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Chapstick could be so versitile and useful in a survival situation... Below are 9 uses for chapstick in an survival situation… get buying the chapstick. 
1.Chapped lips – Obviously
2.In extreme cold weather, you can rub it on the exposed parts of your face. The thin layer helps prevent heat loss by limiting radiation and air convection.
3.Lubrication for your fire bow drill, etc
4.It is a great fire-starter  It works just like petroleum jelly. You can rub it on a piece of cloth, lint from your pocket, a cotton ball, gauze pad from your first aid kit, or even on natural tender. I always have a cotton ball or two stuffed in my match case to keep the matches from rattling around and in my little pill vial I use to carry some basic medicines.
5.Emergency water proofer. You can even use it to plug a small hole in your tent, poncho, or tube tent that is leaking in the rain.
6.Rub it on a hot spot on your foot to help prevent a pending blister (lubricant).
7.Mix it with some black ash and rub under your eyes to keep the glare down (great for desert or snowy terrain).
8.Do the same above to camo your face for hunting, works much better than mud and is kind of water resistant.
9.Not as good as oil, but I think it is a decent expedient rust preventative to rub on carbon steel knives

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Thanks for the tip.

These are awesome....

Will add my little contribution.  I use the Blistex salve in the little tube for a lip balm and to prevent cold sores.  Works great from the first little itch,, nothing develops.  However, I did find another use for this salve in a situation involving fire ant bites.  Grandson stepped into a mess of them and they covered his legs from the knees down.

He was screaming so I used the entire tube on his bites and you could tell it was instantly working when he quit blisters developed and so there was no scarring from the bites.

I never had much luck with Chap Stick as a lip balm, but these other uses are really great.  Thanks for sharing.

 Hello Patriot Wingy ! That's a good one, Thanks ! I saw something once that blew me away- my girl friend's little boy ( how come we always get into these things ?! ) was stung by a wasp that got him on the bony part of his wrist. It swelled immediately-being on that stretched skin there- & he, like wise, was in pain & it was burning. The Landlady ran to her part of the house & got her bottle of white, liquid shoe polish,( like nurses's use ). She swabbed it on his wrist & I literally watched the swelling disappear before my eyes ! I've never seen anything happen so fast. Meanwhile, the boy quit yallerin' as the pain subsided & he too watched, wide-eyed, as he calmed down. ( Actually he mighta been somewhat amazed also, but I think he kinda enoyed being decorated up ! ). I was told later. it was probably the effect of the ammonia content in the polish mix, & I s'pose it was. There's another thing available on the shelf, tho' hereabouts, I've had to order a supply from the mfgr, & that's a breath freshener called ' Sweet Breath '. It's in liquid form, small vial. It has a bit of alcohol in it-( kinda tastes like schnapps ! )- I carry one always for after a meal, but also have found it's a handy way to carry a ready dispenser of antiseptic for scratches, or squirtin' your fingers when soap & water isn't available. It's also a good thing when ya have a sore throat & keeping it at bay, 'specially in the winter.  As I said; I order mine from the factory since local stores went to those stoopid  paper things ya stick on your tongue. They kinda make ya feel like a ticket dispenser ! Go to to see their items. I order 2 bulk boxes like you'd see on a store shelf, about once a year.



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