Jerry Schlueter
Harrisonvile Mo
57 Years old, Married with two grown children
Member Of Oath Keepers but have never been part of the Military

Why a Member of Oath Keepers? I was ask by a friend, Patriot and Ex Marine to get involved

My Oath: To support and defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic, so help us God. My Oath is to the Constitution

If your Afraid to make the watch list, you shouldn’t be part of the movement

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Mark Kluempers

Florissant, Mo

50 years old, Married 3 grown kids 5 Grandkids

4 Year veteran U.S.A.F. 81-86  Jet engine mechanic F-15

I am a Faith based American that wants to take this Country back from the establishment!   The wife and I have worked very hard our entire life to get what we have today! Can not stand the free loader society that they have created in this country and around the world!  Did some Overpasses protests last year!  

Good to have you here Mark. My dad was born in Florissant, Mo

Hi guys, my name is Chester (Chet) Hale and I would love to be part of this group of Missourians.  I am a member of OAS and have already committed to going to DC and am willing to stay the duration to fight back against the gangsters in DC who are stealing our rights, our traditions and heritage, our money, our preferred way of life. Just as my ancestor Nathan Hale gave his life in forming our nation I stand ready to give my life to save it by any means necessary.  I have met our nations worst enemies and they are nested in DC..time to route them out!  If we don't strike back now only American Hating Muslims and criminals will have guns and we will be naked trying to defend ourselves and our families and businesses.  I would like info on any proposed car pooling.

Good to have you here Chet

Go to group discussion titled: Sign up to attend Operation American Spring.

We need to get a head count of who is going, so we can set up transportation

    Paula Morris

    Fenton, Mo

    59/divorced/ 3 grown children

    I have no military experience but have familiy members who have been

    I love my country and support the constitution!  I want my country back from those who liars, cheaters on so on.

    I want my country back for grandchildren and the future.

    Count me in. I'll help in any way I can and would love to DC

Ray Ake~~ St.Charles,Mo.~~64 year's young~~married~~retired/disabled VietNam VET,,life member VVA,,NRA,,CCRTKBA,,took my oath in 66,,OathKeeper,,2nd.adm,,besy point of view~~~It is better to die on your feet as a free man than on your knees as a slave,,may GOD bless AMERICA !!!!


Mike Mccracken singing up for duty

54 years old and single sort of (long story)

I  have never seen a cause out that that was worth fighting for till now and i think that every man woman and child should know about this and would like to help out , as soon as i can get to the flyers page and figure it all out i plan on posting them anywhere i can amercains need to know about this and help out istead of sitting around and bitching about how it is, the coruption has needed to be ousted long ago and it is refreshing to see somthing being done about it now in the right way

Two realy good points about this action is the oas of corse but not everyone is willing to be a activist so the part of sending the tea bags is also a great way to be part of this yet it needs media coverage so its not washed under the rug. Anyone can send a tea bag and still feel safe

Im retired i had a stroke last year that put me out of work but im willing to help out anyway i can

My name is Linda Ingrassia, husband John. We live in K.C.,Mo.  We are 62 and 66.  Want to go to D.C.. Will be on shoestring budget. Hoping we can share expenses with someone driving. Is there a leader in the Mo. group or are we just figuring things out as we go?

Great to have a leader Cheryl. Thanks for stepping up.

I'll certainly be going to DC. and willing to help any way I can.

Springfield, MO.

Hello Fellow Patriots,

I am Joe Hollinger.  I am a retired Chief Petty Officer and also retired Federal Civil Servant having worked in support of our military as an Industrial Specialist responsible for working with companies having, or being considered for government contracts in support of the needs of our military.  I have a combined total of 35 years of service to our nation.

I am married, have three children, ten grand children and four great grand children.  Proud as punch of each and every one of them.

I hate what the Obama agenda has done, and is doing to our country.  I support whatever efforts will be made to unseat this imposter progressive elite Muslim and every single Democrat/Republican that supports his agenda.

I believe that conservatives and the Tea Party have the right ideas for making our country healthy again.



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