We had a great time showing the walking dead that we are pissed !!! Glad to hear all of you did the same . But I think we need to keep going we can call it operation back yard but at I.C.E offices in support of them they was trained to do a job that they are not allowed to do and you know they want to do their job and same way we have a job to do but we will not stand down until laws are enforced and this adminastration is impeached and and brought up on charges or /and immigration offices maybe a diffirent one everyother weekend until we have enough to cover all offices at once to . I would like to see this happen can you help me to keep these protest going Iam not quite sure how to.make it national could you please help or advise me to make this happen ? Thank you and god bless you. May god keep you safe always. TAMPA BAY AREA PATRIOTS FOR AMERICA JAMES DINARDI

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 James,I called several state offices today trying to find out if FL. is going to accept the illegal alien foreign invaders with no avail. I was constantly told that immigration is at the Fed. level. FL. has many holding facilities because of the location of the state. They would not tell me where the holding facilities are or how long they hold people or if they let them go. That basically tells us that they let the foreign invaders go. When I told them that the Tenth Amendment guarantees states rights,and they do have the right to protect their citizens they argued with me. I called the Gov. office and had to leave a message.

 I e-mailed Scott at that point,telling him that his first and foremost job is to protect the citizens of the st. of FL. I told him the truth about the foreign invaders:

 (1) only 20% of them are children,the rest adults and drug cartel gang members.

 (2) The Fed. Gov. payed people to bring foreign invaders here.  http://jimstonefreelance.com ; Updated daily so you may have to archive CHILD THEFT:The Real Story Behind The Immigrant Children

(3) In the last 2 years foreign invaders have committed rapes 5,000 & murdered 2,000 Americans.

 (4) They are bringing in incurable tb,scabies,pneumonia,lice,Leprosy and many other diseased that have been eradicated in America for decades.

(5) Border Patrol Agents and health care workers are already being hospitalized with these diseases.

 (6) 35 American citizens are murdered daily by these foreign invaders.

 (7) Rapes are occurring in these obama camps.

 (8) Everyone is screaming,"compassion," where is the compassion for the children who have been raped?

 (9) Where is compassion for American families who have lost loved ones at the hands of these illegal foreign invaders who will never see their loved ones again?

 Go to this website to learn more:  Foreign National Crime Information Center-Victims of Illegal Alien Criminal Memorial


Overpass For America is very active now protesting the invasion & we do have a FB page. ALIPAC.US is active with us posting the time & place of the protest.

 http://tenthamendmentcenter.org helps states fight the Fed.'s & has excellent information on states rights!!

NumbersUSA has a map where some of them are being shipped our protest sunday was at one such place and feds aren't telling. The governors when or where and some of them are fighting for the states governments right to know I dont know if scott is one of them. I will look into it when i have more time. Thank you fot the useful info i knew most of it personally but i see a couple new things i want to check out .its just my belief we can get more attention at these places especially if some can protest during their working hours as for ICE offices aren'they like police stations and always open ? So we can at least go there on weekends the media is starting to pick up on us we can not let it stop we are waking people up i see it more everyday
Here is something i wrote this morning and posted in another discussion

We had a great time yesterday 7/20/2014 in holiday , fl. US19 and Darrlington rd. Where they are housing the illegal invaders . But we can not stop now we must keep going I have ideas for more protest I would like to share the more we protest the more we show people the courage to come out and join us they ride by and wave blow their horns and think look at those brave patriots standing up for our country why am i so scared to do the same . Remember it only takes one to make a diffirence the walking dead public is waiting on a leader but i am not as someone very great said we are all leaders within ourselves it is left up to the individual to bring it out well i am bringing it out of myself i follow no one but i will stand beside my patriot brothers and sisters and do what i feel is right .the time of sitting on our asses is over the time of being silent is over i am fighting for my country so our children and grandchildren will not have to this is our job our fight and we will have our victory failure is not an option nor is it in my vocabulary failure is for the opposition and when we get done they will know exactly what it means !! I shall have no fear for god is with me and each and everyone of you . Thank you all for reading my words but thank you mostly for standing with me to fight the tyranny in this nation .yesterday was day 3 for most of us in the TAMPA BAY AREA. WE LIKED IT WE LOVED AND YOU CAN BET YOUR ASS WE WILL DO A LOT MORE OF IT
You are on track, keep doing what you're doing. Check out the Jun 28 OAS FL notes, it has the objectives we've set for us to continue the effort. Also please call in this Sat for the meeting at 1 pm CST, see OAS FL 26 Jul meeting post.

May God bless you and the patriots there.
Wendell Beattie



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