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State Security Chief is Bravo1, please, cooperate with all Security Team Members, before and during DC, they are there for your protection.

Remember that your safety while in DC relies on your own common sense, strict adherence to Rules of Engagement, and NOT breaking any DC laws.  Following this will make Security job alot easier, and a more rewarding experience for us all.

I ask that you all share freely with Security, honor their requests, and when in DC, follow their orders, this will allow them to keep you safe by doing so.

Everyone there should consider themselves a policeman. When in DC We should also be aware of Agent Provocateurs (APs) from the government as well.

This vid shows Canadian police officers caught as APs

This vid shows sophisticated AP techniques in London

Both times, the protesters show exactly how to handle them.

Please Note: All Patriots that will be in DC, should be carrying on your person a Laser  Pen or similiar type of pocket laser.  If things with the powers that be get out of hand, a few thousand laser lights in the eyes will prevent them taking any kind of action, and this alone could save injuries to our Patriots.

Misc Self Defense:


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Comment by Bravo 1 on May 5, 2014 at 10:35am

Any one going to DC make sure you follow protocols and Security when there and make sure you have some kind of contact with others out side of DC at all times and check in with them on a regular basis lets keep this as tight and safe as we can.

Comment by Bravo 1 on April 16, 2014 at 7:19pm

The time is coming near and things are approaching us very fast and things are occurring through out the Country. Our tyrannical Gov. is on the move to divert our actions and create a situation to either stop or control the up and coming OAS. they are afraid of the possible outcome. So be careful in the things you do while preparing and follow the guidelines and protocols placed within the OAS Guideline especially any and all Security issues  Remember always stay safe Live to fight another day one more day could change the whole battle. Anyone wishing to be on Security teams please feel free to contact me. 

Comment by OathKeeper on February 28, 2014 at 5:14am

Phil, I forgot to ask, I am hoping that you are still interested in being a County Captain, representing your area.  I was waiting to hear from you and never did, and the thoughts were replaced by many more, in the interim.  hoping to hear from you....and as far as issues go, we havent had any pop that are detrimental to the mission at this point..Now here on the homefront, is another matter......we have the issue of Indiana is so far behind other states in sheer numbers, in the area of contacting church's, business, organizations, to develop some sort of supply tree, for all Patriots in DC........that is a real big issue....

Comment by OathKeeper on February 28, 2014 at 4:04am

Phil, I am sorry, I havent been to this page for quite a while, and I just found our messaging, and I see you messaged me back and I didnt know it.....I am sorry.....

Comment by OathKeeper on February 10, 2014 at 10:37pm

Hi Phil,  the preliminary assessments so far; is we will have security roaming around in DC, but, we still have to have our own security team on site, and roaming around our crowd.....I have bought my Baofeng radio, a two way handheld, very cheap, and seems to work well, comes highly recommended, and is what Texas is using.....with that being said.....all things as far as security for all general purposes is what we are able to put together ourselves, we do have a couple good men, and I am wanting one of them to step up as State/Regional in their region Security Chief, there is going to be a "Shado Group" in the surrounding states locked and loaded, states where reciporocity is good, VA for example is an open carry state, this will be in place just in case things go badly, we dont know what "They" will do, at some point, but, vbe prepared for the worst, and pray for the best!!!!  Any Ideas on this issue are always door is always open....and so is Patricia's

Philip, Trish told me you were interested in being a County Captain, and that makes me smile so much, we need people on the ground in every county , building a following, conducting a meeting when can get enough people to attend, getting recruits, inspiring them to get pro-active~that is the hard one~to do the exact same thing...I would be so glad to put your name down, and on the page as the man in your county! we just need your email/cell# fro our communication tree~ and if you are planning to go to DC, let us know, we have to plan, trans yet, no body wants to step up take charge, in so many areas...but, we need to list people who are going, and have room, for a travel buddy to share expenses and such, and list of people that want to go and have no way for obvious reasons, bring these two lists together...

I hope that I have given you a suitable answer at this time, that is all I got, and Please, let me add you as the County Captain, we need all we can get, 92 counties in Indiana..and we have 3, and you would make I thank you for your interest and you need anything let me know..and if you dont know we have our FB page at and there is a page for leaders listed on the left sidebar Indiana Officer's Group I am not sure but try to access and then ask for admittance, and then when we get request we can grant and then you are in, it is for all officers only and not for general members.....for our info and discussions.....

Again thank you


Comment by Philip J. Valenti, III on February 10, 2014 at 7:48pm

What issues have any preliminary assessments brought to light?


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