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With some of us having returned from DC and the leadership there has set the way forward we need to have a meeting to plan our future operations. The meeting will be this Saturday 31 May at 2 pm CST, located in Crestview, FL at the Bob Sikes Library, address 1445 Commerce Drive. We will have audio Skype up for those not able to physically attend (25 users can conference), find me on Skype, user name Wendell Beattie, wendell.beattie. My cell number is 850-758-2863 if you have problems with Skype access. If you can give me a heads up if you will be Skyping so I have an idea who to look for.

There are assuredly more but here's some areas to think about:

 - How do we organize the local teams, by county, by Congressional district, etc.?
 - Establishing a state level team of Comm, Media, Logistics, etc.
 - How do we get the state elected officials to exercise their duty to stand as the sovereign state of Florida, a march/protest in Tallahassee, etc.? 
 - How many people should we have as a goal to maintain presence as a Florida delegation in DC?
 - Do we accept donations for the cause?

Here's the DC meeting video, OAS Reloaded Meeting, May 28th, 2014

May God bless you, your family, the OAS effort and our nation.
Wendell Beattie

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I am willing to become the Manatee County coordinator. I am currently recovering from surgery that masks my extremely painful back & neurophy issues. They often stop me from being productive & often cause depression. It stopped me frrom attending the DC May 16th meet. I am a member of the local TEA Party, pseudo SECOM member & do my best in the county/state to work towards restoring Constitutional practices/values. I tried coordinating a SW FL bus to DC effort but was disappointed when only 7 signed up for the bus which was cancelled.

I am currently a member of the FL, Wrambling Wrecks & Prayer Warriors groups.




  Welcome aboard! May God bless you with a full and speedy recovery. We are at the point of needing to reach out again to people to let them know what OAS is about and how important it is to return the government within Constitutional bounds. If you and the seven folks can reach out on social media (Facebook/Twitter/etc), going to organizations and briefing them on what OAS is and why we do it, write Op/Ed articles and getting on radio talk shows doing the same this will help get the word out. We are continuing to contact Congress via phone calls and emails to remind them OAS is alive and well, get folks in your area to do it daily, weekly until we succeed. In the future we will engage the state government demanding they exercise our sovereign state rights to stop federal government trampling on our Constitutional rights. Get to know what your local county government is doing, if they are not doing what is right by the Constitution, let them know you expect them to rectify that.

 This effort will take time, we work within the limitations and constraints we live with. With God's help we can succeed.

 Contact me if you have any questions.

May God bless you, your family, the OAS effort and our nation.

Wendell Beattie




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