I will be posting as many of the campgrounds ,Truck stops ,motel hotel,stores gas stations etc.Also i will be coordinating at the National level with security and medical assistance issues as soon as possible..I believe that they would like all the state groups to sort of stick together and meet at a certain area and then i guess we will take it from there..Anyone who has expertise in security or communications or medical assistance please contact me as soon as you can find the time..Anyone who can assist or who has ride share info please post it on our site and i will try to coordinate through a central location..I would think that the larger the groups we can travel in to get to D.C. the better....I will try to find out where they would like the Michigan group to meet up on the 16 th if indeed that is what they would like us to do..Once our group gets there i guess we can do some planning for the duration..If not sooner..I will do my best to make it as easy as possible for our Michigan group..Thank you George Massu..

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George, Sounds good. I am still a little up in the air due to finances. I was going to do some work on my step-van and get a handful of folks to drive with me, but, I have not been able to complete the repairs that are needed. I do plan on going and, unless I can find a ride share, I will be going via AMTRAK. I am in the NW corner of Washtenaw County near Stockbridge. I also agree trying to stay together by State would be a plus. I look forward to meeting everybody, but, better if we know/recognize the folks around us in case of infiltrators/trouble makers. I have every intention of keeping my kit down to a small backpack and I will be looking at camping with a covered hammock or a pup tent. Bottom line is I will be watching for ride share opportunities and camping info. Happy to pitch in for gas and the camping costs as needed. Thanks again, George, for taking on the heavy lifting coordinating resources.

Retired/disabled nurse assistant for cardiac unit. BLS/ALS, CPR (experienced life saver), first responder. I will be carrying my medical kit with me. I am great at detecting issues with cardiac and stroke. I helped ran the medical tent for Occupy Detriot for three months. I camped out with SMVM militia's Snow Dog event (-2!). I will be wearing identification as a medic.
I have gotten updates from the oas nurse. - no medical tents - medics will be roving and on the spot care. I can do this.
Fyi - masks are illegal period in washington dc and Virginia. Simply wearing a mask can get you stopped. Other states allow mask unless you are committing a crime with it - but these states prohibit masks period ok?

George Massu,

is there still a list somewhere of the campgrounds, truck stops, motel hotel, stores, gas stations you mention in your April 19 post?

As the DC event has been rather disappointing according to one of Colonel Rileys latest post, there still remains a window of time between now and mid July 2014.   It would be a blessing to see a large turn out during the 4th of July celebration of our country in DC.  I know money and getting time off seems to have been the largest issue compromising attendance.   There are some opportunities for getting 5-8 buses that would provide round trip from Michigan to DC and back for under $200.  I had mentioned this several months ago but of the 182 people that are listed as Michigan members not much interest back then.

Prices of round trip is the same if the buses have 50 in each or 5 so, give it some thought.   Ohio, Pennsylvania could also get involved which would help muster some numbers in DC over the 4th.  Michigan could account for '3' buses if 150 members could make the trip.



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