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Notes from the June 28 OAS Florida meeting

I apologize for the delay in getting these out, the holiday and other priorities have slowed me down. 

If you haven’t heard there have been some changes in our OAS leadership which will affect the national OAS effort, I will include these after the meeting notes.

We met after the protest against Illegal Immigration we held in Crestview. A low turnout, the local Republican club was supportive and had the majority in attendance. This is how we need to go forward working with other likeminded groups.

There were three present and one on a teleconference call for the meeting. We discussed the current state of OAS National, what we’ve done and what we’ll do next. At the meeting we signed and sent letters to federal and state elected officials demanding the border be secured and illegal immigration be stopped.

National OAS Update

Col Riley was able to give us an update via a phone call prior to the meeting:

  • We need a new State Operations Leader.

  • There is a second push set for July 4th – 11th

  • Call Colonel Riley is still ongoing, only two Congressmen have called him.

Where We’re At

An update on what has happened in OAS Florida since our last meeting in May:

  1. Establish OAS coordinators for each Florida county.

    We have county coordinators for Santa Rosa, Okaloosa, Walton, Volusia, and Palm Beach counties. We have one for Tampa as well.

  2. Establish a State level staff to support OAS State of Florida Coordinators and county level staff.

    We have no new staff members.

  3. Organize speaking engagements with OAS mission minded public figures around Florida.

    No action for this objective.

  4. Confirm whether or not county Sheriffs are Oathkeepers.

    No action for this objective.

  5. Brief organizations throughout Florida about the OAS mission.

    Attempts were made to speak in Walton county but as of today no offers have been extended.

  6. Build contacts with U.S./Florida state Senators and Representatives and their staff.

    No action for this objective.

  7. Barrage politicians and staff via email/phone calls/protests with our stance on Constitutional restoration, state sovereignty and issues.

    This has been the “Call the Colonel” effort

  8. Support D.C. operations as set forth by OAS national leadership, with Boots On The Ground in D.C., phone calls, emails and social media.

    To our knowledge we had one go to the Mall in June. There is report on that two people are at Camp Liberty.

  9. Unite with other likeminded groups, i.e. local political organizations, Oathkeepers, Florida Against Common Core, etc. to achieve success on common causes/issues.

    There is a two day national protest movement against immigration reform, amnesty, and the border surge being setup by Overpasses for America on 18 & 19 July. They post the events on Facebook, please check there (Overpasses for America – Florida) for a protest near you and attend.


    Upcoming Actions

    Our next steps are to continue reaching out and informing people, continue to work on our objectives.

    We have a letter similar to the “Call Colonel Riley” effort that will be sent out to our state elected officials asking them if they will commit to uphold their oath of office. If you would like to get involved and mail or deliver the letter to your state Representative and/or Senator please let me know. Call 850-758-2863 or email


    Leadership Changes

      Colonel Riley has stepped down from his leadership role in OAS. There have been other people I believe have stepped down but I cannot confirm the information. RP McKinley is operating the website.  When or if new national leadership will be established remains to be seen. Thanks be to Col Riley, his faithfulness to God, tireless effort and commitment to initiate action when “We the People” needed someone to do so.

      Operation American Spring went with God to DC on May 16th, assembled, protested, and delivered articles of impeachment to Congress. There have been stirrings of impeachment talk in Congress and in the news. We must continue to voice our opposition to the violations of the Constitution and demand it be corrected. May we continually seek God’s guidance and His protection as we continue this important work.


    Next Meeting

    Our next meeting is on July 26th at 1 pm CST, the physical location is the Crestview Library, 1445 Commerce Drive Crestview, FL 32539 (behind the Post Office off Highway 85 North). You can call in to 850-758-2863 or call me if you want to voice Skype.


    Wendell Beattie


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