Constitutional Emergency

This was written by Chris Blystone, Texas State Leader.  It's a lengthy read but worth it.

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I read this last night from one of the tabs. Excellent idea's. A little tweaking and it should work well. We need to get everyone together on this so we know how to move our people and supplies (and to know what supplies we have). I have a support system at home which allows me to feel safe leaving my children behind. I also am working with families who cannot go but are willing to send out care packages.

I'll keep working on spreading the word and getting help. :) This list is a great way to give people an idea of what they are in for.

You are spot on! A little tweeking and it would fit us just fine.

Yes, I printed this out.  I am from MI....cannot go....but have been praying daily for those who can....for health, safety, and discernment from GOD!  I also would love to help with items, mainly....short on finances but I can do more re the food items.  Thanks for everything all of you are doing....I've been praying for an awakening like this for 30 years!!!  Praise God...He is raising up His army BECAUSE "we who are called by HIS name....have finally begun repenting and praying and asking for His Help"  That was God's big "IF"....when we do this....HE does HIS part....and I believe it's happening now.  God bless all of you.


I know sometimes it feels like you can't help if you can't go. Never let that keep you down! We need to know that the people "back home" have our backs! Care packages and sending out the word are extremely important. You can still do a lot by taking and giving information, fielding questions and supporting everyone the best way you can. Pray for us! YOU will always be a part of US. :)

Thank you for all you are doing!! 

Thank you for such an inclusionary note....very sweet.  I have been praying for everyone involved.  I can give care packages and when it becomes more concrete....people, areas, in order to get the care packages to them closer to the time, then I can provide them.  I constantly send out the notices to my email listof 20-21 people encouraging them to pray, and become involved in some area of volunteer work, or even go to DC...and I'll keep doing that and praying weeping prayers of repentance for allowing our/GOD's country to become the cesspool it has become.....It is not the enemies fault--they have worked hard....while GOD's chosen people and pastors refused to become involved.  I've been an activist trying to awaken people and pastors, co-authored a book on the deplorable condition of our public schools with a former Supt. of Public Schools, that have been turning out Socialist VOTERS through indoctrination of our children, for 40+ years.  They purposely dumbed down and drugged our kids and taught sex acts to our children via so-called health classes....causing drop outs at a rate of 50% of God's children....and who are now angry Occupiers...all purposely done.  Don't blame the poor confused occupiers....blame us...God's people for silence and non-involvement to save HIS children.    So I have been praying for God's people to rise up....and I think OAS is an aswer to our many of us working hard around the nation...praying weeping tears for God's/our homeland.  Thanks again......Jessica.....God's blessings on your head!

As I said, I agree with Jessica.  If you feel that the fact that you cannot go is in any way a failure on your part, you are wrong. 

If we need a million to show, we need 3 million to, if we need 10 million to show, we still need 30 million to stay and help support the ones that can/will go.  You say food...I say Yay!

Please do not think that you are not important.  Your words alone are positive momentum. 

With Love,


Precious people.....our spirits unite under HIS Spirit....all one and the same....which is what/WHO will carry us through our "revolution"....HE is our Leader...and we must thank GOD that HE hasn't given up on us!  Yes, I would just need to know, eventually, about what to supply, how to get it to the people.....I can hardly wait!  Lots of love to all concerned.....The people in Washington will not go without a real fight...and we need HIS protection!!!..

Do we have any truck drivers going from our state? Anyone who owns a refrigerated/freezer truck? It could come in handy to haul/keep food in if they are planning on staying for a while. Otherwise my choices of camping food are those that can only be made by adding hot water. Any suggestions?

My list (for water based foods):

Coffee (I have a percolator)

Top Roman

Instant oatmeal

My list for instant food:

peanut butter

honey/syrup (I personally am not a honey fan)




Hershey Bars

Marshmellows and Graham Crackers?


Game on!!



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