall Smith, Ph.D. on August 7, 2016 at 6:59pm

Part Two

I personally believe that to believe large numbers of LEOs (enough to make a difference) will become Patriots is wishful thinking - fanciful and naive. A common reason given for the failure of Arkansans to fight, not only for themselves and their Country, but for their families - children, grand-children, great grand-children is religious beliefs. The coming conflict is about a whole lot more than you and me. I have a 2 1/2 year old grandson. I want him to be proud of me and to protect him to the best of my ability. Should he ask what his granddad did in 2016-2017, I want him to know that I did not shrink from the fight flee the Country or seek safe haven, but rather that I fought for our Country. This will be the second time for me and, as hard as it is to believe, it will be much much worse than the first. So I understand the fear than many of you may be experiencing, however, as I have said before, I and my brave group of young men in Vietnam did not allow our fears to paralyze us - mentally, physically or emotionally. We did as ordered, did what needed to be done, covered each others' backs and cared for each other like brothers. It was that experience that caused me to return to school, become a neurobiologist and teach med students, treat veteran patients with brain damage and conduct research on specific brain mechanisms.

The only group of Americans that that leaves who have the mental discipline, experience and skills needed to be effective are our Nation's veterans. Yet, when 5 or 6 Arkansans were needed to assist with "Operation American Spring", one person stepped forward to help. Where were the other 83 loyal members of "Patriots For America"?

I understand both that there are 15 admonitions in the old and new Testaments that direct us to not oppose civil authority. However, this is when it becomes necessary to think for yourself. Are we being told to follow and faithfully obey openly and obviously corrupt civil authorities? What about other guides such as the Ten Commandments? See any conflicts? Only you can decide what is right or wrong for you and live with the consequences of that decision. While many Arkansans will choose only to pray, I will choose to both pray and act. The Lord knows that the need for both in the coming days and weeks will be great. We have about 90 days before the Presidential Primaries. When that time comes, the future of our Nation is anyone's guess if Americans continue to sit in their recliners, not think, not speak and debate and discuss, and do nothing. Yours in Liberty.

Comment by Col. Randall Smith, Ph.D. on August 7, 2016 at 6:31pm

Part One

Do we actually have about 84 patriotic Americans living in Arkansas (a state with a population of about 3 million people) who are actually PFA members, or is that number no longer accurate? It seems that no one with PFA has any thoughts, suggestions, etc. to contribute to the biggest cause in their lifetime. There may be any number of reasons for this: fear, ignornace (e.g. of the Constitution and Constitutional Law and, therefore, the God-given rights that if provides, lack of appreciation of the fact that there is, and never has been, a greater document on the face of the earth than our Constitution throughout world history. Perhaps the problem is the persistence of the behaviors that have gotten us into this predicament in the first place: preoccupation with personal interests, hobbies, computer games, Netflix, pass-times, etc. leading to neglect of interest in government (at all levels). Attention to government should be a part of every person's routine who lives in a Republic. Many people tell me that it is nothing more or less than apathy, lethargy, complacency, laziness, yet I do not think of those as characteristics of Arkansans. Apparently some Arkansans are of the mistaken notion that, after the elections, everything will be alright. If that is your belief, I strongly encourage you to examine exactly what it is you mean by "everything". Some Arkansans may have resigned themselves to the fact the we are going to live under a "New World Order", be controlled by a world police force, live out the remainder of our lives languishing in a FEMA relocation center, eventually succumbing to the inevitable contagious diseases such as cholera and dysentery. A part of the New World Order scheme includes forcing citizen-victims to either agree to join a New World Order Church (with Lucifer as its official head), or surrender your life (shades of the Crusades and current Muslim atrocities in out time). I receive a lot of e-mails from people who basically ask, "Who is going to take care of us". This is an expression of dependency, a psychiatric ailement in its chronic form. The answer I give is, "Look in the mirror". It's not appreciated, however it is the only answer possible. This time, we cannot send our healthiest, strong young men to fight, suffer and die for us. The complete and total responsibility for our current national and world situation falls squarely on our shoulders - no one else's. And we are the ones who are going to have to get ourselves out of it. Sadly and unbelievably, not one of our 50 states has a fully-functional militia ready for action, regardless of what they post on the internet. Members come, get into disagreements, and leave. Ego is a big factor - who will be the "General" or "Commander", etc. Most "field exercises" involve a bunch of guys having target practice with empty beer cans. When training in medical first aid, hand-to-hand combat, communications, ordnance, marksmanship, tactics and a host of other topics should be being taught, the fact is that none of them are. Arkansas had a small, poorly organized militia, the Arkansas Defense Force. Colonels simply went AWOL with no thought given to their men and women. They just left. After months of internal bickering, the Arkansas Defense Force ceased to exist. The Oath Keepers have been eviscerated by their leader, Stuart Rhodes for whom Oath Keepers exists to make money for him since he was disbarred as an attorney a couple of years ago. Stuart is of the opinion that most law enforcement officers are going to switch sides, leave jobs that allow them to legally brutalize and kill "criminals" (about 4% of law enforcement officers are sociopaths), leave their salaries, benefits, retirement, etc. and become patriotic (unemployed) American militia, honor their military oath, and fight to protect our Nation and its citizens.

Comment by Col. Randall Smith, Ph.D. on August 4, 2016 at 1:41pm

We currently have 84 active members of PFA from the state of Arkansas. We are currently seeking patriotic Arkansans and Americans who are fully prepared mentally, emotionally and physically to stand up for their Country. The time for talking has ended. The time for action is at hand. Several years ago, no one would have predicted the changes that have come to our Nation and government through deceit, dishonesty, fraud and greed for wealth and power. The truth and the reality is that we have known for a relatively long time that this day would come. The expression "SHTF" has been around for several years now. It is nothing new; not a surprise. This is your call to duty as both American citizens and as members of Patriots for America. This is not about you and me. Now, it is our turn to give something back, and, at the same time, to secure a safe, free future for our children and grandchildren. If you have sworn an oath before our Creator, this is the time to honor both Him and the words you uttered. I may be easily reached on the PFA website. Please feel free to write for any reason. I hope you will honor your oath and step forward, not shrink from it and retreat. To me, this is why you swore your oath. It is what makes you an American and a patriot. May God bless us all. Respectfully,

Comment by Col. Randall Smith, Ph.D. on May 6, 2016 at 6:34pm


serve "...without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion....". Can you think of a political figure who has not upheld his or her oath of office? I can think of quite a few. What have "we" done about it? I find it interesting how, just like the "Patriot Act" and the "National Defense Authorization Act", so that now, because we gradually surrendered those reins of power and control of our governments to those who were only to glad to take them from us, the tables have been completely turned. Of course we've been lied to by our presidents many times - Bush's "weapons of mass destruction" in Iraq, creation of DHS and FEMA to "keep us safe" which they did not do for residents of New Orleans following hurricane Katrina, etc. In reality, many, if not most, of the people in government today are dishonest. It has become a way of life. They are, in actuality, imposters. Their goal is not our well-being, or that of the nation. Their goal is accumulation of power and wealth. The only problem is that now, we are the terrorists, hence, DHS, FEMA, detention facilities, gun confiscation, etc. A close friend of mine of many years, a Special Agent in Charge with the FBI, relates the ways different people react if they receive a message from an agent asking him or her to return the call. It's probably the way most people feel during a routine traffic stop is not much different. Do we view police officers and special agents as "public servants"? If not, why not? Now, more than at any other time in the history of our Nation, it is absolutely essential that you understand and use the rights granted to you under the Constitution for as long as it exists and before it is replaced by Martial Law. I believe that it is, in part, because we have not done this, that we find ourselves in our current situation. We pursued getting an education, doing well in our jobs, raising a family, pursuing personal hobbies or pleasures all the while assuming that elected officials ("somebody else") in government would do their jobs honestly and with integrity "for us". We all know what happens when we "assume". In that list of life activites, we should have added "paying attention to what's going on with our governments (federal, state, county, local). But we did not do that. We let "somebody else" take care of that.

Something that all law enforcement officers, judges, prosecuting attorneys, firemen, paramedics, etc. do not want you to know is that, like a repairman who comes to your home, they are bonded. If that bond is revoked by the bonding company, they are not only out of a job; they are out of a career. Too many complaints of partiality made against a judge, too many complaints of use of excessive force against a law enforcement officer or complaints of prosecutorial misconduct can all be reasons to have bonds revoked.

I pray for God's blessings upon you and yours, and upon our beleagured Country.


Lt. Col. Randall Smith, KF5YMT/AAR6KQ/KMA-692, Commander,Nationwide Emergency Communications Network

Comment by Col. Randall Smith, Ph.D. on May 6, 2016 at 5:49pm

                                              Part 7

If you spend a little time reading the Quran, the reason senseless slaughter of Christians becomes quickly apparent. You have undoubtedly heard that, shortly after taking office, Obama had all references to Christianity removed from the Capitol and the White House. We already know about restrictions being placed on free speech where religion, particularly the Christian religion, is concerned.

A less publicized, but very major part of the "New World Order" goes much farther than demanding the implantation of RFID "chips" or the abolition of Christian and Jewish decorations. The new, religious head of the New World Order is none other than Lucifer. My understanding (and I may be mistaken) is that each detainee will be asked to replace his or her Judeo-Christian beliefs with those that worship Lucifer. I am not certain that clergy paid by DHS to "re-educate" us will be willing to do this, however, very little that people do surprises me. Failure to do so will probably answer the question, Why did the government purchase Guillotines and several hundred thousand plastic casket liners?

Before joining the Air Force, I gave some thought to what I was and was not willing to die for. The answer is now apparent; I swore an oath which, to me, like marriage vows, has no expiration date. Today, we have to ask ourselves not only what we are and are not willing to die for, but also how we want to die.That is, of course, a matter for each individual's conscience. The choices are few: defending our Country if at all possible, succumbing to unsanitary conditions and disease in a FEMA camp, adhering to life-long religious and spiritual beliefs regardless of the consequences

I wrote this for several reasons. The first, and most important, is to awaken the "sleepers" while there may still be time to act to change our government. The second was to give you an opportunity to revise your plans in light of any new information you may have received.

In 1776, we were given a beautiful set of gifts. How could it have been otherwise? They came from our Creator. He gave us wise men with tremendous foresight, a document that is absolutely unique and unlike any other in the history of the world. He also gave us responsibilities to uphold in order to guarantee the integrity and survival of that document. No such document - and the ideas behind it - were bestowed at any other time on any other Nation on the face of the earth. These "inalienable rights" were gifts to every American man, woman and child. In my humble opinion, we all share blame for being poor stewards of that incredible document and all that it represents, that indescribable gift from our Creator. We have been warned many times over the years to beware of the "military-industrial complex", starting with President Eisenhower.President John F. Kennedy issued a similar warning, along with admonishing us to be wary of "secret organizations" (e.g. the Bilderberg Group, the illuminati, the Federal Reserve, the International Monetary Fund, World Bank, the World Trade Organization, Skull & Bones (Yale University etc.). At the time of President Kennedy's assassination, conspiracy theories abounded: it was Lee Harvey Oswald, the Mafia, it was Castro, etc. Today, in retrospect, there is little doubt in my mind who is both responsible for President Kennedy's death, and for the tragedy at the World Trade Center on 9/11/2001.

Originally, we held the reins of power and control. Individuals who worked for the government at any level - whether elected, appointed or hired - in reality worked for us, hence the term "public servant". Each public servant swore an oath to

Comment by Col. Randall Smith, Ph.D. on May 6, 2016 at 4:42pm

                                                Part 6

More reliable reports confirm than deny that between 15,000 and 30,000 Guillotines are stored at Joint Base Lewis-McChord in Tacoma, Washington and at undisclosed FEMA internment camps. As a corollary, FEMA just completed doubling the size of its crematoria at several FEMA camps. I do not think it would be too much of a stretch to connect these particularly ominous dots.

From my perspective, things did not have to turn out this way. This is early May, 2016. Much can happen between now and, say, January 1, 2017 - and I pray that it does for the better. It will be interesting to see if Obama deploys more American troops to Iraq and/or Syria in the days ahead.

When building a nationwide emergency communications network for U.S. Civil Defense (private, non-governmental, pro-constitutional organization) in 2013 (a 1 1/2 year undertaking), I met some truly patriotic and dedicated individuals who volunteered to serve as network control operators in small teams to provide 24/7 coverage if the threat level warranted it. This network was capable of world-wide communications, either via traditional propagation or satellite relay. We were tied in with various state militias who needed help with comms, the Salvation Army Network, the Red Cross Network and several state Civil Defense groups. Thus far, after about one year, attempting to build a statewide emergency communications network in Arkansas has failed. My plan for Arkansas, as it was for U.S.C.D. was to make communications available to every American who could afford a $40 hand-held radio. No FCC license would be required. The plan worked with people such as those fighting the wild fires in California and elsewhere, but, for some unfathomable reason, not here.

My first indication that something was amiss occurred during Operation American Spring when I attempted to recruit 5 individuals to help with such things as travel, accommodations, communications (I handled that, both for Arkansas and for PFA), medical, etc. Each state consisted of a director and a staff of 5 or 6 additional leaders/helpers. Despite multiple requests, only one fellow Arkansan and American offered to help. I may be mistaken, however based on feedback from communications/intelligence officers in other states, we were an exception. Unless given convincing information to the contrary, I can only assume that this is why we have no emergency communications in Arkansas, why we have no true, functional militia in Arkansas and, perhaps, why so many Arkansans with whom I speak seem to have no idea whatsoever what is going on in our Country - they are "asleep". For a while, Arkansas had a small militia group in the Little Rock area. Due to desertion by command-staff officers, members going AWOL (and other reasons), that group folded. It is trying to be resurrected in the Malvern area. A militia group in northwest Arkansas called the Arkansas Patriot Militia seems to be doing well, though it does not have enough members to provide any kind of meaningful defense for Arkansans in all 75 Arkansas counties.

DHS has for some time now, been approaching ministers, priests and rabbis to alter the direction of their messages to their members to prepare or "re-educate" them for the coming "New World Order". These clergymen and women have been offered payment by DHS to comply with this request. There is a very good reason for this, and it is consistent with Scripture. You already know that, for the first time since the Crusades, Christians are being murdered in record numbers.


Comment by Col. Randall Smith, Ph.D. on May 6, 2016 at 3:53pm

                                               Part 5

men did for us in previous conflicts on foreign soil. Unfortunately, all of these groups and others, despite having years to prepare, are in disarray. There is no plan, no organization, no leadership, no chain-of-command, no functional communications, no training (medical, comms, intel, hand-to-hand combat, marksmanchip, etc.), just lots of words and good intentions which, as we all know, are little more than cobblestones in the road to Hell. Furthermore, the disparity in ordnance and armament between these groups and the government-corporation is immense, even counting the 320 million weapons owned by private citizens. Patriots have no APCs with .50 caliber machine guns, no MRAPS with Gatling guns, no RPGs, no tanks, no armed helicopters with 40 or 55 mm. cannons, no ground penetrating radar, no aerial surveillance (choppers, drones, etc.). There exist, but few, if any, patriot organization have procedures for avoiding jamming, interception of communications, etc. According to my intel sources, we have had years to prepare but have not, we have run out of time (some groups are still talking about building "radio networks" - a very time and labor intensive project that sounds deceptively simple. Let me warn you that, if you transmit from your CB, FRS, GMRS, MURS, Marine or other transmitter for more than 3 seconds, your coordinates will be noted. Therefore, frequent relocation is required.

In many ways, we have failed to "connect the dots". For example, for how long have we known that Russian Spetsnaz (special forces) and Spetsnaz GRU (intelligence) troops have been observed in Colorado and other states? This predated JH-15. Russia and other foreign troops (including U.N. "Peace Keeping" troops are at American military installations and aboard American war ships training alongside of American Airmen, Marines, Soldiers and Sailors. Did we expect personal letters from Lt. Gen. Charles Cleveland, commander of operation James Helm?

You may know about what is called the "aircraft boneyard" maintained at Davis Monthan AFB by the 309th Maintenance Group in Tucson, AZ. Recently, hidden from plain view, millions of pairs of new handcuffs and shackles were discovered. With regard to "Who will protect us", surveys of active duty military personnel have shown that about 75% of Airmen, 55% of Soldiers, 45% of Sailors and 24% of Marines have indicated that, if so ordered, they would fire on their fellow Americans. Hence, Obama's reliance on foreign troops and, according to some, hired mercenaries from organizations such as the Blackwater Group (now owned by L3 Communications, a major defense contractor). This, you may recall, was Obama's "litmus test" which resulted in the largest "retirement" or resignation of top ranking military commanders in our Nation's history.

While thousands of "keyboard commandos" wrote volumes of inane comments on the internet about such inane topics as whether or not we should hold a second "Continental Congress", or whether or not a new community named "Jefferson" should be formed as an independent, sovereign entity, the government-corporation has been steadily planning its work, and working its plan. That, in my estimation, is what we should have been doing since, at least, mid-2013.


Comment by Col. Randall Smith, Ph.D. on May 6, 2016 at 3:15pm

                                               Part 4

By the way, all of the diseases mentioned in Part 3 are relatively new, and all are resistant to our most potent antibiotics, alone or in combination in some cases.

You have probably heard of the "Guidestones" located in Elbert County, GA. Some of the NWO presuasion refer to these as "Commandment Stones". There are four of them, and they were erected anonymously in 1980. Little has been said or written about them until recently which, sadly, is a testimony to the manner in which many Americans react to things that they do not understand (or do not want to understand). So we just tend to ignore them. In reality, the 10 "Guidelines" are included in the U.N.'s Agenda 21 under which we are being subjugated today. The first "Guide" states that the world's population will not exceed 500 million people. As of 2015, the U.N. estimated the world's population at 7.2 billion people. The obvious question is, What is to become of those in excess of 500 million (or about 6.2 billion human beings)? According to Agenda 21, the primary goal is depopulation. They have determined that the two most economical ways of achieving this goal are by allowing people to perish from diseases and/or starvation. That is you and me.

Let me digress for a minute to direct your attention to (at least) two U.S. Army manuals that were leaked by Ft. Leonard Wood in Missouri. They are available on the internet. They include FM 3-39.40 involving internment and re-settlement, and FM 3-39 (Military Police). The entire series of manuals is now available on the internet under "19 Series Collection". Note the publication dates on these manuals (1989, 1990 - not recent). We have had forewarnings of what is now here since at least 1980. Historians know that what we are experiencing today is the culmination of writing and thinking dating back to 1776. I suppose we just missed it for about 220 years.

Recent, very reliable intelligence reports that the government-corporation is actually ahead of schedule, and taking advantage of the "elections" to distract many Americans, both those who are "asleep" and those who are "awake". Their hope is that many Americans still believe that we have a "two party" electoral system. In truth and in reality, we do not. Both Republicans and Democrats in Congress have long since ceased being statesmen and representing the people whom they swore to serve and have sworn instead to serve power and greed. If you think that our individual votes have any real influence on the election results, you are mistaken. We have a one-party system, and the 45th president of the United States has already been decided, as has been the case during many previous elections. The popular vote has little or no effect on the final outcome due to the powerful influence of "delegates" and "super-delegates" - some of whom are former presidents - like Bill Clinton.

I receive too many question about "who will save us" or "who will take care of us". The only honest answer is to look in the mirror. Unlike wars in the past, we cannot send our healthiest, strongest, bravest young men to die in battle while leaving those who are found unfit to remain at home and reproduce. This time, we are going to have to save ourselves on our own soil, perish on it, or languish in FEMA detention "camps". I know that many Americans, including myself, hoped that the Oath Keepers, 3%ers, American Resistance Movement, Modern Militia Movement, Patriots for America, state militias, and our veterans (who do know how to fight and honor their oaths) would help us as the thousands of

Comment by Col. Randall Smith, Ph.D. on May 6, 2016 at 1:52pm

                                               Part 3

Please disregard the last 3 lines of Part 2. A typist I am not.

Patients are now asking their physicians to treat what they believe to be a new type of "flu". It has come to be known as "chemtrail flu" and, as you might guess, medical management is a significant challenge for the family practitioner. You have probably seen pictures of hundreds of thousands of dead fish lining the shores of waterways and of thousands of dead birds on rooftops, streets and sidewalks. Most are aware of the increasingly serious reduction in the honey bee population. Some experts predict that, without fertilization by bees, human beings would be able to exist on earth for 4 or, at most, 5 years. Less visible is the negative effects of chemtrails on fresh and salt water organisms such as coral, crustaceans and other mollusks. The chemtrail ingredients interfere with the formation of the outer shells of these animals. The result is lack of protection and faulty reproduction.

University studies have shown consistently that chemtrails contain such diverse and bizarre combinations of ingredients as elemental barius, aluminum, lead, arsenic, human white blood cells, dessicated human red blood cells, mercury, radioactive strontium, pharmaceutical agents (e.g. chlorpromazine, benzodiazepines, etc.), asbestos, and infectious bacterial and viral agents. What effect does mercury have upon the human nervous system, especially upon the developing human nervous systems of fetuses and children? Notice the leaves on trees. Many appear as though they lack sufficient water, however this is not at all the case. Some of the chemicals found in chemtrails are the same as those used to produce "agent orange", a potent and carcinogenic defoliant during the Vietnam war. Many veterans today are still suffering the effects of exposure 50 years later. 

According to U.N. Agenda 21, the two most economical ways to kill large numbers of people are via (1) exposure to diseases (e.g. SARS, AIDS, MERS, MRSA, VRE, MDR-TB, KPC and others), and (2) starvation. Top ranking military commanders tell their pilots and air crews that they are spraying chemicals that benefit the earth, block ionizing solar energy, help with global warming, improve over-the-horizon radar, make it possible to re-locate dangerous weather patterns to un-populated areas, etc. In preparing my article, I spoke with the pilot of a KC-10. He told me that they were being told by senior officers that what they were doing was beneficial to the planet. When he asked his CO about this, he was taken off of flying status, put on psychotropic medications and placed behind a desk. His military career was over. He was a young 0-4 (Major) and, for all practical purposes, his military career was over. This is an example, I believe, of what can be allow to occur when the Commander-in-Chief has had absolutely no military training or experience. The same is true of both of Obama's predecessors. I will just mention the "HAARP" project, another formerly classified program aimed at geo-engineering. The HAARP installation, with antenna arrays, is located in Alaska. It generates 3.6 million watts of radio signal power between 2.7 and 10 MHz. It literally "burns" a hole in the atmosphere. Its reported purpose was to influence weather patterns.


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