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I will be starting a tampa bay area group for all patriots in the area . I may need some help getting started because this is a new experience for me for i have never started a group before but I believe this is what god wants me to do for all that would like to help me please do and for all that would like to join u can email mail me here and i will give you my number for all that would like to join this group please join me and all the other patriots i would like to have a meet n greet. GOD BLESS YOU ALL AND THANK YOU FOR LOVING THIS COUNTRY THIS MUCH

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James, I live in Lakeland, Fl and would like to hook up with a group heading to DC on the 14th or 15th. Do you know of any bus group near Lakeland that I could contact? I am 74 yrs. old and willing to die for my Country and my God.  Jennings

Please call dr. David dyer at 941-347-7147 tickets are aproximatly 160 and if you have any other questions i will do my best to answer them for you i plan on riding up on my old motorcycle if there is anyone that wants to ride along with me feel free to contact me it would be nice to have a group of bikes to ride up with me god bless you all and our great nation

Hi James, Am new to PFA and have been trying to locate those interested in heading to DC for the 16th in my area (Spring Hill, Brooksville) so far without success. Would you share your groups' plan for transportation/lodging with me as a potential joiner? I live approximately 50 miles north of Tampa FYI. God bless and Happy Easter. Chuck Calandra


Charles dont feel bad im having the same problem i will be riding up on an old goldwing i plan on leaving on the 14th i have family up that way so i will probably stay with my sister if you would like to talk more you can call me after 6 at 813-369-4582 i look forward to hearing from you God bless the patriots and our beloved nation

Good morning James, I am glad to help as you get this group organized. I am very disturbed with the America my grand children may know if this administration and even bigger, the liberal progressive agenda that has taken over due to lack of heart felt opposition from conservative, family oriented, Godly christian values ! Larry Calhoun, 813-310-4178 cell, 813-223-3303 shop     I live in Lutz and work in Tampa, thank You, Larry 

Good morning and god bless you larry if you dont mind i will give you a call when i get off work today probably after 5 if thats good for you i have been having problems getting others to join us so far i only have a couple of people that are not scared to help our nation but they cant get off work to go with us to dc i look forward to talking more this evening God bless all the patriots and our beloved nation

Do you have a Supply Contact ?  I have some supplies that may be useful.  P. Curtin 727 824 8503....NSA can go to Hell.

Jesus Christ IS Lord.  Would give from my lack.  Disabled.  Will you receive.  YulaKnow You Tube.



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