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REP. Murphy Attacks Citizen

by Gregory Wrightstone on Tuesday, September 20, 2011 at 7:12pm

Representative Tim Murphy (R-18 PA) is coming after me personally for exposing his voting record. For a sitting Congressman to go after a private citizen for expressing my First Amendment Rights is an abuse of power.

I have been a very vocal critic of Mr. Murphy's liberal voting record and he takes offense at this. I am beginning to think that Mr. Murphy doesn't like me very much.

 He met with my employer in order to either shut me up of get me fired. That didn't go so well for Murphy.

Next he tried to destroy me with my professional group. I am the President of Eastern Section of the American Assoc. of Petroleum Geologists and we are holding our annual meeting in DC starting 9/26 and are hosting a Capitol Hill reception on Monday 9/27. I sent him a personal invitation to join us. The next day his office contacted the AAPG HQ in Tulsa, OK to find out who was in charge.

 Two hours later Representative Dan Boren (D-OK) contacted the AAPG Executive Director, making barely concealed threats concerning their 501-C4 status. He said that they had an officer that was endorsing candidates and working to throw out sitting Congressman.

 Bear in mind Boren's father is the ex-Senator from OK, David Boren and current Univ. of OK President. There are strong ties between U of OK and AAPG, so this got their attention.

 Murphy's office is contacting persons in the natural gas industry to lean on me to back off on attacking his record.

We (PA Coalition for Responsible Government) have been working with an excellent challenger to Murphy. If the description above of abuse of Congressional authority enrages you and you want to help the challenger, please email me at and I will sign you up to take down the biggest RINO in PA (and there are four).


Kathie Marino
Vice President
Veterans and Patriots United

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I hope the good people of Pennsylvania will advise Rep Murphy to get his head screwed on straight and do his job.  Quit harrassing citizens whose responsibility it is to oversee politicians performance.  It appears Rep Murphy has not been doing the job he was sent to Washingrton to accomplish. 

Surely Mr. Wrightstone can find loyal opposition to replace Rep Murphy in November 2012...there is a great need to move out the dead-drift-wood in the US Congress.......can I hear "Murphy must go?"

     This is a good example of how much work we have in front of us.We have done well in recent elections and politions on both sides have learned that we arnt going away.However,their is still alot of old washington on capital

hill.These old washington reps seem to think we the people are here to serve washington.They abuse their power

the same way an addict or alcoholic abuses their drink or drug.

     The process of weeding out old washington politics will continue to be a tough battle.Stay the coarse and never

back off.

Greg, I don't live in Murphy's district and I am not related or on his staff. Here is the information that I have on him. According to the Heritage Foundation and the John Birch Society Rep. Tim Murphy is the second highest conservtive congressman (59%) in Pennsylvania. Rep.Joe Pitts has the highest (83%). There are 7 so called conseritive congressman below Rep. Murphy. I would like to know the votes Rep. Murphy made for you to call him the Biggest Rino? If any of us makes bold statments we should have to back them up. That is only fair to everyone. will probably have to send your question to the email address in Greg's ask a fair question..........I did send Greg an email asking him to visit this site and answer your question.
Wow, 59% is good???  If he worked in my business, he would have no customers.  Apparently we conservative in Pa are easily fooled.  There does seem to be an epidemic of folks around here with the Bubble Boy.  Time for in his district

Here is information on Conressional Voting Records in PA...Including Tim Murphy's record:

Check Tim Murphy in PA District 18...the grades are an average of several conservative think-tanks:


PA Congress: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

How does your Representative in DC rate? In order to determine this we have put together our "Congressional Scorecard" which is listed below. The Scorecard is a compilation of respected conservative think tanks and national conservative groups that give a good indication of how your Representative has voted over his or her career.

This only evaluates Congressmen with a significant length of service and in office in 2010, not the recently elected six Freshman Republicans.

Republican Analysis

Only three of the seven Republicans rated a "C" or better and include Representatives Pitts (93%), Thompson (90%) and Shuster (79%). Four of the seven Republicans were graded at a "D" or "F" grade including Platts (68%), Dent (63%), Gerlach (54%) and the bottom dweller Tim Murphy at 42%.

Conservatives in any of the Districts represented by the four lower scoring Republicans should take their Congressman to task and consider supporting a challenger in the Republican primary that supports true limited government.

Democrat Analysis

To those who say that there is "not a dime's worth of difference" between the Republicans and the Democrats had best take a close look at the Scorecard. The best any Democrat scored was 22% and the average was 12%.



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