Constitutional Emergency

To date Rep Jeff Miller has not responded to the "Call the Colonel" request and during our meeting with him in May he did not commit to initiating impeachment of President Obama. His opponent in the upcoming Republican primary John Krause of Pensacola has stated he would initiate impeachment of President Obama.

Here are the websites for both, you can ask them personally and let them know what you a voting citizen expect:

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The reason I do NOT support an impeachment move now is because the national media is in Obama's pocket when you consider:  ABC president Ben Sherwood is the BROTHER of Obama special advisor Elizabeth Sherwood; CNN president Virginia Mosely is married to former Sec. of State Hillary Clinton's deputy Secretary of State Tom Nides; CBS president David Rhodes is BROTHER of top Obama official Ben Rhodes--the Obama staffer who CHANGED Benghazi talking points from Islamic terrorist attack to a "video" as cause; ABC senior correspondent Claire Shipman is MARRIED to former WH press secretary Jay Carney---that's a LOT of DemocRAT influence over media reporting for Obama and AGAINST the Republicans and conservatives--the national media will portray an impeachment move against Obama as "RACIST RICH WHITE PEOPLE, Tea Party groups and 'Jim Crow' blacks in the GOP" trying to remove the first black president.  It would DRIVE a RETALIATION vote from blacks, minorities and socialists across this country before the 2014 mid-term elections, EXACTLY what Obama would want!  The result?  It's probably his BEST chance to keep the Senate in Harry Reid's control and LAST CHANCE to regain control over the House of Representatives before his terms end in '16.  The last time this happened, GOP impeached Bill Clinton but could NOT get a conviction in a DemocRAT controlled Senate and LOST the House in the following election.  This DemocRAT controlled Senate will NOT convict Obama--it takes 68 YES votes to convict, with only 46 GOP Senators--they are 22 Senate seats short of conviction---IT AIN'T GONNA HAPPEN!!!   It's a waste of time at this point---which do YOU think is most important--Impeachment vote or winning the Senate and getting control over both Houses of Congress beginning 2015?   An impeachment conviction won't be successful, winning the Senate IS highly possible.  It's not that hard to figure out!

Jeff Miller is an establishment pawn and should not be reelected............find another option in Florida District 1...perhaps John Krause is that option........

Shavager, points taken, but I am a simple man, I try to keep things in simple categories, like right and wrong. It gives me less stress in life, but not without consequences, of which I have no regrets. I see the situation as it is, the Constitution has been violated, so the law of the land has been broken. When a politician breaks the law of the land, per the Constitution, the action to be taken is impeachment. The House should initiate it and the Senate judge the merit of the charge. If they choose to violate their oath, they will answer to a power higher than I.

As Col Riley has pointed out and I failed to clarify as the main point of the post, it is time for new representation in the US House of Representatives for Florida District 1.

May God bless this nation, 

Wendell Beattie 



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