Dear Minnesotans, it has become aparent to myself and others that more needs to be done to combat those who would plot against us and those who think themselves to be above us. That being said, I believe it is time to begin Operation Minnesota Spring. I am just a citizen here in Minnesota like any other individual who might be reading this, so I need your help. I need your ideas. We need a strategy, a battle plan if you will. We must clearly define our goals and our grievances in order to paint a clear picture for those who are blind to the ongoing tyranny in D.C and even back here, in our own state. On part of our strategy is semingly obvious, We must inform everyone we can, We need to generate a grassroots movement against those who would squander, destroy and trample over our rights and freedoms aswell as the Constitution itself. Our fore-fathers warned of an appathetic populi, of a people who dont know or dont even care what their government does, the founders of this great nation knew that if such a scenario were to come about where apathy runs rampant and the government is left unchecked that tyrants would breed and flourish. THIS HAS HAPPEND AND WE MUST STOP IT NOW. Minnesota I ask you, will you lay down and let those who think themselves above you tread uppon us all? Because I wont, I refuse. 

Minnesotans, We The People must unite to combat this tyranny and the time for action is now. If not now then I ask you when?! When they have stollen away from us all of our rights? When the police show up at your door asking for your guns? The time is now. We must act before any of this can happen.

Who is with me?


Thanks for reading.

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I'm in we have the same ideas! lead on.

Awesome! We need information. We need more to get involved.

how are you doing Dan? i see your blog has a few views almost as many patriots as we have here in Minnesota! It's almost the 4th July! what is everybody going to be celebrating for? For quite awhile now I've been calling it Dependence day because the more i look the more i see we are under the kings rule again!!! i think it is time to send a Declaration of Independence to the District Of Columbia, as well as our own state Capitols, right down to our own county seats.We work for them now not the other way around we get permission to hunt, fish, drive, to build, etc. etc. and then we we pay the kings ransom for that privilege we also pay the kings Ransom for what we we think we own. I call that theft, or not independence  but dependence we are not free when we have to ask permission to be free!! we are either stupid or we like to be dictated to. look at all that is around you! Control is not Freedom! seat belts, helmets, what else? where is the choice, is it safety or control? have a safe and happy Dependence Day !!!

2 all people viewing don't just watch get on board



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