We will need a head count for transportation and lodging

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i am gong feel free to email me   jbdrain@live.com or fb me Jb Biondo or message me here! count me in 

I'm going. I'd be happy to drive if it's helpful.

Let's roll!

Don Zaharee (Springfield area.)

I will also be driving

Jerry Schlueter (Kansas City Area)

I have already signed up at OAS to go but did not know about our Missouri OAS at the time and would love to go with the group.  I am in need of transportation as I have another year to go to get my drivers license back. I live in Brookfield Mo.  phone is 816-699-5120  email: chethale@gmail.com  

Hey Chet, I'll be driving from Springfield. But by that time there ought to be better transportation available, perhaps with OAS MO buses or other OAS buses going through MO.

We ought to get housing settled also. I found a Value Place in the DC area. I stayed at one once for a year at a temp job. They would be good if available. Perhaps you know of other extended stay housing.

Donald, thanks for the info.  I am researching motels to find the best cost close to a Metro or Train.  I could camp out but don't want to lug the gear for a 2 day stint.  If I see the need I may stay longer it all depends on what happens the first 2 days.  I am going to contact Senators Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Roy Blunt, to request their presence in this great cause.  Will contact my Congressman Sam Graves also and more Senators and Congressmen that I think could help.  Will try to convince Jeb Bush to attend for us to see if he may be a contender for President 

  I would like to go if I could share expenses with someone.    Paula Morris

  email morrpa@sbcglobal.net

I was and am thrilled over the American Spring.  I have a disability, though I don't see any reason for me not to go at this time.  Our country is so broken and we need to fix it... whatever it takes we'll do it. I'm retired as an Army Civilian and hated that I had to keep my mouth shut at work... away from work I was as free as a bird.  The Army (Military) has a hold on its soldiers and freedom of speech is quite limited. I loved working with the women and men... we would sneak some conversations in about Obama when we were outside. ha Springfield area.

Anna Lodge

I live in Hannibal, and plan to drive to DC, When and where will be be assembling? Has anyone gotten a lock on a motel for us to stay?

I have secured a spot here-http://www.nvrpa.org/park/pohick_bay/content/rustic_cabins

It's a camp ground in Virginia-Got one of the cabins and it's close to the metro

Kay London

Just checked on Value Place, Camp Springs, Maryland:


It's $50/night, 3 miles to the metro with kitchen,  bathroom, TV, completely furnished.

I will go to St. Louis but I'd rather go to Springfield as it's a lot closer to me.  It will take me 2 days to drive to St. Louis with my stenosis I can't sit in the car that long. I have 2 dogs that need attending to, so I will have to come home during the late afternoon to feed them.  I live a lone and have no one to help.  I'm a widow, so that's the reason for being a lone.  The health care system in England killed my English husband by not doing the surgery he needed.



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