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Dear Patriots,


A local 9/12 group in the Wexford, PA area has been banned from using a certain church's space for monthly meetings.  I am posting an email that I sent the clergy (March 3rd) with the pertinant web link that prompted the banning.  We are in worse trouble than we know...


Kathie Marino

Secretary, Veterans and Patriots United

  See Below:


St. John's Lutheran Church of Highland
311 Cumberland Road, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15237 (412)364-1606
Dear Pastor's Diehm, Smail and Bishop Kusserow,
What a shame it is, that the recent blog in the "Daily Kos" has caused the muzzling of Free Speech at your church, St. Johns Lutheran Church on Cumberland Rd. in Pittsburgh, PA...
Nearly all of our Founding Fathers (and Mothers) were Christian men and women who laid out their reputations, fortunes and their very lives to be able to worship freely and to speak freely.
Your House of Worship has caved in to "political correctness" and become a "fist to squelch free speech in Pittsburgh, PA" by barring the Pittsburgh 9.12 Project group from using your meeting space.  Of course, that is your right, but I wonder what your church's reaction will be when any political entity tries to control your sermons?  You see, Freedom of Religion and Worship is closely tied to Freedom of Speech.
The very people that you have evicted from your church meeting space are the people that would have come to your defense for you to preach to your congregation as you see fit.
Whether you realize it or not, you have now branded yourselves as slaves to political correctness.  I am sorry for that.  You would have fared much better if you had offered the opposing opinions a date and a time for their own would have at least been viewed as proponents of Free Speech.  Now you will simply be seen as "weak kneed" and cowering in fear of losing your tax exempt status.
This is exactly what is happening to churches of all denominations all around our country.  It is the degradation in strength of our faith based organizations that is signaling significant changes in our future freedoms.  Our nation's founding documents never included "separation of Church and State", but did provide protection for the Church from the State (The Bill of Rights, Article 1).
I am truly sorry that the Pittsburgh 9.12 Project is now barred from using your church meeting space.  It really is a strike against Free Speech.  Assuredly though, that group will not be daunted from their pursuit to maintain our nation's founding principles and rights.  I for one, stand with them.
Kathie Marino
Secretary, Veterans and Patriots United

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Thomas Altman here, Greensburg PA. I vouch for all the above.
I add that my confidence in folks who call themselves leaders of Christian churches is at an all time low. Most of them appear to be useless as tits on a boar hog. They are more interested in serving the IRS than God.
If your pastor is not preaching the full truth, why are you in that church? Because your parents went there? Find a church where the leaders are not cowards.
In Maine, our group ''Maine Re-Founder/Paint Maine Red'' has taken a deep look into the churches and found much the same.

Nearly 70% of the churches in Maine are influenced in some way by government agendas, have messages that are integral to social justice, global warming, weakening of our defenses, watering down of denominations, introversion/paralysis, or are taking advantage of the non-profit status to teach something altogether not even remotely close to faith.

We are working on sending teams to evaluate, isolate, and re-educate church denominations and leaders that they are a pivotal key to victory (and Progressives understand this, that is why that have infected the system and gained a foothold).
As Glen Beck said, Watch out for that "Social Justice" stuff if you should hear it in your churches.



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