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have some information for those living in SW Fl on the Tea Party in Washington D.C. Sept 12 and 13
AIR FLIGHT: SWFL International Airport Fort Myers, Fl. Leaving Sept 11 at 10:45
am arrive Baltimore 12:45pm Bus to Hyatt Regency Washington on Capitol Hill.
Depart Baltimore Sept 13 5:30pm arrive Ft. Myers,8:05pm
FLIGHT COST; 169.20 to 233.20 Round trip taxes included.
ROOM COST: 129.00 a nite that is 50% off normal rate. Will sleep 1-4 at no addtional cost.
BUS SERVICE: approximate 22.00 ea way
Contact JOANNE GRIFFING at or call 401-822-7777
When you speak with her give her the code TEAPARTYRSW then send an email to
Thank You
Claire Pope

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You have 349,000 people confirmed to make a trip to Washington for this tea party??
That is what my organizer tell me . This is not all from Florida but a National effort.
Oddly enough, the site only has 3,000 registered participants. If you have that many attending, wouldn't it be nice to let them know? Have a special arrangement with a particular hotel? We have a group from the Florida panhandle who plan to attend and we would like to meet our "southern counterparts".
I posted the info about the hotel. Hyatt Regency Washington on Capitol Hill, special rate 129.00 a night Call
Joanne Griffing 401-822-7777 and give her code after booking TEAPARTYRSW then email My April 15th planner here in Punta Gorda is working with the National Tea Party and he tell me they have 349000 confirmed. Feel free to give this info to the 912 group, I am a member but havent figured out how to post a blog there
The Hyatt Regency Washington on Capitol Hill is the headquarters hotel for the National Tea Party. If you go to the website, there is a link you can click on to get the special rate at the Hyatt.
Claire, what exactly is THE national tea party. Do you have a URL I can visit to get info? My 13 yr old son and I would LOVE to go if there truly are 349,000 going, but we are traveling from Oklahoma and I don't want to travel that far for it if it isn't going to be a kicka** huge event.

I have to say I am a little confused why it isn't on a day when Congress is in session. It's a pretty sure bet those skunks will high tail it out of town if they know we are coming.
To get the best information and your questions answered by those in the know email Robin Stueban at Remember Rick Santellis rate and the April 15th Tea Parties, they were set in motion on a website called This is I understand the National site. Robin was our organizer for this event and he can answer your questions better than I. Please let me know what you find out but that was in my email from him and I got his permission to post it. I too will be traveling from Mich not Florida but I am booking my room today.
Not to dissuade you from your plans, but you are aware of the alternative road to DC for Sept 12, via Amtrak Rail, aren't you? Has the potential advantage of providing a comfortable trip, with a view of the countryside, and the comraderie of fellow Patriots, with possible avoidance of hotel and ground transportation costs, at a very reasonable cost. Disadvantage is potentially longer duration of overall trip. See my blog entries on this website.
Just another data point that all travelers might consider.
Jerry bell
I am going to be in Canada at a friends then will drive to D.C. The train sounds like fun wish it worked into my plans. I am golfing in
Okay thanks Claire. I'll check it out!
5 days and still no reply from Robin Steuben........



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