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Capt. Chuck Davis
Indiana State Chaplain                        

Dear Lord,

I thank You, that You are leading Your People to stand up for this nation which was founded on Your laws, and freedom to worship You according to each individuals conscience. Lord as so many are trying to totally destroy the moral fiber of this nation, I pray You'll let Your light shine through each one taking part in Operation American Spring.

We cannot do this of ourselves, Lord, it's only by Your mercy and guidance there is any hope of restoring this country to what You once made it to be. We thank You, Lord, for the many of us You have guided to this movement and pray Thy Guidance and Protection. In all things, in Jesus name I pray. Amen

Our Father,
by the gift of Your Spirit we come to You as Your children. WE thank You for giving us this land of freedom where we can worship without fear and Your Spirit so that we can approach You with confidence and know You hear the concerns of our hearts. Please accept the worship of our hearts, of our words, and of our actions this day and the days to come. May the things we do this day bring You glory. We ask Your guidance as well as wisdom in our endeavors to free us from oppression of those who enslave us and wish to remove Your Holy Name from this land. In Jesus name I pray. Amen.


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Comment by Maj. Chuck Davis AUG Chaplain on March 13, 2014 at 4:57pm

Brothers and Sisters,                                      I am convinced that on this day, 3/13/2014, God spoke to me concerning OAS,and specifically the Date May 21. let me now many of us are familiar with Yinzar Kim's vision. This is not the only supernatural occurrence that has taken place with regards to OAS. A friend of mine from the American Underground Network,by the user name Knightmare, also had an experience soon after i became State Chaplain.As he awoke on morning,an audible voice spoke to him as though someone was standing beside his bed the voice said, " IT WILL HAPPEN ON 5/21/14" . As i am well versed in occult,Illuminati, and Bible numerology,he wanted me to look at these numbers and see if i could figure out what it meant. I immediately noticed that 5/21/14, is 5 days after OAS begins.This raised an eyebrow. I looked at both 5/21/14, and 5/21/2014. sometimes adding numbers or combinations of numbers will give you numbers that have meaning in the occult and in the Illuminati.the only significant number i came up with was 5+2+1+1+4= 13. 13 is a sacred number within the Illuminati,in fact they claim it as their own. I then said God are you trying to tell us something? He said look at the numbers again. I did,that's when i saw it: 5+2=7 God's number, 1+1+4=6 man's number. God, i asked, are you saying that on 5/21/14, 7 GOD + 6 MAN defeat 13 the Illuminati? I suddenly had chills all over me.I believe this is what God is telling us. This afternoon,i was reading news and thinking out loud that it's not a good idea for the left to continue shoving their agenda down our throat.they are feeling their oats now because Obama's power is not being checked,but all that may well change in November.Suddenly the Lord checked me,stopped me in my tracks,and his words went right through my mind " IT ALL CHANGES ON MAY 21!!!!!" GOD IS WITH US.

Comment by OathKeeper on February 5, 2014 at 3:24pm

After noon Chaplain,

Posted on forum, is a couple of guidelines for form letters to use for:

1. Gun owners/hunters

2. for churches

As you know I am a big believer in bring churches into our fold, I want to paste this here for your editing, and then if you will, after you get it to read the way that you want, please send a copy to ALL members, and maybe, just maybe we might be able to get some members to take to their church pastor, or use and hit the streets and visit other church's to get the word out......I appreciate your attention to this very much....and Thanks for all you do, Chaplain, you are a True 3% er  !  :-)


Please note that this is posted here by request and I do not have the time or the energy to get into lengthy debates about each full stop, comma and word used here. Use it or don't……..

To the Flock and the Shepherds,

As Christians, Americans and Patriots,we have a duty to God and Country. As Jesus threw the money changersfrom the Temple, we must do the same to the money changers in our Nation’s Capital.

They have been so blatant in their contempt of God (and Country) that the systemic removal of God from Government and all public places wasn’t enough. They are now teaching our children IN OUR SCHOOLS that perversion is normal and that it is unsavory to voice your opinion if there is the slightest chance of offending someone. Why does it not matter that the removal of God and Prayer from plain view offends the mass majority? Has Christianity become so numb that there is no energy to stand up forit?

The whole premise of this great Nation was conceived from the notion the We have unalienable Rights endowed upon us by God.

By God…! Not by government. But, since the government took the responsibility of keeping us safe as a Shepherd would, it didn’t take long to see the wolf in disguise. If keeping us safe means sacrificing even one ounce of my Freedom, my Liberty,my Rights, I will NOT give even one ounce, I will gladly go about my day in the perils of Freedom. “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.”

What is going on is not new, we have been watching and commenting on it meekly and shrugging ourshoulders, wondering what we could do about it. And having arrived at no silver bullet fix, we have closed our eyes to it and let it happen. Because of this, those that would say that our God is not welcome in this Country have become more and more brazen. The intentional spreading of immorality has left this once great Country sickened and weak.

It’s our fault. Prosperity led to complacency and indulgence…that is what the children saw. The digital era has led the Devil’s work into nearly every home in America….this is what our children see. It removes them completely from the realities that we find so distasteful. Let that soak in…ITIS OUR FAULT.

If one were to ask, “well…what can I do?” there is one Last recourse.

We stand united and in our Nation’s Capital and peacefully DEMAND that the Constitution be restored as the Law of the Land.

We vow to never leave until OurCountry is restored to a Constitutional Republic as our forefathers and founders envisioned by the Grace of God. And those that would have you on bended knee to man and not to God are removed from their positions.

Please join me in Prayer. Please God,Please forgive me for my in action, my compliance to the fall of our once Principled Nation. Please grant me strength, wisdom and endurance as I embark to “do what I can” In Jesus Holy Name. Amen.

Please Join Colonel Harry G. Riley and everyone else at our Nation’s Capital on May 16, 2014 for Operation American Spring. Details are available

Comment by Maj. Chuck Davis AUG Chaplain on February 4, 2014 at 5:14pm

yes,i am familiar with this.i'll look at it Later.

Comment by OathKeeper on February 4, 2014 at 3:44pm

Chaplain, handed down to me from other State CO's a group of revealing interviews with a 45 yr CIA operative that spills the beans  about a lot of things that are eye-opening..........

Comment by Patricia Williams on February 2, 2014 at 3:50pm

Captain, we are so glad to have you. Thank you for volunteering.

Comment by Maj. Chuck Davis AUG Chaplain on January 29, 2014 at 3:09pm

Brothers and Sisters,                          

First,let me say that it is an honor  to serve as your State Chaplain.When i volunteered my services as a Chaplain,i didn't imagine that i would be granted such a high honer as this.I will do the best i can to live up to your expectations and of course God's. I will be posting more info on myself,among other things very soon.Thank you again,God bless you all,and God bless America.


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